Why All of My Clothes are Thrifted

Why All of My Clothes are Thrifted

hello everyone welcome back to my channel and today I wanted to talk about something that's not exactly make up but it's very important to me and I thought it would be something that you may be interested in as well and that's thrift Teen in case you don't know basically all of my clothes are thrifted and I've been doing this for the past 10 years so this hasn't been something I've just recently started now I initially started thrift teen because basically I didn't have any money for clothes so I just went to Goodwill and in the other thrift store in my area which for me was in Saint Paul because I used to live there but now I've been trying to thrift more and more for another reason and that's the controversy with fast fashion I tend to be very concerned about environmental issues as well as my husband so I've come to learn that thrift een is one of the easiest ways we can sort of lessen the environmental impact we have on this earth as dramatic as that sounds that's the truth so I'm going to discuss the reasons for thrift teen and why you should thrips more instead of going too fast fashion stores such as forever21 to buy your clothing I'll also take you along on a personal 13 trip to the Twin Cities so you can see firsthand how I threat and how I personally choose clothes so let's start off by sharing some facts the biggest one being that we over consume everything from clothes to food to pretty much a lot of things we don't need this is especially true in America where many Americans can be middle or lower class yet have a tub items they Liam use yet we demand more and more of them even if we don't need them we may want because it looks pretty or it momentarily makes us feel a certain way for some people they may buy new clothes because they want to look on trend wanting to look on trend increases the demand for clothes that not only are trendy but can be afforded by these people this means that companies need to price their clothes at a lower price point however this means they need to use cheaper materials increase production of these clothes and hire people who will work for less money clothes are manufactured which aren't high quality but passable you can wear these clothes for a season which is about as long as some trends lasts then you know as the clothes degrading so you buy new clothes that are on trend the old clothes are thrown out and the cycle repeats this is called fast fashion now aside from a clothes just being poor quality there are other serious issues associated with it the biggest one being how it pollutes the environment every year consumers waste around 460 billion dollars worth of clothes many of the materials used to make these clothes taking a long time to break down if they do at all there's also the issue of chemicals used to dire alter these fabrics these diets can leak into the water or when the clothes are incinerated can pollute the air when clothes need to be discarded they are either sent to a landfill or an incinerator and the sheer excess releases a lot of these chemicals into the environment so how do you avoid the fast fashion well first off you could shop at independent stores which pay their employees a working wage and to use more sustainable materials I try to look for stores on Etsy whose owners actually make the clothes however the big issue here is that the clothes are priced very very high which a lot of people can afford now for the second option which is 15 of course it's cheap so this makes it an accessible option to pretty much everyone at least in the US but also combats about fashion by reducing the fast destruction of clothes which is more important people usually only wear these clothes for a month before getting rid of them where it pollutes the environment however when you donate clothes to thrift stores other people buy and to wear them and this extends how long the clothes are worn so instead of wearing a shirt for months and throwing it out when you donate it to a thrift store this stays there for let's say it week or two and somebody else buys it they decide to wear it for six months to a year or more perhaps and then they decide to donate it and the cycle repeats this extends a longevity of these clothes and in turn reduces pollution caused by fast fashion okay so in case you're wondering why BOTS Hat savers and unique here's why I got I don't really have any bracelets and I wanted some so I bought this looks very nice and ornate I really enjoy jewelry that has very nice detailing or it looks gold so that's why I got that for I also got this and I have no clue what is I think they may be cufflinks but once again it has that really nice ornate gold detail which I love I love decorating my face and my body in it so I bought that and I think I may