Why Disney World Bans Adults From Dressing Up | Style Out There | Refinery29

Why Disney World Bans Adults From Dressing Up | Style Out There | Refinery29

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  1. How do you feel about adults dressing up like Disney characters? Share your experiences with cosplay with us below!

  2. Wow, I love Yvette. When Connie was talking about their positivity being contagious, I realized I had this big smile on my face every time Yvette was on. She has such a great energy about her. And Connie, that yellow shirt with the bun was super cute.

  3. I love adults that don’t give a fack!!!!!! Society the world is full of responsibilities mainly on bills and at least should be able to feel free on expressing on every day outfits that inspired Disney vibes

  4. Late to this news, but Disney corporate seriously thought of buying Dia De Los Muertos? wtf.. fuckin rat. My culture isn't a commodity, especially that their intention was for profit. Disgusting.

  5. I thought It was Weird i Had like 7 different Mickey things and then When the questions went by i was like o.o

  6. I would try to do something like this but
    1. I dont live anywhere near a disney anything
    2. I can still dress up i think (under 15 right)

  7. Answer to the titles question… Character integrity. If an adult dresses up like a character they can be mistaken for a character performer. They could do something like drink, cuss, or act out of character and that is how the children would then see the character. Character performers at Disney aren’t allowed to act out of character in even the slightest way. They CAN NOT break character EVER. So if someone who looks like a character performer breaks character it could mess up the integrity because in Disney land/world Disney and it’s characters are real.

  8. Also did you know that Cinderella's iconic ballgown was actually silver/white?
    It only turned blue when she was in the dark

  9. Hang the FUCK on. Dumbo was released in 1942. A song in Aladdin called a practice in the city ‘barbaric’ in 1992 and the next year the lyrics were changed, and Mulan which was shown to depict the current diversity was only released 5 years after that. In fact Pocahontas was only released 3 years after Aladdin, 2 years after the lyric change, so to claim that strong female ethnic characters weren’t around in her childhood if Aladdin was is some buuuuullshit

  10. 14:42 Percy Jackson is technically a Disney book. Nico is the prince of the underworld. He is gay and is dating Will. He is the first gay Disney prince

  11. They forgot The Three Caballeros, that has a freaking Brazilian patrot, a Mexican rooster, and an American duck

  12. “In 2013 Disney did try to trademark a Mexican holiday, but they also got a lot of things right. “ 🤦🏽‍♀️

  13. While were on the Spanish note… Disney tried to trademark Dia de los muertos!!!!!????? That's not ok at all!!! All these people are getting dia de los muertos tattoos and stuff and they don't even know what it stands for! What the day is for! What day its actually on! Where and why it originated!! Nothing!! They only like how it LOOKS… I must admit COCO did a good job educating y'all!!!

  14. Where's the Mexicana Azteca Princess?? Or the Mayan Princess??? Shyyyt Disney if u make a movie about that u better cut me a check for my idea!!!!! Cuz that's a really good story line!! And YES QUEEN!!! We need a Latina princess 4 sure!!!

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