Why do you wear Hijab?

Why do you wear Hijab?

Hello Im Jay Kim and here is Dina so I met her today (it’s snowing, yea today is snowing a lot) Last time i made video about: How is being muslim girl in korea but she didn’t wear Hijab so someone ask me: can you interview muslim who wears Hijab? So i invite her today to ask her questions Ok so here we go ( one two three, go!) First, can you introduce yourself? Yes, so introduce myself as I do it on my channel? (Hello) My name is Dina and I live in South Korea and i’m teaching english to elementary schoolers after school and at countyside and also I’m making videos

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  1. Thank you so much for the great interview Jay! Your questions were awesome and it was really fun meeting with you again ^w^

  2. Assalamualaikum warohmatullahi wabarakatuh dear brother and sister, Alhamdulillah thank you very much for the video, but sadly may I suggest sista, what you are wearing is not hijab its only head scarf to cover your head, because you still shows your earings which mean you are showing your neck. Hijab in Islam is to cover except your face and your hands. and wear loose garment and lenghten your khimar.

    its clearly stated in Surah Al Ahzab verses 59 and Annur verses 31. Especially when the topic of this video is why do your wear Hijab, and obviously this video will insyaa Allah be going to be watched many people. I just worried people think that hijab is like allowing showing still some part of her beauty. We need Insyaa Allah to give the right example according to Al Quran and Sunnah for Barakah…Wallahu alam bissawwab. Allah Knows the Best!

  3. By now ,i realised Jay has a lot of foreigner girl friends…i mean he interviewed lots of them 😁😁😁 thumbs up bro



  6. The reason why girls wear a hijab is aurat. Both male and female have aurat. By right girls have to cover up and only expose face, hands and sole. So actually its a must to wear hijab, not a choice. Like how guys have to cover up until their belly buttons. The reason of aurat is cause if the opposite gender looks at your aurat, they can actually have dirty thoughts about your body.

  7. In Quran/Bible i've read b4. Allah had promised that Islam will be the winner over any religions. Now i waiting, when will it happend in the future.

  8. Hi Jam kim you are so so cute also my sister Dina i love you dina and my brother Jam .i have a quoition to Jam what you stady and please next time write the speech because iam Algerian girl and i learned inglish from your speech

  9. Covering awrah for men and women is a matter of love to Allah s.w.t and Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. If we love Allah s.w.t and Prophet s.a.w without any qualifications or stipulations, then we shall cover our awrah.

  10. Why do Muslim women wear headscarves?  they want to be compared to their intelligence rather than their appearance. religion is the order because it prevents them from being disturbed by a foreign man. Why do Muslim women not wear headscarves? This is a struggle with exquisite albeit a sin.

  11. Salam Aleykum all around Muslims I am new in this channel Masha’Allah I love this video it makes me feel so proud Masha’Allah sister Masha’Allah

  12. Hahahhaha both of guys so cute Ma'sha'Allah. May Allah bless both of you. Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰❤

  13. Hijab, is the Pornophobia .
    There Is a Relationship between hijab and porn (hijab is an anti pornography ) this is what Muslims trying to do, They are against porn 24 hours, They are using the Sharia Law against porn .
    This kind of muslims who againt porn are Love Islam !
    They are Love hijab .
    الصور الإباحية ، هي أقوى سلاح ضد النقاب الشرعي.
    الحجاب، هو اختراع له علاقة بالدعارة.
    الحجاب للمرأة، هو شيء له علاقة بحجب الإباحية.
    الحجاب، له علاقة بالأشياء الجنسية، هم تفكيرهم جنسي، وهدفهم منع الدعارة ، لذلك، أنا متأكد أن الصور الإباحية هي أقوى سلاح ضد هذا النوع من البشر، الذين يريدون منع الإباحية بشريعة الحجاب .

  14. 3 Stooges in Quran

    Larry/Umar said “ al lah agreed with me in 3 things” kaaba, hijab, exchange women.

    Moe said “is it true al lah?”

    Curly said “yes! I agreed with umar exactly.

  15. Special is she(Dina) don't worry what people think and what people say… She enjoy and only enjoy..

  16. Brother Kim and sister Dina please increase your knowledge more about Islam and keep them in front of the world.. Do watch the videos of Dr Zakir naik.. Love from 🇮🇳

  17. Bismillah, Im your new subcriber, love ur channel, dina you're such a lovely sister, may Allah always bless u both. Love, from indonesia

  18. All Muslim converts I have met have mental issues or major identity issues/a need to feel special. I cringe seeing White/Western people doing the Islamic cult bit

  19. Law is a choice? I been stupid whole life believing law is mandatory…..!!! Next time I will go to Bosnia and not follow the “Law” and will quote this very intelligent girl and hope it is not “taquia’ and she will stand by my side.
    And 2nd part. Korean don’t know about Islam and still nice. Glad you said that. What religion or ideology do Koreans follow that they are nice to even someone you said looked like as Isis?

