White Tie DO’s & DON’Ts – Tailcoat & Full Fig Dress Code Guide

White Tie DO’s & DON’Ts – Tailcoat & Full Fig Dress Code Guide

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! Today’s video is all about; youwhite tie. I discuss the do’s and don’ts, what to wear,
what not to wear, so you don’t embarrass yourself and can look the part. White tie is the most formal dress code you
can wear in the western hemisphere, and unfortunately, most men get it wrong, and the intention is
all about the details because the outfit is very defined by the dress code of it and it’s
very limited in what you can do and change. First of all, it consists of a tailcoat which
I’m wearing here right now, it’s different than any other garment even a morning coat
is technically a tailcoat but the evening tailcoat is cut differently. It also has a pair of trousers with double
galon; it’s high waisted. It’s one with a white Marcella cotton waistcoat,
either single breasted or double breasted. It’s one with a stiff front shirt and with
shirt cuffs that are stiff and not doubled but single. Of course, always worn with cufflinks. On top of that, you have a detachable collar,
you have a white bow tie, in this case, I’m wearing a single end bow tie from Fort Belvedere,
and of course, you can’t miss the top hat. This is silk top hat, and it’s vintage, it’s
not produced anymore so you can’t get this kind of quality top hat. Of course, if you are not into the top hat,
you can skip that too because at this day and age, it’s not required any more but it’s
a nice touch, and there are not too many events where you can still wear it. First, let’s discuss white tie don’ts. One, don’t wear slippers. Now, they may look very similar to opera pumps
also known as court shoes, and they have this bow, they’re made out of a patent leather. The difference between slippers and opera
pumps is the vamp. On slippers, it comes up all the way. On the pump, it’s much further down. The reason you want opera pumps with a deep
cut is so that you can see your nice silk socks. Two, do not wear an obviously fake boutonniere. A boutonniere is a lapel flower, and it’s
almost obligatory for a white tie ensemble. You can get away without it, but since it’s
a celebratory event, it really looks much better. Traditionally, a carnation is probably the
most popular choice, but you can wear almost anything that you like. Whenever I went on cruises in a more formal
evening wear, I wanted to wear boutonnieres on the ship that did not have the right selection,
and so I decided to design my own. You can find over 40 of them in our shop,
and I’m wearing one of them here right now. They look very authentic, and the great thing
is they will never wilt, they are all handmade in Germany, and you can find out more about
the whole process here. Three, do not wear a necktie. A necktie is only appropriate for a business
suit but never for either black tie or white tie ensembles. You will sometimes see it in Hollywood but
they just don’t know what they’re doing, and you should never ever add a regular necktie
to a tailcoat or white tie ensemble. Four, don’t wear a regular suit. If the invitation states full fig, white tie,
or formal attire, and white tie is required, you need a tailcoat. Don’t just go with a black suit and a regular
jacket or a morning coat; both would be wrong. The tailcoat for the evening is the only acceptable
option. Five, do not wear a white or off white dinner
jacket. A dinner jacket is appropriate for black tie
events with a black bow tie wherein a white bow tie with a dinner jacket is simply wrong. Six, do not wear a regular tuxedo if the invitation
states white tie. Simply either invest in a full ensemble which
can be difficult may be even rent it. If the invitation states white tie and you
are at the opera ball in Vienna, you have to show up in full fig which means no smoking
jacket, no tuxedo, no dinner jacket, no black tie, it has to be white tie. Seven, do not wear spats with evening wear. Sometimes, vintage lovers love to wear spats
because they’re different. It helps to change the look of their shoes,
but traditionally, it was something that was reserved for morning wear. As such, it’s perfectly fine with a morning
coat but not with an evening tailcoat. Eight, do not wear black shirts. The only acceptable shirt for a white tie
ensemble is either a Marcella pique front that is stiff or a boil front that is likewise
stiff. You don’t want pleats and you don’t want anything
other than plain white. Nine, do not wear a designer’s name or label
visibly on your clothing. Sometimes, people get these little tags on
the undersleeve, and they want to show off but it’s quite gaudy, and you should always
remove it if it’s on the sleeve. You don’t want any designer names that are
visible for anyone to see. Ten, do not wear wrist watches with white
tie.Back in the day, it was impolite to look at your watch when in company because it would
imply you have better things to do than being with the person right then and there. Later on, watches became acceptable however,
you would either wear a pocket watch on a chain or on a which was a little fob, and
you would have your pocket watch in your waistcoat pocket, and the fob would hang down in a little
decorative element. A wristwatch was something that was quite
informal, and as such, it’s not appropriate with a very formal white tie ensemble. Eleven, do not wear a studless shirt and don’t
skip the bow tie.As you can see here, the shirt is stiff fronted and has a little decorative
studs that are exchangeable, and it just is the perfect way to highlight a white tie ensemble. For black tie, you have the option to go without
studs even though it looks better with them.For white tie, you have to go with studs. There is no alternative. Twelve, do not wear a morning coat. Even though a morning coat is also a tail
coat and sometimes, people can’t distinguish between the two, a morning coat has one continuous
line that is cut away. Thirteen, do not wear a cummerbund with a
white tie ensemble. Cummerbunds are not appropriate with white
tie. They are okay for black tie but for white
