45 Replies to “Who is Sen. Cory Booker? New Jersey's senator is running for president.”

  1. Cory Booker's sex crimes:
    1) Admitted to SEXUAL ASSAULT OF A CHILD when he was 23 years

  2. Cory Booker lies habitually about gun crimes. Get actual facts on the FBI and CDC websites. If he really cared about saving lives he would focus his energy on fighting the opioid epidemic and stopping teens from texting while driving. That would save many many more lives. So why doesn't he? Why does he and the DemocRat party want to ban so-called "assault rifles" (which includes semiautomatic hunting rifles) when those rifles are responsible for less than 2% of all shooting deaths? Something doesn't smell right.
    The fact is Booker and the DemocRat party want the American people to surrender the one right that gives us more power than all three branches of the federal government combined.
    The DemocRat party doesn't want to answer to us anymore. They want to dictate every aspect of our lives without any resistance. Keep believing people like Cory Booker and that's exactly what will happen.

  3. A lawless Politician who has taken bribes broken congressman laws and recently broke immigration laws by walking across the border with 50 migrants saying it’s their rights to come here regardless if our laws! His millions come from foreign corporations bribes he has no respect for our flag he is just another puppet for the Globalist. You vote for him your voting for mass migration crime murder poverty and loss of our constitutional rights he votes against our constitutional rights he is a liar. Please don’t vote for this treasonous Law breaking politician who works against Americans best interests the proof is in what he has voted on. He voted for all illegals and felons including terrorist children rapists and traffickers to have the rights to vote. This is unconditional. He also wants to impeach a president with zero evidence of a crime being committed as the Muller report indicates no collusion no crime. He is the swamp!

  4. Just another greenhorn, I think he should pay the white people out of his salary just because, Oh and GO TRUMP 2020

  5. I would be surprised if he has ever heard of the US constitution , and if he knows US is not a democracy, It is a REPUBLIC!!I am sure he is AMERICA incompetent, I would also think he has to call someone to see if the sun is up or if it is down!!

  6. For all those outside of NJ who are about to watch this video, let me save you two minutes. Cory Booker is an ass clown in a suit.

  7. Yes, a great man. A man amongst men. Some say even more so in mens bathrooms. Of course this is alleged, and yet to be proven.

  8. America doesn't want another Obama ( Democrat ) in office !! He will go up in smoke real fast !! He is still wet behind the ears !!

  9. Cory Booker is a Desparate Poet Running his Mouth, than he will change into a hardcore Clinton Crime PUPPET involed in Drugs, Guns, Prostitution, Depopulation Testing, Human Trafficking, Fraud, Bribes, Police Murders, and Dirty Medical Pharma Deals.

  10. Congratulations to Senator Cory Booker on his decision to serve the United States of America in the highest capacity! Best wishes to you and your entire campaign!

  11. This man is a sexual abuser, he should be removed from office immediately. Also, he was a shit mayor of Newark, but we already knew that.

  12. Cory Booker, compares Green New Deal to going to the
    moon, defeating Nazis ….. and shaking hands with you
    know who- Spartacus …. or is it being nailed to a cross
    like Spartacus. Nothing is as "Old under the Sun" as the
    idea of taxing someone with money, through legalized
    government theft. First they legalize it, then they steel
    it. It takes genius to make money, it takes a criminal to
    steel it. To make money, is one of the noblest pursuits
    of man. Cory Booker is not a man- he is just a criminal
    looking for accomplishes, and finding Ocasio-Cortez.
    *Cory Booker and Spartacus's nailing moment, he will get this right!!*
    *Cory Booker, has found his green cross, searching for green nails!!*

  13. A Criminal just ask his brother. Hey Corey how's the real estate business lately? He is a racist, and thief. That's right if you vote for him he will screw you with taxes, high rate of crime, just like Governor Murphy is doing to you all now. Good Move dumb A###

  14. Oh and did I mention that he's a race-baiter that has done very little for the African American Community other than make empty promises that he has not fulfilled.

  15. So what you've just shown me is you have a man that has never worked in the private sector creating anything, controlling the production of what might have been created, had to deal with the complex intricacies of having employees and all the other aspects of operating a successful and productive business. Yet you expect me to believe he has the ability to tell business owners how to conduct their business. He is a grandstander that does not ask questions but makes statements about him and his life and how he and this and that the next thing. This tells me that New Jersey is in a sad State of Affairs if this is the best they have to offer for a representative of their state. Tell me truthfully what has he accomplished while in office? Anything of substance? Has he authored any legislation that would be beneficial to America as a whole? I will be waiting patiently for your response.

  16. THE PROBLEM IS……new jersey is still just the same….soaring crime, dirty and filthy and people dont go there unless they have to. booker is a racist, he hates white people……he needs to keep his dirty snout in jersey….even the women dont want him!!….hes never been married and look how old he is!!! the guy is a douchebag….reminds me of SMEGOL on lord of the rings.

  17. Mafia leader. High ranking member.

    It goes like this>>> from top to bottom


  18. I love it when these zillions of democrat politicians toss their hats in the ring for President early. They're always ardently AGAINST something, very rarely FOR anything, except higher taxes & govt healthcare (except for themselves, as we saw with Slobama Care)

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