  20. Please welcome to Indonesia , dina.
    Our country is the biggest mouslims country in the world.
    You may enjoy in our countries .

  21. A woman who does not cover her genitals when leaving the house will drag four men together into hell. Dad, husband, brother and son.

  22. I am an Iraqi and Muslim girl and I love Korea very much, and I hope to visit her someday I hope you give me a heart that will make me happy 🖤🥺✌

  23. I just found this video, it's interesting topic honestly. Im born with Muslim family, and Muslim culture. But, not all of people in my environment not wearing hijab when i was children. Even now some lady, some girls not wearing it. But, when they went at mosque, when the girls went to red for Al qur'an (its a must) wearing hijab. Me too. I was not wearing hijab until college.

    I was not wearing hijab cause i thought, when im Muslim i just need sholat. That's enough. Even my friends who didn't wear hijab almost have a question why u not wearing hijab? And the commons answer are AT LEAST IM SHOLAT, NOT DOING ZINA, IT'S ENOUGH.

  24. why you became muslim because you are wery hot prophet Mohammad was a criminal he maried with a child she's name was Aisha

  25. Men do not wear hijab. They are required to dress appropriately and modestly not like women with a scarf on their heads…

  26. تحياتي الك يا اسطورة بس لو في ترجمة يكون احسن 😘😘😍

  27. I just watched the lasters video kim and dina.. the searching for.this video. i saw she reply your shakehand… automatic reflex by dina..btw she already answer in the next video.. 🙂

  28. I am musilimi I like your video so muchi from ethiopia do you knowu ethiopia?! She found in AfricA her solider participate since korea liberation

  29. People: Your hijab🧕 is going to close a lot of doors in your life..🤔
    Muslimah🧕: Yes especially the doors of Hell..

  30. Thank you Dina, you just did something to Islam, very few muslims do now. Islam is about good manner. You are the heart of my faith. Thank you.

  31. It's so sad how they treat her man.. I gotta deal with this too, but it's never gotten so far like 'do u like killing ppl'

  32. Im so proud of them who live not in Muslim country and to face all islamofibia things but still believe,and trust to sunnah and islam rules.they have so incredible iman.

  33. I like very much your Chanel. But could you please add subtitles (in English) on your videos because sometimes you speak very quickly and it becomes difficult for me to understand. Thank you and good luck

  34. Oh my God u r the best corean I have ever met .may God lead u to the right path aamen and Dina if i spelt ur name wrong IAM sorry ur explain was actually good mashallah and I wanna tell u something that u should not shake hands with a male is actually not haraam is makruh but I don't think is right.Another think is ur neck should not be seen .Other ways u good Muslim I appreciate that.🍊🌜🌜🌜

  35. Woah…It was just in my reccomendation.. & now i m going to watch every video..you are such an amazing person…you are doing it that's your purity of soul…so i have to say this the girl is really pretty & have some good concept of religion..she is explaining so simply & easy.. Anyone can really understand it if he/she wants to..she is clear about the basic concepts…I as a practicing muslim i must appreciate your effort.. You are doing an amazing job…i am muslim from pakistan…proud muslim..proud of my country…thankyou stay blessed❤️

  36. i think dina don’t get the hate from ppl bcs she’s a white lady. my friends and i have been there but we got discriminate bcs we’re from malaysia. we’re not white but kinda white 😂😂

  37. Nice talk with Dina. I'm sorry to hear what you faced in US but you seems so strong take it everything easily. You such a happy go lucky girl.
    Anyway wearing hijab is obligation as a Muslim

  38. Some of my reasons:
    Islam is family-based and does not like a family To be broken ( becuase this women is more beautiful than mine and dont care about his own and go towards someone else and forget his own family) and wants everyone to love his own family and his wife.and Creating a healthy and safe environment for both men and women.
    For me, the hijab means that instead of thinking about my apparent beauty, care about my personality.
    And as a women it makes me strong to wear hijab.

  39. I think when somebody says hijab is a choice, she/he actually means covering hair is a choice. Because in Quran there isn't any direct hint about the range of hijab, so there are different beliefs about its range. It can be one of the reasons why different muslims have different opinions about parts of the body that should be covered, so they say it's a choice.

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