actually use it maybe in my hair I can I don't know but it's quite pretty and it was $2.00 asked for my clothes you may see a theme here and that is the fact that I pretty much only buy long-sleeve shirts the reason being is that I don't like to expose my arms don't ask me why I just don't number one this a long-sleeve black from the cabinets in this size of large now this is actually a little bit too big for me but I guess it'll be nice for wearing around the house and the main reason why I've been trying to shop for more clothes in general is because my current wardrobe is way too big for me I used to wear a size XL in tops and a size 16 in pants but now I'm down to a size 10 to 12 and pants and a size of medium and shirts so my current wardrobe is way too big for me and I also got the same shirt but in a larger color nothing to color pull but and just love something different I also got this activewear top which basically only covers up to my shoulders and the reason for that being is because I like to wear tank tops as well during the summer by del watts exposed my arms so I thought by wearing this I could still keep my arms covered up while being able to wear a tank top I also got these pair of pants from Michael Kors and these size 10 these are around $10 at savers so I think it's a good deal pants look nice asses button on the front which is gold and quite pretty at least to me who cares about buttons I do apparently but um it's a very simple nice black dressy trousers pants whatever and I would like to wear it more often when I go out as I said before I'm trying to revamp my wardrobe not only to get rid of all of my big ass clothes but also so I can dress in a more mature style now I don't exactly where a flashy clothing and I keep it very simple with blacks and the long sleeve tops nothing with patterns or anything but I've also been trying to collect vintage stuff as well with that said I've been trying to really curtail what I buy at thrift stores as well because I think a big issue with thrifty now as well as that sometimes we'll see how cheap the products are at thrift stores and we'll want to buy a ton of them even if we don't need them and I think for a lot of people who didn't exactly grow up having a lot of money you know living a more comfortable lifestyle you know like me I grew up on food stamps as opposed to my husband who his family was upper-middle class you know I didn't really have access to a lot of stuff growing up so when I was able to thrift on my own when I was an adult being able to see how cheap these products were and you know the mere fact that I could buy as much stuff as I wanted to without worrying about my budget was just so freeing to me so I would just constantly buy all these things I didn't need and it will just fill up my apartment at that time with so much junk and you know thrifting is good through the environment and it's a good way to combat fast fashion but at the same time you don't want to buy all these things that you're not going to use because that's just gonna cause more anxiety in your life and it's just gonna close your home and over the past month or so I've been really trying to work on organizing my home because I've lived in this home for the past three years and over that time I've been accumulate a lot of stuff this is partially the blame with my husband too because he likes to just buy things and hoard things but I've been really trying to organize my home and get rid of stuff I know I'm never going to use which is a lot of stuff so I've been getting rid of so many clothes and just so many items and that's really been a freeing experience for me because my home is so much cleaner now and it's so much more organized I haven't been following that Kong Mari method although I do use it for folding my clothes but I've been trying to focus on having a home for everything so if I'm going to bring some clothes home I'm already thinking about where exactly I'm going to place it in my home which for me is in the closet so for me it's not just about that fashion and 15 it's about buying things that I know I'm going to use as opposed to buying it for more frivolous reasons such as I just think it looks cute but I know I'm never going to wear it or it's something and I'm just going to use for a one-time-only you know those are the pitfalls I want to avoid when shopping for anything but especially when threatened I've been trying to take this approach with makeup as well but being a beauty blogger and it's kind of hard to do I'm trying to work at it but those are my thoughts about thrifting and buying an excess so those are my reasons for thrift teen and why fast fashion is really harmful for the environment and I hope you learned something new about that what's all further ado I will see you all later and I hope really Jean well bye

