Why are Russians so obsessed with fur coats?

Why are Russians so obsessed with fur coats?

– The weather is no longer cold. Do people still buy furs? – Of course. Because a fur coat doesn’t just keep you warm, it is also gives you prestige. Fur hasn’t changed its important role in the wardrobe of Russian people for centuries. Boyards wore fur coats to demonstrate their wealth. They wore such furs not only when they went out but also sat at the table wearing it. – I wish you health! – Сheers. Tsar fur was quilted with a fabric embroided in gold on its upper side. Up until the 19th century they didn’t display the fur itself. It served as backing. They preferred sable and beaver. Ordinary people wore marten or fox. Before Peter the Great, they handed down fur coats. Even Tsar Aleksey Mikhailovich wore out the handed-down squirrel fur of his father Tsar Mikhail Fyodorovich. When it was freezing, young ladies from wealthy families would put on two furs, one on top of the another. In the old days, young women were married off wearing fur coats. It was a must-have element of a wedding dress. Seal-fur coats became popular in the practical 20th century. It was an extremely hard-wearing fur. Russian writer Teffi wrote in her memoirs : “What an incredible animal this seal was. It could bear more than most horses could.” When Nadezhda Aleksandrovna left the country, she saw this seal on Russian women everywhere. Compared to Bohemia, revolutionary-minded women preferred to wear democratic hare, but the essense remained the same – fur added special chic. – But this is cat. – What’s cat? Christina, don’t insult purebred Russian hare! After ‘Without a Dowry’ film came out the fur coat became a symbol of a man’s generosity in the women’s mind: every young lady dreamt that her cavalier would throw luxurious furs at her feet. To give a fur coat to his wife for a Soviet man meant that he was a successful man. – I didn’t want to come. I wanted to buy my wife a fur coat. – No, the fur coat can wait. Fur is a safer investment than a Swiss bank account. Because it is also a confirmation of a woman’s status. A fur coat is an indicator of prosperity and fatal beauty. – Wow! Look at her! For a Russian woman a fur is a fetish. In our country, young ladies choose fur clothing like they choose a husband: in a very finicky way, at once trying to get love and at the same time a safe investment. Even in the 21st century, fur remains ‘everything for us’.

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  1. If it were legal i would murder a bear and rip its fur cloak right off with my bare hands as it was still panting its dieing breaths to have a bear coat.

  2. Angela Merkel
    give up
    На Федеральном канцлере Германии Ангеле Меркель поставлен крест

  3. Fur coats are symbol of decadent classist capitalist values and absurd cruelty and ignorance of a backward people

  4. The sound reason is because fur is warming in the cold! Polyester doesn't hold heat, fact and no one attacks anybody wearing leather! Aren't cows animals too?
    " No humans were hurt in the writing of this FACT".

  5. FAUX FUR COATS are just as WARM , no need to MURDER ANIMALS just so humans can wear their fur , with the EXCUSE that its too cold . FAUX FUR is the way to go .

  6. advice to foreigners who decided to win the hearts of our girls: never spare money on a fur coat. take the most expensive) yes, it is important for our girls)

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