Why Do We Wear Tzitzit?

Why Do We Wear Tzitzit?

– The commandments of the Old Testament, (mumbles) how to book for Christians. (electronic music) There are a lot of
commandments we don’t do today because there is no time for right now. But there a lot of
commandments still in place that are for anyone who loves God. In fact our Messiah not
only taught the commandments but he told people to
obey them in spirit too. But sometimes life gets busy and we forget to obey
even the simple things. So in Numbers 15:38 God
created a reminder system. He commanded us to wear
tassels in our clothing as a visible reminder to keep his word. In Hebrew those tassels
are called tzitzit. God commanded us to wear tzitzit, on the four corners of our garments. No other details. It’s that simple. So ten commandments are for men so they’re not for women but with the tzitzit the
Bible doesn’t really say. So many women wear tzitzit as well as men. Some people wear tzitzit
on their (mumbles), other on the four corners
of our loose finisher. Other people take a more
traditional approach, wearing tzitzit on a simple
four corner under shirt, called a talit. Some people even combine the two styles, on something called a micro-talit. A small sash with tzitzit
on each of four corners that slides into a belt. No matter how you wear tzitzit, you’ll definitely get
people asking about them, when you least expect it. So if you’re gonna wear tzitzit, you gonna be a good representative of our messiah at at all times. Which means you’ll automatically
obey the commandments. Funny how that works. For more information on tzitzit call A Rood Awakening partner services on the number below. I am Alberto Martinez. This has been another Rood Crew Review. Shalom. – [Narrator] Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more Rood Crew Reviews. Be sure to visit our website. Shalom.

15 Replies to “Why Do We Wear Tzitzit?”

  1. Really enjoyed watching this video. I think it answered many questions people have about wearing of Tzizit. Thank you.

  2. Problem is that there is no way to actually “wear” it. We don’t wear clothing as it was made thousands of years ago.

  3. Heeey, why don't you show pictures on the video on how to wear the tzitzits. I definitely want yo keep Even the little things, May our Lord bless you. I love this channel

  4. Do you know what I like the most about wearing YeHoVaH's Tzitzit? The fact that a curious few will approach me on occasion and ask me about the tassels I am wearing – it usually ends up in a lengthy discussion on the Gospel and how significant the Torah is, as Yeshua is the Torah Made Flesh (John 1:14) and did not, in fact, "nail the Torah to the cross" (Matthew 5:17-20)…

  5. I made a bracelet with a fringe for myself and my husband.
    We love them and we love obeying our Father in heaven.
    It is truly as simple as that.

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