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  1. Also, this vid by tiffanyferg talks about fast fashion as it relates to influencers , which I enjoyed: https://youtu.be/_Y5Hi8US0_s

  2. 98% of my clothes/accessories are thrifted. When I don't want it any longer, I re-recycle it and donate it back.

  3. One thing I've found is watching the way/frequency you wash and dry your clothes. Drip drying greatly extends the life of your clothes, all that lint in your dryer comes from somewhere and the dryer heat ruins elastic and stretchy synthetic materials over time fairly quickly. Following the directions on your clothing labels helps a lot, and not everything always needs to be washed after just one wear. I learned to darn clothes to fix them and I also sew some of my own clothes now. People keep giving me fabric and sometimes I have to dye it to make use of it after I make it into clothing (tacky patterns, yucky colors, etc) but I try to minimize my dye use for the exact reason you mentioned by waiting until I have enough stuff of one dye color for a full batch dye. The stuff I make usually lasts years, and any remaining cabbage usually gets turned into quilted bags and pouches that I then sell. I try to use synthetic fibres only when they're given to me or are remnants. I've found fabric on craigslist before and used that too.

  4. Thank you for this video. I've put it up on twitter and hope your work influences people to thrift their wardrobes!

  5. Great video and a wonderful idea to spread awareness. I buy most of my clothes on Etsy or from brands that have a fair wear label. Iโ€™m trying to shop mindfully as unnecessary and often unwanted purchases only bring unhappiness.

  6. Unfortunately; thrifting isn't really a big thing in Sweden(At least where I live).
    The thrift stores here have no kind of quality control and they try to sell items with big holes or stains on it for like 20 dollars(Which you could get new clothes for at example-wise H&M). It's a real shame!
    They also claim that the money is going towards charity, but if you actually look into the company it's not true(Some chains are better than others at this of course).

  7. Thank you for this video! I've been falling into the pattern of instant gratification and buying fast fashion (forever 21 in particular ) for a while now nd this video has reminded me that I should spend my money more wisely…I appreciate this video and the messages you have to share! Thank you for showing us some of the stuff you bought, I love the little glimpses into your eberyday life, I know that's a bit nosy to say but , ya , I like it ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you very much , i love you videos and the content you deliver is so genuine and something I wish more influencers would emulate ! Thank you!

  8. The documentary on fast fashion called โ€œThe True Costโ€ on Netflix goes really in depth with all the issues caused by the industry. I highly recommend it if anyone wants to find out more about this topic. It honestly made a huge impact on me personally for how I see clothing and where I get my clothes from.

  9. I think those gold things are clip on earrings! I didn't have my ears pierced for the longest time and those look like some of the backs that many of my clipons had.

  10. I really loved this video. It was the push I needed to get me to stop going to the mall and start going to the thrift store by my house. Thank you for posting this!

  11. Thanks for speaking up about this. People donโ€™t realize how much waste is produced by fast fashion. Itโ€™s really scary.

  12. Those gold things you got that you said you don't know what they are and they might be cufflinks. Actually those are shoe clips, clip them on your shoes ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I've never gotten the 'fast fashion' thing. Most people claim it to be super cheap, but I've never found any of it cheap. 30$ is a normal price for a shirt in my area, but it's not cheap. If I buy from a so called 'fast fashion' brand, which a lot of brands are for some reason considered anymore, I buy every once in a while and it's usually one of the more expensive items that I know will last. Once in a while if I find something that is to my taste I'll buy the normal clothes I find at like Walmart or target. I've never had problems with needing clothing, we should be trying to teach people to use their clothes more often, like DIYing them or just styling them differently. That way we only get rid of clothes when they're damaged or no longer fit, and only buy them when we need them or can afford a small splurge. That itself is honestly much better than just telling people to donate clothes to thrift stores when they don't want to wear them anymore.

  14. I've never had a ton of money, so I've been thrifting clothes my whole life. And I've just recently learned about fast fashion and it's horrible, I'm so glad you're talking about it!

  15. ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŒ I love that you are taking about this!
    A lot of "cruelty free" and vegan YouTubers, support fast fashion, and I don't understand that message, so the makeup has to be cruelty free, but we don't have to care about the environment where the animals and our kids grow up?!

    Thank you so much for sharing this! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’ช

  16. I never really thought about how and why clothes is so cheap but in my Spanish class we were reading a book that talked about a character from Guatemala who worked at a factory that made clothes for Tommy Hilfiger and they were paid very little but had long work hours. After reading that Iโ€™ve been trying to be more wary of the products I buy and the companies too but itโ€™s a little difficult because most companies are somewhat corrupt

  17. I love thrifting, not just for clothing, but housewares, decor and toys to revamp. My husband loves to find things we can use when we go camping. He also has such good luck finding shoes that are next to new. He is a shoe addict, so when he finds them thrifting I am okay with that. ๐Ÿ˜

  18. Certainly you can use them however you choose, I have. The second item you showed are clips for your shoes.
    Thank you so much for talking about important things.

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