Why Don't Other Animals Wear Glasses?

Why Don't Other Animals Wear Glasses?

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  1. I've had glasses since fifth grade too. The worst thing is that my sight levels change a lot, and I have to wait many months before getting them corrected on average.

  2. I wear glasses too , last month they broke and I had to keep repairing them until I got my new ones , I was basically blind for 4 days before I got my new glasses because my old ones broke even more so I gave up trying to fix old ones , I’m legally blind

  3. Some of the information in this video is incorrect.
    1. The majority of the refracting power of the eye is from the cornea, approximately 45 diopters worth while the lens is only approximately 15 diopters worth.
    2. We don't "squeeze and pull" the lens. The lens has a certain shape that it "wants" to be in, or it's relaxed position, that which allows us to see farther objects and it is the more rounded shape. When we focus with the lens to see objects up close to us, the ciliary muscle pulls the lens to flatten it.
    3. Astigmatism is not caused by the cornea being too round. Instead it's because the cornea has different refracting powers in different meridians. For example, the cornea may have a different refracting power at the up/down meridian versus the left/right meridian. A lot of people are worried by the diagnosis of astigmatism. But in reality the majority of people have at least some astigmatism, something like >80% of people.

    My source? I am an eye doctor…

  4. Since natural selection let us slip through with bad eyesight due to our cozy lifestyle, does the same go for domesticated animals or pets?

  5. I actually thought about this yesterday. My horrible vision was passed down for 100s of years in my family

  6. Living indoors->overfocusing your eyes->myopia
    Animals dont live indoors,they tend not to focus on something rather than scanning all the area(unlike us who read letters or play games) and of course….they cant make glasses

  7. Uh cause they are animals and the concept of vision correction can’t even start to be understood by animals? Stupid video.

  8. I've worn glasses for 5 years now. I thought it was all due to being in front of the TV or laptop so much. I guess I was somewhat right.

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