Why Did Kamikaze Pilots Wear Helmets? | Dolan Life Mysteries ft. Slapped Ham

Why Did Kamikaze Pilots Wear Helmets? | Dolan Life Mysteries ft. Slapped Ham

• From who made the first selfie to why
beer makes us drunk, we answer some of your most burning questions about life
• Hey there, my name is Melissa, I’ll be reading out the questions and… actually
– you know what? Do you mind if I do the truth this time? • How’s it going guys, I am the Slapped
Ham and sure, I don’t see why not • YES
10 – Goblinwrecks Would it be possible to terraform mars? • Of course, we’d just fire nuclear missiles
at the surface of the planet, destroy everything and cause an atmosphere to form from the wreckage
& then build from there • Wow… would that really work? Was that the actual truth? • Oh. Right, the “truth”. Yeah so, the radiation would give us super
powers and… that’d be… great… ha ha ha….? • Since Earth and Mars are similar in structure,
it’s very possible, but it’d be expensive and would take some decades to achieve. We would have the raise the global temperature
and atmospheric pressure – otherwise we could make pressurized domes and wear protective
suits in certain areas of the planet 9 – blueEverest Why does grass smell when
we cut it? • It smells because the grass particles…
er… come to life, and they enter your nostrils to engulf your brain and alter your perception
of reality, it’s a biochemical imbalance that simulate an odour which, to most, would
resemble the ubiquitous family of flowering plants. Did I explain that right? It’s a topic on molecular physics, fabricated,
of course, but based on real studies and… um… altered for… entertainment ha ha…
sorry. • This is actually a panic signal the grass
is sending out, literally meaning “help, someone is cutting us to death”. It’s a message aimed at insects and parasites
to stay away from the carnage • So, Melissa, how exactly do the grass
particles alter brain chemistry? • It… um… spreads a pollen through the
interior of the nostril & leeches on… on… brain. • Al…righty. 8 – KewinMG How does beer make us drunk? • Because you drank too much of it! • *
• This is due to the ethanol in the booze – it’ll pass through your digestive system,
then travel through your bloodstream into every part of your body. It will affect your brain and central nervous
system, release some dopamine and make you feel sluggish
7 – TheLombaxGamer Why do house cats bring their owners dead things? • They think it’s cute, and I have to
admit— • *
• (Melissa vomiting/sick noises for a period of time)
• This is a holdover from their days as wild animals, and also when mother cats bring
dead rodents to their kids for food. Since most domestic cats these days don’t
have kids of their own, they instead bring dead things to their human family as a trophy
• You feeling any better? • Urgh… uuuuuurgh… ech
6 – Zyvux Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets? • They actually wear them because most pilots
also like riding bikes, so they bring helmets on kamikaze missions to remind them of all
the fun times they had riding their bikes! • Are you sure? • … um. Yes? • Most kamikaze missions were just pilots
who ran out of fuel, or weapon ammo and they wanted to do as much damage to the enemy as
possibly by suicidally ramming their ship into something, so it’s kind of a last minute
decision, and they still needed helmets for radio earphone equipment regardless
5 – sanai413 What would happen if the Sun was Split in half? • That would be a Sunday split! • Wow. Melissa. Would you like me to have a go? • PLEASE
• Okay. If the Sun were to split in half, the two
halves would be locked in their own gravity and spiral around faster and faster, then
merge and form a portal into the hidden nether realm full of horror, murder, violence and
carnage from which there is no escape – but they hand out free ice cream so it’s not
too bad • Not bad 
• Thanks. Seriously though: if the sun were split in
half and somehow maintained its orbit, the amount of heat and brightness it gave off
would be severely diminished – Earth’s water would freeze up, and Mercury would now
be close enough to the Sun’s habitable zone that it’d become the new Earth
• For what it’s worth, I liked the Sunday split joke. • REALLY? • *pause*… yeah…. 4 – Bjaraptor What is the most common species
of animal today? • The Sunday splitasauras! • Maybe… try again? • Okay… it’s the zubat! Because Pokémon, right? Topical? Pokemon…go? I didn’t date this video, did I? • We believe the most common type of animal
in the world to be the nematode worm, which is interesting because we barely ever see
them ourselves! They live in all kinds of seas, lakes and
waters, as well as inside a lot of animals. The current estimate is that there are forty
septillion of these things living on Earth 3 – Moffn Were humans always omnivores? • Humans were monkeys, so lots of bananas…
banana split…ha… ha • Perhaps very early in human development
there was a time when we were herbivores, but we very quickly became omnivores when
climate change occurred and vegetation became sparse, which actually helped develop our
brains further and turn us into the species we are today
• Melissa, I think… perhaps… try staying away from the split joke. For a while. 2 – Plutos_a_planet_ Who made the first
selfie? • The first self-portrait was Mr Selfie…
actually, y’know what? I wanna know what the real answer is. Let me look it up real quick *mumbles to herself*…
oooh, here it is, 1839! The first light picture ever taken. Neat! • Yep, that’s right, it was by an American
photography pioneer called Robert Cornelius, and it was also one of the first ever photos
of a human being. It took 3 minutes and 15 seconds standing
in exactly the same position for the light in his backyard to create the photo
1 – ReseramGaming Why do we need to eat? • Because you need to do it to… live. You need nutrients to survive. Go ahead and stop eating, see how you go. • You aced it! That sounded just like Dolan. • Yay! • I… actually don’t have anything to
add. She got it right. • And now let’s make like a tree, and

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  1. How much force can a Kevlar wall handle before cracking in half?
    Also I want this to be answered in a video with Dolan and Hellbent

  2. Melissa probably is like how Patrick from the Game Theorists theorised Sans being the analytical left part of the brain, very smart and is not so creative. Everyone else who "states the truth" is probably like how he theorised Papyrus to be the creative and imaginative right part of the brain, a bit more creative and more dull minded. If you compare that to the argument they had about which puzzle is harder, Sans says that word jumble (making words from gibberish) is easier and Papyrus would find word search and crossword easier. They find different parts of the brain reliable for stuff like this.

  3. 1:17 it’s smells because the grass screams I’m agony for you doing so it farts in your face so you you can feel sorry for what you done… you monster

  4. I think it's too weird to have Melissa do the lies. And why does she keep blushing? Nixxiom's nowhere in sight.

  5. There is a way we can live on mars we could shoot Missiles at the ice caps on each side of Mars allowing water to go up in the air allowing the planet to have water on it and make an atmosphere so yes it is possible but I think will be dead when That happens

  6. Mellisa (M a) So That's You're A Bird Mom
    And That's Why You Should Back To Ques & Anss And You're More Used To Being Smart But Not Dolan If Ya Knkw What I'm Sayin', WHAT😶😠

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