Why I Don’t Wear A Bra (The Truth About Societal Expectations)

Why I Don’t Wear A Bra (The Truth About Societal Expectations)

Beautiful here Haley, aren’t you cold you kind of? Cow 200 steps Views worth it. Oh I love that bollock Ellen. Dog. Every afternoon. What’s up guys? Good afternoon. Good evening. Good morning. Good night wherever you are in the world We just arrived in Amalfi town and we’re just gonna do as we did you as we continue doing walking around so we’re gonna go shopping We’re gonna do that. Let’s go in there all we found a she’ll be like, let’s go rompers Yes. Yep. Yes After just a little bit of shopping and walking around we’re here sitting in the Piazza of Amalfi a Cathedral in the back. We’ve got a cappuccino coming. We’ve got a glass of wine coming We’re just chillin and it’s a beautiful day and the weather is sweet, and it’s amazing to be here in Italy where she cold You’re kind of All right, I think we have to get down in the bottom of this hole you got this We’ll talk about that later after lunch ever. All right, okay. All right You got squat where you are you together today Italian guys love stuff. I swear to God I haven’t been filming this at all But this our waiter is like taking her hand and kissing her hands kissing her on the cheek and like bending over and whispering It’s really funny because in the American culture as a server Which I’ve worked as a server before Staff you’ve worked as a server before we would never hit on the people that were serving. Just don’t do that but in Italy a nice probably You love sir you’re going to find one for hailey I Don’t date. I don’t like guys. I don’t do anything if it don’t reciprocate, so don’t even try so lovely here we’re having a little lunch date and you know we got You’re not staying here not in a mouthing So Anyway, please I think it’s just the Italian men that are very straightforward enough Got the number from one other guy what I was trying to say, I definitely think that it’s like Italian culture to be very straightforward Italian men just go for it Americans try and be like chill and casual about Sleep and never being very going out now we’re being invited to socio time men. They don’t stop We’re gonna go down to the pier in just a second I’m here on the Turanian see in Italy something I’ve been thinking about is my whole DGAF squad Where are you guys at shout out comment below – I do Yeah, a lot of you may wonder where the dgaf came from started when I moved from, California to Manila I quit my job in California. I decided I wanted to become a full-time blogger like my brother and I came to Southeast Asia I moved to Manila. How can I say this? Let me just say that the the liberal environment is quite different in Southeast Asia than it is in, California You already know but here’s the thing when I started growing an influence the first hate comments I ever got were because of my body Because I was showing too much skin. I was in a bikini and because I was wearing t-shirts and not wearing a bra In these photos. I was wearing a bra. I mean, it’s just not like a thick padded Victoria’s Secret bras So a lot of the first hate comments that I ever received were from that Comments were men and women telling me that I wasn’t Emmure enough that I wasn’t essentially subservient enough which completely attacked my point of view and the way that I saw my confidence in my own body in my own self and because I endured all that hate and decided against what society excited to project what women need to Wear or have upon their bodies my female empowerment the women empowerment and myself grew a lot stronger Way stronger than ever before I went to Southeast Asia and it’s funny, you know, a lot of people ask me why is female empowerment? Important why is feminism important? So there’s so many other issues in the world people say there’s so many deeper issues There’s so many more messed up issues that why are we focusing on feminism and women and trying to make women feel stronger and more? Accepted and I don’t see myself as a feminist in a negative way At least I have never felt that I’ve been victimized by males I am a feminist in a positive way because I believe that males and females should absolutely support each other at all times I grew up in a household where the male figures in my life were strong and supportive My father is a number-one role model in my life my brother is my number-one supporter in my And I only strive to be what my brother is and the thing is I’m so lucky and I’m so privileged to have these strong Male figures in my life. I have so many male friends are the same. They encouraged me and support me in many ways It’s rare that I feel Downtrodden or broken down by males but as men and women and I’m about to preach here So raise your hand if you agree with me or not comment below but as men and women We do have to support each other. And if you really want to fight the good fight, that’s what it is all about it’s all about supporting each other and the most valuable and encouraging and Positive way we have to come together to fight the good fight and be cooperative And so I think I’m digressing but what I’m trying to say is the whole dgaf thing started because of the hate that I received from men and maybe women mostly I didn’t know because they kind of hid behind their profile photos and the keyboard warrior names but it originated from the hate that They attached to my own confidence as security within my own body and at first Dgaf was meant to like throw it up to the haters. I was like, I don’t care what you say. I’m gonna be me I’m gonna try and be the best role model I can’t and help people and make people People happy and let them know that they can do what they want and reach their dreams and reach their goals but what’s amazing is that this whole dgaf thing has become insanely Supportive just free-spirited and positive and a happy group of people that support each other That’s what this whole dgaf squad is becoming and it’s really feeling like it’s empowering all of us not just not just girls but it’s empowering guys and girls alike that are part of the whole dig out squad and a lot of It has to do with not worrying about what other people think about you doing what you love not feeling like you’re weird or strange or you’re different in any way because all of those qualities make you Who you are they make you unique from the rest of the world. That’s when you can stand out I know you guys are all aspiring bloggers or many of you are aspiring bloggers I see all those comments all the time below saying anyone step for sup. That’s great and and I completely agree with all that support market yourself as much as you can but The end of the day just being you that’s what people want to see they want to see that genuine personality They are going to subscribe to you because they like you for who you are What I’m trying to say is I’m so proud of the D gap squad because it originated from me Feeling like I was receiving way too much hate and so I decided that I had to just not give up About the hate and see myself Allow people to either accept me or not and not swear this whole D gap things come from and aspire to wear bra Number one. I’m in the land of no garage for two like there’s no freakin point there’s so many guys out there that hopes that they to wear bras a door across I’ll just say Just Thank You dgaf squad. I want everyone to be a part of the videos. We’ll just make this clear you guys I know that I’m completely granted. I feel like a daily flex your time each side Starts with Haley. It’s my first like 12 blocks. I did every time us by the beach I felt like I had to say something of wisdom her shares provide shared experiences a way that helps me learn Something so I know this has become like quite a long rant But what I really meant to begin this with was how the dgaf started and what it has become As like a very empowering support of an encouraging group for us blockers us us artists everyone Need some encouragement Make you something you guys like this Thank God everyone so I’m robbing your own and I forgot to Always earn man. The drone is such a learning curve. That’s for sure. So I’m not gonna drone Amalfi You’re just gonna sit here and talk. So talking day. It’s talking vlogs. It’s a beer all talking vlog. All right, let’s get outta here We are now experts at getting lost in quaint Alleyways, not really sure where we going, but we know that it ends at some center of the town at some point Let’s keep going. Get lost where we go Another cappuccino time That is enough cappuccinos and vino and walking around and seeing the beautiful sights We’re gonna go back I think time to eat some dinner and just we haven’t eaten all day. What are we doing? It’s she bug time Goodbye, beautiful. Amalfi car, beautiful. I love you We’re gradually stopped let’s go Oh my god, some big-ass rat mountain lion thing you just ran up the stairs right in front of us and now we’re freaked out Now Not the time we are not staging anything. I promise this is not the Blair Witch Project, you know looks like it Oh my god. Oh my god people. There’s people staying in here. I shouldn’t scream. Okay, we’re safe or safe Step on dude. Oh my god. I think I’m sunburned. Whoa. Anyway, good night guys. I’ll see you tomorrow I mean you’ll see me tomorrow You

