Why Blind People Wear Sunglasses + My Sunglass Collection!

Why Blind People Wear Sunglasses + My Sunglass Collection!

I’m sure some of you have always wondered this and now I’m a real life blind person here to answer the question Hey guys, it’s Molly Burke here again for another video. I don’t know why I said my last name. That sounds very like serious. it’s not that serious of a video. I’m Molly. And I’m here for another video and today, I want to answer a question that I as a blind person get asked all the time and that I know my fellow blind friends Get asked a lot as well, and that is number one why do blind people wear dark sunglasses or number two if you’re blind, why aren’t you wearing dark sunglasses? Now for years and years in movies and you know photos and things wherever they’re Portraying a blind person they always do so with a pair of dark sunglasses And I think the media is really where this stereotype stems from because although yes, there are some blind people who wear dark sunglasses, The vast majority of them don’t or at least do not on a regular basis don’t do it 24/7 don’t do it when they’re indoors or Don’t do it xyz times So for me as a blind person the majority of the time I don’t wear dark sunglasses But sometimes I do and that’s why later on in this video for you fellow Fashionistas I will be showing you guys my relatively expensive sunglass collection But there are a few reasons Why some blind people choose to wear dark sunglasses. The number one reason Why blind people of varying degrees of remaining vision would wear dark sunglasses- for those who don’t know and maybe don’t watch my videos regularly 9 of 10 blind people have some form of remaining vision- in my case It’s light and shadow perception for the most part but everybody is different. Only one out of 10 blind people see absolutely nothing at all and they’re typically born that way or Have had to have their eyeballs removed due to something like ocular cancer. So that’s that side, so People will wear dark sunglasses if they are light sensitive. I’m photophobic; I am very very light-sensitive – there are times when my eyes are so light-sensitive that I actually Can’t control my eyes anymore, and they will force themselves shut, or my eyes will Really increase in shaking and my blinking will become very very rapid because I’m trying to fight to keep my eyes open And I can actually hear Like a vibrating sound in my ear, and I can feel like through my temples This, like, pulling sensation when my photophobia gets very very bad or my light sensitivity becomes very very intense so that’s why for the most part I choose to wear dark sunglasses when I am outdoors or when I’m in an environment that might be very bright or You know a building that has very large windows- that’s letting in a lot of daylight. Daylight tends to be what causes my photophobia the most. I don’t tend to get photophobic from synthetic lights, but some blind people do. So that’s definitely the most common reason why some blind people would choose to wear sunglasses inside because some people do have even more intense light sensitivity than me and would have to wear them even in synthetic lighting indoors. Some other reasons that are Definitely less common, but I have heard of within the blind community Are that people who are blind from birth have never learned to track their eyes for me you can tell that I’m currently looking right at the camera
I’m moving my eyes around as I’m talking like a sighted person usually would and that’s because I lost my vision later on in life for people who are born totally blind They generally don’t learn to eye track or look people in the eyes, and if this is something that they are self conscious about which I don’t think there is any reason to be but if they are they will choose to wear dark sunglasses to conceal so that Nobody can see that they aren’t tracking, or that they are not looking at the person when the person is talking to them Actually, I know that Casey Neistat, the YouTuber- I’m sure you’ve all heard of him But he wears dark sunglasses, in I’m pretty sure like every single one of his videos. I remember in a video he did where he talked about why he does that- one of the reasons Is because a lot of Youtubers use flip around viewfinders, which is slightly off-center to their camera and so in order to Kind of keep themselves in focus and whatnot they look kind of slightly off camera which apparently bugs a lot of viewers Doesn’t affect me because I can’t see it happening, but a lot of viewers get irritated by it And so to conceal the fact that he’s often looking at his viewfinder and not directly at the camera That is like one of the reasons He wears sunglasses So that would be similar to the reason why some blind people choose to wear them? Now the only other reason that I have Personally ever heard and I’m not saying that these three reasons are the only reasons there might be Other reasons that I’m not aware of from my experience growing up in the blind community but the only other experience I’ve heard is the one that for me personally kind of upsets me a little bit, and that’s That people do it to make sighted people feel more comfortable Actually that leads me to another reason that I’ll get to that just popped into my mind which is also kind of a little upsetting but You know I had a woman say to me as I’ve worked in television And she is also blind and worked in television that you know because one of her eyes is Off-Center she has for business or what’s more slang term referred to as a lazy eye So one of her eyes doesn’t point in the same direction as the other which I was born with as well but got corrective surgery for Because she thinks that that’ll make people uncomfortable looking at her face. She’ll wear dark sunglasses to hide it She’s not personally self-conscious about it But she does it so that other people don’t feel uncomfortable. That’s just a reason that I don’t personally like, I know a lot of my blind friends don’t like. If my shaking eyes make you uncomfortable That’s your problem because I’m cool with it. I own it I don’t care that my eyes shake, and it’s not a big deal to me, so I’m not going to hide my eyes Because it upsets other people to look at you know what I mean I don’t think we should have to change who we are because it upsets somebody else I don’t think I should not wear leggings because other people don’t like that I wear leggings. If I like wearing leggings, I’m going to wear leggings. You know what I mean? So to me, It’s kind of that equivalent. I really don’t know very many blind people who wear sunglasses for that reason I’ve actually only heard of that one person saying that, and when she said it around my other blind friends, we were all like- What no don’t do that! So that is the reason I’ve heard I don’t know how common it is; like I said I don’t think it’s very common, but one final reason that that one reminded me of That I know unfortunately I’ve had to do many times, and I’ve had friends have to do Is to get help- to “pass” as a blind person. You guys often hear me say that people always tell me I don’t look blind- I get it in the comments section here on YouTube all the time and A big reason for that is simply that I don’t wear dark sunglasses, and that my eyes “look normal,” other than the fact that they shake. And I have a lot of other blind friends, like my friend Shelby who’s been featured on this channel, who also don’t “look blind” And So in situations where we might be traveling in an airport on our own, or at a restaurant trying to get support, And people aren’t necessarily paying attention or giving us the support that we need, We’ll put dark sunglasses on. And honestly literally 360 degree change- like people come and support, ask if you need help; It’s easier for advocating and it’s unfortunate that it’s that way, and I don’t like continuing to force that stereotype. But in situations if I desperately need to get help, I know that that is something that is going to work, and it’s very frustrating and it just goes to show how the effects of the stereotype, that that really is a big symbol for people and So yeah, it’s something that I’ve used and I know it’s a tool that some of my other friends have utilized But it’s something I wish I didn’t have to do I wish people would just understand. You know, see me with my