tie, you always wear a waistcoat or a vest as it’s known to Americans. Back in the day, servers would wear black
waistcoats, and the nonservants would wear white waistcoats. back in the day, if you went to a funeral
in the evening, you could wear a tailcoat with a black morning waistcoat. Today, people hardly ever wear white tie anymore
and especially not for funerals, so it’s basically a relic of the past. Fourteen, do not wear notched lapels on your
evening tailcoat. Notched lapels are always less formal than
peaked lapels and because it’s the most formal garment in classic menswear, you could only
have peaked lapels. Fifteen, make sure your shirt does not come
untucked with your white tie ensemble. Unlike a regular suit, white tie generally
has a lot more details and therefore you also find lots more latches and buttons that make
sure everything stays in place. The stiff shirt front makes it more likely
for your shirt to come untucked especially when you sit and you get back up. For that reason, there’s a little latch that
buttons into the front of your trousers, so you will always stay in place. Sixteen, do not wear waistcoats that are too
long. Generally, it’s a hallmark of someone who
doesn’t wear black tie very often to have a waistcoat that peaks out underneath the
front of the evening tailcoat. Proper people like Prince Philip r royalty
in England gets that right. People like Geroge Bush or Obama get it wrong. Having that little extra fabric just screams
I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m just wearing this because I have to. So now that you know what not to wear with
white tie, here are a few better examples. One, do wear a pocketwatch. It’s a nice accessory, it has a vintage touch
to it, and it’s just much more fun than having a wristwatch. Two, do show some shirt cuff. Traditionally, you can show anywhere from
nothing to almost an inch of shirt cuff. It really depends on personal preference and
to learn more about it, check out our sleeve length guide here. Three, wear boutonniere and a top hat. Boutonnieres just upgrade every outfit and
particularly white tie. A top hat can only be worn with a tailcoat
that is long because it’s long on top and long at the bottom. Since there are not too many options, I suggest
you always go for one if you can get your hands on one that fits you. Four, wear your white tie ensemble with confidence. If you are not happy with the way you look
and you are embarrassed, it will show and it will ruin the entire look of your ensemble. Wear it, have fun, and be confident. Five, wear an evening overcoat and pair it
with gloves and a nice silk scarf in the winter. When it’s cold outside, you don’t just want
to show up in your tailcoat, you want to have an evening overcoat. A pair of white gloves and a white silk scarf
just round out the entire outfit and underline the black and white scheme of the white tie. For a selection of white gloves and scarves
for the evening, please check out our shop. Six, wear an evening waistcoat. Most waistcoats you can find these days are
just wide waistcoats that are modified for the standard day wear pattern, however, an
evening waistcoat is distinctly different in the sense that it has a much deeper cut
out so you can show your shirt front and the shirt studs. On top of that, it has a little tab that buttons
into your trousers so it won’t come loose and it is backless so you don’t swear. Seven, wear patent leather evening shoes. The only option you have is either a whole
cut oxford or a capless oxford in either black patent leather or black calf skin leather. Personally, I prefer patent leather because
it’s shinier and more suited to evening wear. If you want to make your outfit more unique,
I suggest to go with court shoes or opera pumps because there is not really another
chance to wear these kinds of shoes other than with white tie or maybe with black tie
but they highlight your socks, they are easy to dance with, and they just go really well
with a white tie ensemble. Now that you know everything about the most
formal of all evening wears and white tie, make sure to check out black tie because,
in this day and age, black tie is still a lot more relevant. I’m wearing a white tie evening shirt with
a detachable wing collar that sits behind my bow tie. I’m having shirt studs in there. I’m wearing a single breasted white tie waistcoat,
it’s a vintage one and it’s backless. I’m wearing cuff links that are mother of
pearl and palladium simply because of for evening wear; you usually go with a white
metal such as white gold, platinum, or palladium. My shoes are opera pumps in patent leather
with a black bow. The bow tie I’m wearing is a single end bow
tie from Fort Belvedere, it’s the regular full sized butterfly bow tie. If you like smaller ones or if you are a shorter
guy, you should go with the smaller bow tie. This one is a little more unique because it
has one layer of fabric. You can also have a regular double end bow
tie and we show you how to tie both of them in our video here. Otherwise, my pants have a very high rise,
that way, the waistcoat does not have to come too far down to cover the waistband and thus,
it does not peek out from underneath my tailcoat which is exactly the way it should be. For socks, I’m wearing black silk socks from
Fort Belvedere which you can find in our shop, and the pants have a double side galon that
is braided which is very elegant and distinctly reserved for white tie. For black tie, you can have a single side
strip which is also known as gallon. The tailcoat and the pants are vintage from
the 1960s. The tailcoat was actually not made for me,
but it is a vintage piece that was tailored in 1960 in Munich Germany. I wore it for my wedding and whenever there
is a white tie event, I still take it out because I really enjoy wearing it and it fits
me quite well. Now, if you are in the market for a white
tie ensemble, i suggest you have it custom made. If you can’t afford it, try to go vintage
because any new reproductions are not going to cut it. if you want to get videos like this right
to your inbox, please sign up.

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