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  1. The points you made have a lot of merit.
    You should do what you feel is best for you. At the end of the day you are the one who will benefit (or not) from what you do. Live your life and don't worry about all the world critics. They don't have any control of how you conduct yourself. Live, Laugh, Love.
    With or without a bra you are the same person.
    Take care.

  2. its complicate your subject not that quite simple! you sound to easy ' just like hey girls just go anywhere you like and don't wear a bra ! all the tits for everybody and all size's… imagine Sofia Vergara's bobs with no bra walking around ITALY or anywhere ' hey that will block the traffic "do you understand the impact of a man locomotion to walk in 3 legs specially on the day bright- light (you have no idea)!! you should take in consideration as living life among other people and culture require kindness respect for yourself first and your parents as they raise you from a young baby-girl to a women all the care and all the purpose of education giving to you is related to one truth fact of a formula which is called "RESPECT OF HUMAN RACE" the use of good practice to be safe and well prepared for the whole world to live on society comes with decency and sensibility of moral sense with unpredictable limits to be respectful to other people around you .. .to not wear a bra is like on a motor-bike without a helmet to a very high speed ! is nice but risky…nothing is coming good from that exposure(is a delicate creation which you should preserved quietly and politely just like a bottle of superb red-wine in a cellar to enjoy at the right time at the right moment as much as you like respect yourself you will leave longer and happier …you see even the rat from the bushes he came at you to get a bite of you he lost his control…(no bra) he think's you are a bad girl ..regardless of you my be a good person…same thing with the Italians not wearing you bra was like an OPEN INVITATION …no offence !