guide dog, his harness on, me You know maybe doing different things and realize oh, hey Maybe you know maybe she needs help. Or that when I say to people that I’m blind, they would just believe me and not question it Because I shouldn’t have to look a certain way, or do a certain thing in order to be taken seriously And in order to be believed. But all of that aside, now that I’ve explained the reason behind why some blind people wear dark sunglasses, Why the stereotype exists, and why a lot of us actually do not wear dark sunglasses; I’m going to get into the real part of this video- the part that’s my favorite- the sunglass collection. So I Actually, I guess I missed another reason is eye protection that’s like- for me, I’m photophobic So I wear them, but I also want to protect my eyes from the damage of the sun. and so when I was younger my Parents would try to make me wear sunglasses And they were tried by the oakleys which wrapped around so the sun like wouldn’t get into the sights to hurt my eyes that kind of thing, but I Tried my hardest not to wear them because I did have enough remaining vision not wearing dark sunglasses would actually take away Some of the vision that I had left so it’s a very tricky balance, but as I got older and lost more vision and Started getting more into fashion. I started picking up sunglasses more and more and actually wanting to wear that and If you’re a fellow fashion lover you know you have to have a vast variety of sunglasses to go with every outfit so These are not the first ones I have but one of the ones I still have but this is the first that I still have in the collection These are a pair of Ralph Lauren’s. They are bright yellow I don’t even know what shape this would be it’s like a rounded I would say it’s mostly around And I think it has a gradient length and as you can tell it has a sport strap on it and very Trendy and cool. I know I keep the sports strap on it all time because These are now dedicated to like water sports and vacations, so I actually picked these up And there’s like a bunch of sand and those because the only time I wear these is on the Beach going into the ocean water parks like anywhere where I might lose my Sunglasses these the ones I’m willing to lose so that is why the sport band is always on them And I never wear them outside of that and you have clothes up Throughout the video and of me trying them on. And if you see like Fingerprints on the lenses, it’s because I don’t know they’re dirty because I can’t see out of them You’ll notice the majority of my collection is Ray ban Ray bans are my Diehard favorite like I love Ray ban I’m trying to branch out but Ray bans are my go-to. This is the first pair of ray-bans that I saw myself I bought these back in 2009 they are white wayfarers with a gradiated lens and inside these were a limited edition one they have The New York City Subway map which I think is really cute I rarely wear these ones anymore, but they got a lot of love they have some chips I am not delicate with my things when I buy something I buy it to use it so I bought this when I got my first job and I’ve loved them ever since The next one I got were these ones which you can see are in a red case. They were also limited edition I have a things in limited Edition pairs And these ones are also wayfarers they used to be my favorite style these Dan Italian artists I believe do a different splatter paint print on each pair So every pair is unique, and they only had a very limited supply these ones are my darkest Which is good so unfair e very bright days. I would wear this lens the darker ones Of course only if it matched my outfit and then on other days like if it’s not quite as sunny And I don’t need as much coverage. I’ll wear ones like my white ones with a lighter lens Which is another reason I like having a variety of pairs But these ones are just black on the inside and these ones are actually Polarized which I suggest trying to get because it is better for your vision the next ones I have here are ultra polarized and also Ray bans these ones I bought in California, and I actually want to sell these ones. They’re in super good condition because I never wear them I just think as you’ll see on the try-on like they’re just a little too big for my face, but they’re polarized Gold frames brown lenses if you’re interested in buying my old sunglasses, hit me up Because I am open to selling them The next pair I have here are actually the pair I wore in my dove commercial if you’ve seen that give this a thumbs up But yeah, these I bought at the same time as I bought another pair These are around tortoise shells I think they’re polarized pretty certainly, but I really like that the temples on these are very thin They’re very slim very feminine and I just think because I have quite angular face with sharp Features, you know I have high Cheekbones They have a quite defined jaw that the round shape of these glasses kind of balances my face out of it so I really like those and I bought them at the same time as I bought a pair of I think they were like a Copper thin metal copper frame with circular lenses that were metallic Reflective purple which were my absolute favorite because purple is my favorite color and they were such a statement and so fun But recently a photo shoot I lost them I’ll insert a photo of them right here, so you can see them like two days after that thor was taken. They were gone forever lost in Park and Downtown Toronto, so kiss those goodbye and just have to believe that somebody is loving them a lot right now and Just wasn’t meant to be in my life anymore I am actually also lot another pair of Ray-bans recently like two months ago And I never lose sunglasses ever I’m very good with not losing things. I think as a blind person. I have to be extra Organized so I never lose things, but it’s been such a hectic 2017 so I lost another pair. I’ll insert a photo of those ones here They were gold and silver which I love because I always mix metals I love like wearing gold and silver at the same time so they were like they matched my jewelry which I liked But I recently picked up these pair to replace the gold and silver pair that I lost these are Kate spade I love the case although it is very bulky for those who also can see it’s like a bright aqua I believe and inside us is wink wink. Which is cute and again not very good for purses though, and then these are a black like solid black frame with I believe a gradient lens and They are a cat eye shape which I’ve always wanted a cat eye They just have like a little emblem over here If I wanted a cat eye because people always tell me I look like Audrey Hepburn and she read the iconic black cat eyes and these were way cheaper than the Oliver Goldsmith ones that she actually wore so I got those ones instead And then finally these new ones were to replace my purple ones my purple metallic ones So these are the newest my collection. I actually haven’t even worn them yet I don’t you’re probably going to be able to see my lights and my camera But they are an aqua blue reflective lens was kind of like a white matte frame And I’m actually not sure if the arms are gold or silver but if you can see then You can see for yourself. I think maybe gold, but I’m not sure so yeah I’m really excited that these are to replace my old ones I don’t I guess these are like they’re kind of round the flat top at the bar I don’t know I don’t have any other than this kind of style So I’m happy to have them in my collection if you’re wondering. I think pay for all of my own sunglasses by myself I You know have had a job since I was 15 so ever since I was 15 I bought all my own things and I’m proud of being able to do that, so Um you know like I said it’s safe for my eyes to wear sunglasses I need them in certain times because of my photophobia, and I just I’m a fashionista and loved having Sunglasses to match every outfit and different lenses for different brightness, so that’s my collection Let me know if you think I’m missing one in my collection Let me know which your favorite pair on me was and let me know if you want to buy those uh little aviators, hit me up. Thank you guys so much for watching I hope you learned something new in this video or just enjoy seeing my sunglasses if you’re also a Sunglassaholic and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye guys!

