Why I Don’t Wear Prosthetics | Amputee Story Time

Why I Don’t Wear Prosthetics | Amputee Story Time

So this Is my hand fully customized hand . you have to be willing to find the light though You have to be willing to believe in yourself and to believe in your story and to believe that there’s Bloor that we’re going through And that what you’re going through is going to bring you Further into who you’re supposed to be and your calling and find the good in it So welcome back to my channel if it’s your first time here, my name is Kristie Sita and we post videos every Wednesday and Friday Today I am tackling the reason Why do I not wear my prosthetic hand! Because in case you guys didn’t know I did get a prosthetic hand In my first prosthetic appointments from the very beginning after I had my accident four years ago what they said to me right away is especially being a 16 year old girl that I was gonna want to cosmetic hand and in Cosmetic hand that can have some sort of function to do some sort of something just because I didn’t really know at that point how I was gonna take the accident and how it’s gonna adapt and so they’re like you need to get a hand and so I Got a hand and so the process of getting the hand was to get the base done which I use for my other prosthetic names is also use it in the gym only and so we take that base and then you also had to create a Customized hand because it would look super super strange if I just had like a you know like it a Crappy hand, I guess so we made a fully customized hand that does have function to it And so what that process looks like is they had to pretty much do an outline of my current hand current hand wow, they do do an outline of my remaining hand.. they had to do an outline of my hand to get the same size essentially for this one And so they did an outline of it they took pictures of it of the back side and the front side so they can get everything down from like my fingernails to my wrinkles to everything that they would need to make it as customized as possible and So that took a couple weeks I’d say to get that done and finally I got it and this is the outcome So This is a fully customized hand. That should look exactly like my other hand. It’s got everything from fingernails You can see that you can paint and wrinkles. It’s got everything from like my palm wrinkles to also, if you’re seeing that a black sharpie, it’s because it was somehow in like my supplies kit drawer, which I Don’t really know how that happened. so this Is my hand fully customized it looks exactly like Wow, how weird it that Yeah, so this hand is actually connects to my prosthetic base which actually connects to a strap and connects around my shoulder So that is the full deal I’m going to show you what that looks like So this is the base of my prosthetic which will eventually go over my arm. this Little piece will go into the end of it. This is just gonna pretty much Clip in like that. that’s my hand. First things first to get on my base, I have to put on my liner And So what the liner does is it has this little tweaky thing will actually screw into the bottom of my prosthetic so it stays on and so it won’t fall off very important and so that just looks like Pretty much. I just put my hand in So that should be clipped in now. So now this part here, it’s just gonna screw it onto my arm And that leaves me with the main look of my arm, so First things first with this let’s just put it into perspective of the length So pretty much because you can see on this prosthetic it starts where the wrist is right, which is right here, but my arm Splits literally at my wrist. So this is actually adds this much length to my arm You guys can see that it’s super long. It’s super long and like Like that’s a big difference in arm length am I right? I’m right so that creates more problems than it does solutions because now I’m constantly working with an uneven Length, which is super super frustrating which unfortunately this is nothing that my prosthetic guy could do this is just simply because of where my amputation ends and it’s just a problem that I’ll kind of always have but it is amazing because since I do have so much Arm remaining that I am fully functional to just use myself and I don’t necessarily need a prosthetic to do day-to-day things However, I’m going to show you what this can actually do. And so what’s my prosthetic? Actually it comes with a second piece So pretty much what I’m doing here is it comes with the shoulder strap which goes around my other shoulder and what happens now is Go to school with my backpack And yeah, so the purpose of this is so that I could actually you know Pick up a broom or pick up a cup or hold something or even write a pen. Whatever I really wanted to do I could use that just with and the way this works is Pretty much when I move my shoulder forward it will Open and close So that’s just literally me going like this again, it’s not super convenient so That is really the main reason why I don’t wear my prosthetic is just because it doesn’t add value It doesn’t add solutions. It just adds more problems I would say and it’s just a harder skill to get used to it And I find it just makes me almost more imbalance than when I just use my stump. Also, I acknowledged it It probably super weird to see me talking with two hands right now Because this is really not normal cuz you would normally be looking at my stump But this is me with two hands but don’t get used to it because it’s never coming back And yeah, so for me using no prosthetic just works best because this is not super functional It’s not in my best interest And so right now I’m just sticking to using my stump and using prosthetics for in the gym Which I do use every single day. So when I’m in the gym, you just take off this part of the hand haha Throw back. but on this I would just attach like my working out clamp or my flat surface Which you guys have seen in my prosthetic videos at the gym Check the link up there. If you haven’t seen them yet. You can check them out But yeah, so this face is super functional the hands not so much is not so functional I just choose to you know, keep doing life the way I’m supposed to with one hand and for me that works I know everyone’s amputation is different and every one stump is different and maybe if my arm wasn’t so long I can make this work Better but personally for me right now in my life. This is just what works for me It’s just using my arm and my hand because you know I still got one remaining so I can use it Challenge for you guys as you saw how hard it is for me to actually function with this prosthetic. I’ve got a challenge So if you guys can comment down below and if you get this video to 500 likes I will Wear this prosthetic for 24 hours doing everything in my daily life with it on so comment down below Give this video thumbs up and if we get it to 500 I’m going to take this thing around with me for a day and see What happens Hopefully we get there and hopefully I can give this a try because I honestly think I’d be really really fun But I need your eyes this help and I need your support to get me there. So I love you Thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys in my next video. Bye

