Why I don't recommend or use landscape fabric

Why I don't recommend or use landscape fabric

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  1. I have tall grass growing using landscape fabric I'm pissed. added mulch yes I am seeing weeds. it's tall grass my son says its, weeds. I used weed and grass killer. nothing happening. tired of pulling weeds.!!!!

  2. I de-weeded the ground, till it and remove all clippings. Lay down wet newspaper and then cardboard boxes on top and then about 2 inches of mulch. In NW Florida it lasted 2 years. It does break down. But that’s 2 years of not pulling out weeds.

    I did it again today and hoping for another two years. Hard work pays off.

  3. I've heard of using cardboard and I tried it in a small piece of land, I'll see whether it worked

  4. Ehhh…it's all about the type of fabric you buy, there's like 6 different types and i wouldn't even use fabric in a place like Florida with all the rain y'all get. Hell I wouldn't use mulch, probably washes away every year 😛
    Rock garden/hardscapes for the win…i hate mowing

  5. I laid down mulch 4 years ago and i have not had any weeds, not one. I used 6 mils black landscaping plastic with no problems.

  6. Dont put mulch next to your foundations. It breeds insects and you develop artillery fungus which leaves spots on your siding which no pressure washer can remove. Go with stones over fabric.

  7. So do you recommend cardboard instead when laying down pebbles? I DON'T LIVE IN FLORIDA BUT STILL HAVE THE PROBLEM YOU EXPRESSED HERE? I'M DISABLED SO I trying to find a good solution especially, since my state has a water shortage every year.

  8. First off the fabric does work very well if ground is preped properly and fabric is installed properly.( Not hard to do ) Secondly the mulch is not just for style and looks. The mulch in it self is used for weed and growth protection. If you cheap out and try to stretch your less than at least 2 inches deep this is what happens . So whom every did that mulch job doesn't know how to landscape very well. Fabric has cons and pros this is not one of them.

  9. The weeds that are seen growing in this clip, is that from seeds that have blown onto the fabric and sprouted, or is it weeds coming from underneath and piercing the fabric? This leads to my situation, where I am going to remove my lawn in favor of a drought tolerant landscape. To prevent the lawn from re-establishing, would fabric have some benefit in this case? Thanks.

  10. WEEDS will grow regardless of landscape fabric..I seen weeds growing in people's rain getters…the leaves accumulate, die and they use that to grow in. I use Round Up to kill the grass, and fill with gravel, then use Round Up as maintenance. The Round Up lasts about 6 months.

  11. Can Someone please just find a definite solution to rid. Us all of weeds for good. PLEASE SOMEBODY ANYBODY IM STRESSING AND LOSING SLEEP over these weeds that just keep growing and growing! !!!

  12. its a tad misleading. i have installed countless yards of the landscape fabric under mulch, under river rocks and under pea gravel with no issues. it makes it through the rainy season, the snow and the summer. I have no weeds issues and the landscape fabric is solid going on 10+ years now

  13. Hey man this saul and I have a request on that sometime the weeds can pop up because of the rain I know I you feel man:)

  14. Awesome video….I think about t convinced me to not use the fabric. Maybe just mulch….altho I bough crap mulch but need to get rid of it.

  15. I'm trying to get ride of grass altogether….how do I do that without using land scape fabric…and I want to put rocks. gravel on top

  16. Another issue I see when using landscape fabric is that mulch has a decreased ability to enter the soil adding organic material to it. How will it be able to get into the soil if it has a fabric in between it?

  17. u didnt lay the fabric properly, thats why, i never have an issue with weeds. prepare the base, kills all weeds 1st, then lay the fabric, and pin it down , a lot, so it cant come up. can also lay cardboard under the fabric for an extra layer, which will degrade and help the soil over time.

  18. A few points here. That looked like the cheapest thinnest fabric available. Doesn't look like it was put in properly with fabric pins to hold it in place after stretching it. And not enough cover to hold it down. How can you put down a product not installed properly?

  19. This looks like a poor installation to me. I use fabrics in all my installs. The first step is grading the bed out, then tightly apply fabric, securing with as many stakes as necessary to hold it down (follow the manufacturers instructions). Then add minimum of 3"of mulch on top. Sure you may get an occasional weed on top of the fabric here and there, likely from a bird dropping, but thats expected. Also, never discharge clippings towards a mulched bed, when possible. With a little upkeep, my beds are 98% weed free all season long.

  20. If you don't cover the fabric with 3-5 inches of mulch it will not work! 4-5 inches works best and you will not get weed growth. This is just an example of someone who didn't know how to properly use the materials they bought.

  21. You wouldn't have these problems with properly installed quality fabric and a good quality no float mulch that consists of more wood chips than saw dust compost material.

  22. Absolutely right! Everything said here about landscape fabric is true—I've found out for myself the hard way.

  23. I agree, it doesn't work and it looks terrible and adds work. Just add more mulch and if weed sprouts pop up just pull them or attack them with a garden hoe.

  24. Maybe having mulch is a bad idea? It will decay and needs replacement every year or every other year: why not just put down 3 inch gravel and get it over with once and for all?

  25. I'm covering part of my lawn with rocks–lots of Round Up. and cover with rocks. that fabric will also impede drainage. just keep a supply of Round up you are good.

  26. Stupid. It wasn't installed properly and was walked on exposing the fabric which means sunlight gets to ground which means WEEDS!!! Do more homework bra

  27. I tried the fabric as well and all the weeds and grass still came thru and I was not happy about it. So this year I have to dig it back up again. and try something different. Maybe some type of plastic would work better? Cheers!

  28. The person who did the job was lazy! Should of dug up some dirt then leveled it then put a layer the fabric then add more mulch much more mulch.

  29. Folks, everything he says is true. I have been in the business for 40 years and the only thing I ever do with landscape fabric is tear it out. Unless you put a foot of bark on top of it the fabric always ends up showing and you are constantly adding more bark trying to conceal it. On old installations the weeds are growing through and on top of the fabric and it is a mess, that is why it gets ripped out. Even if you covered the ground with a sheet of glass then dirt will blow in with the wind and cover it and weeds will grow. This is also why I never cover the ground with rocks.

  30. I've had fabric under the mulch in my evergreen garden bed for years and I love it. When I set out to redo my very large front garden bed I intentionally avoided all annuals. I planted 30 perennials/evergreens of varying sizes and color so I have a lovely garden year round. I did have to replace one the smaller evergreens but it wasn't hard to do. I just moved the mulch to the side and trimmed away the fabric, replaced the plant and added a fresh layer of fabric where I disturbed things. Annual flowers go into pots in designated areas.

  31. I had the same problem but found the reason I was getting weeds was because I was using the thinner fabric you find at big box stores (Home Depot, Lowe's, etc). If you use the thicker wolven weed barrier it will eliminate the problem of weeds. Also, to prevent the fabric from wrinkling up on you after rain washout, use the thick garden staple steaks to hold down the weed barrier with and do one end first, then draw it tight as you hammer the rest of the staple stakes in.

  32. He's totally right, in very short time, dirt dust etc blows in on top of the fabric as well creating a great little potting soil mix for weeds, then the fabric helps hold the moisture to keep the weeds and grass well watered, even if it doesn't have a water source from your sprinkling system.

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