Why Does Mickey Mouse Wear Gloves? Is He Ok?!

Why Does Mickey Mouse Wear Gloves? Is He Ok?!

why Mickey Mouse always wears gloves hey mr. banana today I'm going to reveal some dark secrets of the Disney Universe what's nagging me in particular is why does Mickey Mouse this iconic character always wear gloves did you ever think about that he might have a secret behind it maybe he wears his white gloves to hide some terrible injuries or you see a criminal who doesn't want to leave any prints you feel that the Disney Universe is a safe place and there can be nothing dark behind this well-known detail of Mickey's appearance well I'm sorry to disappoint you the world of Disney is not free from horror and pain I would rather visit a cooking show which is particularly unfriendly to fruits and one of Disney movies you think that I'm overreacting meet Aladdin Belle Ariel among many others what do these characters have in common we know nothing about their mothers coincidence you say yep the children's stories are full of orphans but let's see what happened in the beginning of the 1940s here is young Disney the head of the Disney Brothers Studios full of hopes the success of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs brought him a great sum of money and as a good son he said to his parents I will buy you a new house and he did it but after that a disaster took place the furnace in his parents house and it ended up killing flora Disney his beloved mother what a tragedy it seems that Disney was haunted by the death of his mother for the rest of his life that's why there are so few happy full families in his movies new lights on the Disney Universe eh now can you believe that Mickey can hide something as terrible as his creator let's take a closer look at this character hi granddad yep Mickey is so much older than me he first appeared on a screen in 1928 so he is now more than 90 years on a stage Wow even a few decades are enough where the star to get involved in some scandals imagine how many of them Mickey has had to face can you believe me for example that he was a drug dealer once in 1951 in comic book Mickey Mouse in the medicine man he and Goofy discover a medicine called Peppo and start to sell the product in Africa it's easy to understand the allusion to amphetamine here so the nice cartoon character from our childhood is not that nice in another strip Mickey tries to commit suicide after he suspects many of cheating on him all attempts fail of course the hand in a funny manner but that's not something you'd expect from a children's story ok about the gloves some explanations are easy and absolutely peaceful to understand fully the first one let's see how animators worked in the time when there no advanced technologies to help their job see how I'm drawing Mickey one large circle and then two small ones he's ready what a great artist I am but the animators did a much more sophisticated job for one cartoon they needed up to ten thousand drawings and this was just for a seven and a half minute movie impressive it would take forever if animators didn't have some useful tricks in their pockets simple forms are much easier to draw rounded edges are easier than angles that is why Mickey should have a rounded hands also Disney wanted Mickey to look more like a human and that's why he didn't give him Mouse hands what could the color of the gloves possibly mean nothing in particular one might think this is just a question of technique viewers couldn't see the black hands and feet against the characters body so a contrast is required and don't forget that Mickey was born in the age of black-and-white animation so the animators didn't really have many options however another interpretation is not that comfortable here we should touch on a tradition of moviemaker if you are fond of Disney cartoons drawn in the 20th century probably everything you know about the classical music is based on them I mean they're full of this stuff Fantasia realized in 1940 is basically pictured music Sleeping Beauty which contained parts taken directly from Tchaikovsky many examples using the William Tell Overture yes if you would like to impress someone with your knowledge of the classics Disney will give you a hand from the very beginning Disney movies are closely connected with musical traditions and especially with vaudeville comedy performance made up of separate acts some and very early Disney Animation's may be qualified as vaudeville in the form of a cartoon in America at the beginning of the 20th century vaudeville shows were quite popular and involved many actors including musicians singers comedians and minstrels no I'm not speaking about medieval actors singing in taverns minstrels were the comics mostly of African origins who made performance and exaggerated makeup loose clothes and white gloves sounds familiar huh yes Mickey Mouse is basically the parody of a minstrel of that age that's where the white gloves come from sounds a bit racist but the Disney cartoons were not free from the prejudices of their age and don't get me started on sexism it's a bit revealing to know now the white gloves of Mickey are no more than an iconic detail that makes him look so familiar so the secret of the white gloves is finally revealed but I must admit the biggest secret of all is still why Donald Duck wears a towel after taking a shower and then he doesn't even bother to put on underwear what's that about do you know any other strange stuff about the Disney universe don't hesitate to share them in the comments if you liked this video push the like button and subscribe to the channel so you can learn more about the world around I have many interesting stories to share

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  2. He is okay because he doesn't were gloves in 4 shorts plane crazy galloping goucho steamboat willie and the barn dance

  3. Maybe he has no fingers, Also he could be gay. Maybe behind the curtain he's kissing Donald or any of the other Disney boys. Or he could be cheating on all the Disney girls, Anyway tell me what you think.

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  6. If you watch Ariel in the beginning then maybe you might see her mom! Because I have watched it and saw her mom

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