White Security Guard Pulls Gun on Black Cop In Uniform, Charged

White Security Guard Pulls Gun on Black Cop In Uniform, Charged

A white security officer pulled a gun on a
black police officer in uniform on Monday. If you like content like this, be sure to
smash that like button and subscribe! The security officer pleaded not guilty to
a charge of aggravated menacing. Security guard Seth Eklund can be seen in
video footage pulling his weapon on Lucas County Sheriff’s Deputy Alan Gaston as he
enters a local IRS office. Eklund said he pulled a gun on him because
he saw Gaston enter with a weapon and told him to put it back in his car. Gaston said he was not able to put his gun
away because he was on duty at the time, so the security guard pulled out his gun and
followed Gaston, who was in uniform, to the elevator with a gun held to his back. What do you think of the white security guard
pulling a gun on a black police officer in uniform? Sound off in the comments below and don’t
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19 Replies to “White Security Guard Pulls Gun on Black Cop In Uniform, Charged”

  1. Whites don't know what to believe when they see black after black "suspects" on TV news shows. I'm tired of seeing this form of racism on tv that invariably leads to Black Paranoia. I'm not surprised to see content this video.

  2. The security guard is definitely a white supremacist. He wouldn't never pull a gun on a white cop period.

  3. The officer was on duty but NOT performing official duties. The federal code does make a distinction. Technically the officer did violated the law. (USC Title 18 Chapter 44 Sec. 930). But, that idiot security guard should not have drawn on a uniformed police officer. He's lucky that he didn't end up getting swiss cheesed once the other officers arrived.

  4. …so what the FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK does race (or skin "color") have to do with it? You sound like a twisted liberal, trying to make anything and everything have to do with "race", even when there's NO Evidence that race has anything to do with it.

  5. This is now almost the end of July but this thing happened in May 2019. Where is the Police Union and their comments in defense of the policeman?? I guess he is Black so he really doesn’t matter to them.

    Someone keep saying that Black cops should stop contributing to these Police Unions because the unions DO NOT RECOGNIZE OR RESPECT BLACK POLICE.

    The security guard clearly knows this and obviously thought it was okay for him to pull a gun on a Black Police Officer in full uniform. He clearly thought he could get away with doing this so he threatened the life of the deputy and tried to take him in custody.

    He MOST CERTAINLY WOULD NOT have done that to a white cop and the STINKING RACIST SHITS who called 911 on the Officer knows they would get away with doing that too. Charges should be filed against them also. Why wouldn’t they tell 911 that the “man with the gun” is a Uniformed Sheriff?

    Racism is real and this administration has awakened many sleeping racist cells.

  6. FACT: A black man can be killed and the killing will be justified,,,,,,and now every white guy with a gun who have always wanted to shoot a "ni**er" is getting in on it he's got a gun and will not leave was the rent-a-cop's reason/excuse to draw his weapon, but the black officer is seen leaving or trying to leave in multiple clips of the video!!!

  7. That cop should have blew his f**** brains out and he would had every f**** right to do so ,,and he would beat the case.

  8. The only thing that stops a good guy with a gun is a hillbilly with a gun, NRA. Now I’ll play the race card, would he had stopped the cop if he was white, I don’t think so, “Cognitive Dissonance” now the so called good guy with a gun has mental illness

  9. I read a bit….. law officeres can be prevented from entering certain federal buildings while armed….

    On duty does not mean on official business…

    My reading feds win….

  10. If FIREARMS are NOT ALLOWED in bldg, then why the WHITE officers were allowed to ENTER with their FIREARMS? If this is NOT about RACE, please explain to me.

  11. The white security is a racist piece of shit … This is very obvious racist act… I can’t believe it ..thsi stupid ignorant guard should be in jail and never let him use a gun and never would as a security.. he obviously was paranoid… this prove that not anyone should have a gun … a security guard definitely should carry a gun … maybe the tasers but not a gun … just as some cop should has more behavior class and more training… this is a very unfortunate and unfair situation… where the two people involved were in for first time difference situation normally you heard the history of a white cop shooting black people but here it si very clear the white guard couldn’t stand up to the black police officer… and he definitely hate and want to kill him .. this is racist and I hope this black cop get some serious money and this white asshole go to jail …

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