Why Do Nerds Wear Glasses?

Why Do Nerds Wear Glasses?

Do glasses really make us smarter? Or does
our intelligence predict our need for glasses? Hey guys, Tara here for Dnews – and if you’ve
ever seen Revenge of the Nerds, or really, any movie ever made – then you’ve probably
wondered, why do the nerds always wear glasses? Is their eyesight REALLY worse, or are the
dumb jocks just too proud to wear them? Well, like everything else out there – science
has an answer. And this one – is kinda surprising. Researchers at the Mainz University Medical
Center have conducted the first population-based study on nearsightedness (people who can’t
see far away), and they found that environmental factors may have more to do with it, than
genetics. Now as far as eyesight problems go, nearsightedness
is one of the most common afflictions worldwide. It can affect children from a very young age,
but our eyeballs continue to grow well into adulthood – so even in our 30s, it can still
get worse. In more severe cases, it can lead to all kinds of complications, like retinal
detachment, macular degeneration, premature cataracts, and glaucoma. So it’s in our best interest to figure out
what causes this, and how we can prevent it. Unfortunately, the answer – may not be the
one we want. For their study, researchers examined almost
5,000 patients with nearsightedness, and found that myopia – the technical term for the affliction
– becomes more prevalent, the higher your level of education. 24% of the patients with
nearsightedness – had no formal high school education, compared to 35% of high school
and vocational graduates, and 53% of university graduates. What’s more, they found that
nearsightedness actually increases, for each year of school completed. Now it’s commonly accepted that genetics
play a massive role in our ability to see – and that’s true to an extent. But this
study also examined 45 genetic markers associated with myopia, and found that even those have
a way lower impact on the severity of the disease, than education level. So why is this happening? Well, the current
consensus is that the activities we partake in at school – like reading, looking at a
whiteboard, or using a computer – are rapidly deteriorating our vision. But what can be done? After all, we can’t
“cure” nearsightedness – we can only correct it, but even things like corrective lenses
and contacts – are largely unsuccessful. Some recent studies, have suggested that the
key to preventing myopia in children – is exposure to sunlight. So they recommend kids
spend at least 15 hours a week outdoors, and try to limit their time with close-up activities,
like TV and video games, to 30 hours a week. Now I know what you’re thinking – only 30
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100 Replies to “Why Do Nerds Wear Glasses?”

  1. here's a good answer:
    some people wear glasses to correct their vision
    some people are nerdy
    some nerdy people need glasses to correct their vision

  2. I was about to argue that it's just a stereotype and that not all needs wear glasses when I fucking wear glasses and am a huge nerd 😂😂👌

  3. There is three people who wears glasses in my class(I'm one of them). 80-90% are smart but just keep reading…So the first one is a boy who always, ALWAYS play games, loves his phone (who dosen't?) and the second is a boy who maybe isn't good at everything but has a very strong memory. He don't need to study to get an A, as long as he remembers everything our teacher said.

    The third is me. I LOVE to read, I'm a manga, anime freak or…OTAKU!!! And I'm sit a lot infront of a screen. I am interested in many things, that is why I read so much and learn so much in one day!

  4. I used to have glasses and I couldn't see anything, everything was blury. They said I was going to wear glasses for the rest of my life. Then I couldn't see when wearing my contacts or glasses. I went to the optometrist and they said I could see normally again with out correction. So was I smart and then got stupid or did I get smarter?

  5. I started wearing glasses when I was 5 and even have permanent small dent marks at my nose bridge from wearing glasses. My dad's side of family is full of people with myopia but mine is the worst and I also love reading the most. (Yes, I was reading a lot even before I turned 5.) So I think both genetics predisposition and environmental factors probably play a role in myopia.

  6. The Vitamin-D theory sounds plausible. Here's my data: No Glasses, Two Masters Degrees, Spent my entire youth playing in the sunshine.

  7. I wear my glasses to school but I don't wear them at home. I only wear my glasses at home sometimes. I think that's making my eyesight worst though.

  8. I consider myself decently smart, I know many people with glasses (including me) and it doesn't mean you're super smart. It just means you have bad eyes for whatever reason.

  9. The key to having a good vision is diet. Eat healthy.. Nowadays people eat foods with no nutional value and get surprised when their body stops functioning as it should.

  10. It's computers and reading which are deteriorating human vision, wait until VR becomes more advanced…say goodbye lmao and helpful tip to not hurt your vision anymore don't wear glasses when reading or on the computer if your nearsighted it will make astigmatism more severe it's what got you there in the first place.

  11. im far-sighted , btw if you're someone who thinks glasses are cute and want to wear them don't because theres alot of problems about wearing glasses

  12. I kinda assumed this was the main cause because when I was little I had my nose in a book constantly once dark out but the majority of the time I was outside and my eyes were fine but now they are starting to get blurry and I have been inside mostly

  13. People only wear glasses cause they can't see. I got glasses as a 7 year old. If you don't have glasses and don't know what it's like to need it, it sucks. Basically it's blurry, you can't see any words from far away. You can't see stop signs. So, say you have a walking dead poster on your door. Your bed is far away. The walking dead logo is nothing. It's basically just a black smudge. I had to sit close up to the tv whenever I watched it. One thing that really sucks is when people hit your glasses. It digs into your nose and hurts like heck.
    Btw, through the years my eyes have gotten worse.

  14. These statistics aren't that valuable, if you say that more highschool graduates have glasses that non-graduates, than that means nothing, because more people graduate high-school than people who don't. Same with Univercity, more people go to univercity than people who don't

  15. 0:54 i always do that, and im getting my glasses the day after tommoro and the man tells me to wear my glasses when my eye hurts and, i need to wear them at school nearly all the time (far glasses)

  16. i dont believe in the fact that exposure to sunlight will help against myopia. The reason why is because i was a lot outside when i were little and still got myopia when i was 12. my parents both are really nearsighted (and have university education) and therefore i am to.

  17. Actually nerds ware glasses cause they spend most of there time doing math and work this weakens the eyesight and your eyes I know that cause I'm a nerd😊

  18. im just… To dumb
    The reason i wear glasses


    And… My glasses look like this
    My face

    MORE UGLY -_-

  19. Nerd wear glasses because they learned too much because they are NERD. Most Asian wear glasses because they learned too much

  20. actually that study only shows how eyesight can deteriorate in a school like environment not on intellectual ability. in fact it has been proven that games and other things like reading can help your eyesight more than sun light. the reason people who have bad eyesight are more intelligent then the common factors is more likely the adaptability of humans where if we lack a key area in brawn suck as the sight required for the ability to use said brawn the more our minds develop and the more information they can take in. this is supported by basic behavior in those who need glasses and those who don't with some having both but with a lack of perfect vision almost 60% of the time as far as i have seen.

  21. Not really. When I used to work as a car Porter there was this skilled OG late 20s Asian detailer that didn't do much after high school. He told me that, all he did was he started as a Porter and then a Detailer. Maybe he is a nerd in Detailig. He is OG in what he does. He wore glasses and dirty clothes. I dont think he is a nerd. He's more badass than players that go after woman. He has alot of crazy stories.
    He is one of the coolest chill guys I know, he drives a nice shiny modded 600bhp supercharged Nissan 350z. He hangs out with me and all the other Porters that drive nice modified cars.

  22. I just had a check up today and..the doctor said I might need glasses and before I had amazing vision I was crying for hours and hours.When I saw words or letters far away they were blurry so yep I think I’m gonna get glasses.. I’m not happy about this.

  23. Because they can't visually perceive you, incoherent bitch, how much do people want to wager that this woman was the "popular one" growing up What a privileged piece of shit


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