  3. if you have small breast with bra or no bra doesn't make much of a difference very little there is nothing coming out ..quite ok nothing special just standard usually goes unobserved but if you are THE ONE which all men want nice natural and big ..well then is a problem everything is disrupted where to be focus or how can you be focus ..one difficult situation is a very weak spot for all men straight.. specially if your girl have small ones …is thru all day long …

  4. What a load of BS!
    I don't blame Western men's MGTOW!
    And now the Disease of Western societies (esp. Feminism and the so-called women-empowerment) starting to infect E.Asian culture, I don't blame E.Asian men going MGTOW as well!
    A word to the wise; *all this Western societies rubbish is only fit for Western societies. They have a strong socio politico economical infrastructure since the two historic revolutions: French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution. The rest of the World has (excuse my language) shit infrastructure compared to that of the West. If Asian women decide to be total bitches and play a significant role in destroying their Asian culture&societies then yeah by all means copy Western' bitches' feminism and women-empowerment crap!
    I think only Orthodox Jews and Orthodox Muslims societies will remain 'sane,normal and safe' and will never 'self-destruct'.

  5. You dont wear bras because u dont even have titties

  6. Yo I'm only discovering you and this video now, and I think you and this video is cool. you are honestly so legit and seem so straight up, and I like that. keep doing what you do, no matter what the haters do

  7. Jezzz Louiseee…… take a breath. D Whatttt? Stumbled on to this site… nothing to see here. Enjoy life. Your voice is giving me a headache. Just another site I will never visit or see again. Easy to see who is the alpha in this couple. No equal partnership here.

  8. Bras are torture. They only give discomfort to women. Ps: Im a filipino and I admit, women's wardrobe is really an issue. (Sorry lola if I don't like wearing bra) πŸ˜‚

  9. Wow! You're V-Log Ms.Haley is Amazing! ^_^ I Love it! I hope to See you Again Soon! ^_^ Greetings from the Philippines ^_^

  10. To be respected when you go other country where you gO or where ever you go…..becouse when you came dont do others becouse they give also respect there countrymen,,,,not too much talk like you?hope you???

  11. Yeahhhh …i don wear bra…..sometime i go shirtless…..confident of my self and proud of my body….

  12. Thia was the First vlog i watched od yours and was hooked with your Story telling, lol loved it and still Do, …. One of the reasons i will start vlogging, you and Christian and a couple others… πŸ€™πŸΎπŸŒΊπŸ’™

  13. Don’t get tricked into hating on men because of your own insecurities ,,,, every man comes squirting out of a woman

  14. I would be doing it if I go to liberal country! I swear! One of my dream is going out without wearing a fucking bra!πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

  15. In a couple of centuries, historians will look at these videos and say "Well, these Westerners were really egocentric. At that time, most of the planet population had no access to drinkable water or clean toilets, the climate was collapsing, Ebola virus was killing thousands of people, California was burning, Louisiana was flooded, millions of Ouigours were jailed in china, Center Africa was going through civil war, millions were kept in labor camps in North Korea, Amazonian forest was disappearing, most of wild animals were endangered species, but still most of Westeners were looking at themselves in their Iphone, some of them picturing their food, some of them saying they dont wear bras…".

  16. A French researcher proved that not wearing a bra permits a person to get better boobs. Except for obese people or pregnant/post-pregnancy women. My mum is cringing so much and '' harassing'' me because my boobs will become' 'floppy' ' lol

  17. Hello good morning good evening and good afternoon where ever you are nice place there and nice view hope i can go there and hope to see you here in my place thank you god bless

  18. This boy thinks that you are a beautiful girl that doesn't need to hide part of her body to appease the puritanical extremists that would shame your beauty. Beauty is just that, as you are.

  19. πŸ’• i think we should stop making not wearing a bra a weird or bad thing, we should love and honor our bodies as how they are naturally πŸ’•

  20. I don’t like wearing bras either, I don’t care, I’m 34B & as I’ve gotten to be in my 30s+ I’m more comfortable without them. I don’t know how they can be hating, coz Filipino women celebrities nowadays, specially the ones who are hybrids, wear next to nothing! Have you seen their IGs. There’s Lovi Poe, Solenn Heussaff, etc etc. Need I say more?! 🀨

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