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    Anyway, the degeneration is a new thing, but I've had lots of trouble with stereoscopic vision on and off for my entire life. I've used sunglasses to protect my eyes in the event of getting poked when I'm in visually busy or new environments – especially when I had very young children.

    Anyway, thank God for you. Thank you for cheering me up.

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  8. Blind here and my eyes don't look normal due to nearly 300 surgeries. When I was a teen I went through an admittedly short phase where I hated my eyes because of how they make me look. I didn't wear sunglasses very much, but I did a bit purely for that reason. I found that it made me too uncomfortable not being able to use my vision nearly as well though so I stopped relatively quickly. Now I've lost so much vision that wearing sunglasses wouldn't help me see any better in bright light. I had a pair of wraparound Air Force shades my ex fiance picked up from the recruiter and I wore those just because I liked the look lol.

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    I mean you'd think that a guide dog or cane would be enough, but dark sunglasses without other cues wouldn't be enough either, so I guess it's just having multiple hints that does it.

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  54. Mani the reason blind people wear sunglasses is because their eyes are sometimes very deformed and they look very strange to say to people. It’s not the reason you gave. The real truth of the matter is set their eyes are sometimes completely white and it disturbs sighted world that’s really why they were sunglasses.

  55. my girlfriend is blind although she has some remaining vision it is not much. She doesn't use her cane that much because she has a job where that would hinder her and as i said she can see somewhat. i hate it when she has to explain that yes she is blind she cant see small print and reading is difficult and menus at restaurants usually have small print she has to either ask for help or have someone with her that can see, its usually me though. I wish she didn't have to justify it it pisses me off

  56. This is kind of related to the third reason that she gave for why blind peoplewe're dark sunglasses but some people wear dark sunglasses because when they're blind their eyes get cloudy and they don't feel comfortable with other people seeing that their eyes are cloudy

  57. you are truly beautiful <3 <3 you are such an amazing girl with such a big heart. I LOVE it <3 truly inspiring. and you look SO BOMB. love from oslo, norway <3

  58. I just think it's stupid that for people to believe someone is blind, they need to wear sunglasses. like, what the heck? if someone was pretending to be blind they could put on sunglasses and people would believe them, so there really isn't a point to that stereotype.

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