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  1. Love you guys, thanks for all the support on this video! Check out these videos of me USING MY PROSTHETIC!
    – CUTTING FOOD WITH MY PROSTHETIC➡️ https://youtu.be/cnagZKwZUv4
    – DOING MY MAKEUP WITH MY PROSTHETIC➡️ https://youtu.be/tj6EYyu_bpE

  2. You are obviously a very strong person, mentally.
    If I had one of my arms, hands or legs amputated, I would be depressed and hating life! I'd probably even want to kill myself!

  3. When you have so much left of your arm, why the hell wouldn't they give you something with sensors to read the muscle contractions in the stump ?!? Someone really needs to design a new baseline hand prosthetic.

  4. Meh youre pretty you'll be ok. If it were me, I want like one finger to be a butane torch, another to be a picklock, another a 1TB usb flash drive, a thumb to be a single shot .410 shotgun shell, the palm has a secret compartment that holds booz that you drink with the pinky.

  5. Kristie you hit the nail on the head when you said you "will just keep doing life the way you're suppose to" with that attitude you are a success no matter how many hands feet limbs what ever you have. cheers from Australia xox

  6. Hey Kris, You know you can get a really good prosthetic hand and NOT have to use a figure 8 harness or use a cable (body power) type drive for your hand! You can get a section socket (wrist dis articulation style) that means just a VERY small clear socket with a myoelectric hand that will NOT be too long or heavy. It REALLY sounds like you need to talk to the RIGHT Prosthetist and get get a "new" eval for your daily hand. If you need help finding someone drop me an email and I will find you someone close to you that can do the job correctly. My email is [email protected] Good Luck! August Hansen CPO

  7. They made it the wrong colour for you. It doesn't match the skin tone of your other hand. Your real hand is a pale tone. The prosthetic is far too orange / brown.

  8. Robot hands look cool and futuristuc technology needs to hurry up with stuff mabye it will grow bsck parts someday aka science victim keep up good work p.s solution just make yhe thing that connects the hand shorter problem fixed right? 😀

  9. With all the Tech Companies out there, and cars that can drive on their own using sensors and cameras. How come they cant use that kind of technology for prosthetics? Tweek a few things to see everyday items, so amputees can do things easier. 😺

  10. Respect to u even if u dont have a hand u still try and try every day keep on going with the hardwork💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  11. I'm sure you know more about it than I do. But just because one corporation offers you one solutions doesn't mean that other corporations don't have better solutions. Please continue to share your story!

  12. Throw that thing in the trash. They make much better devices now anyway and you dont need one if you can do what you want without it. Really, it doesnt even match your skin. I'm an amputee, but just the fingers. Sometimes I wear a glove, but it's really not my problem if people don't like what they see.

  13. Dr says get yourself a hand. Her reply is " Your supposed to be giving me a hand, do you need to call a nurse! Ahhaa. Sry bad pun.

  14. Love that you share such a personal issue, you are very brave and inspiring. Sorry to ask this, and if it is not right for you, please ignore it, and I apologize, but I see you have many rings on your right hand, do you put those on yourself or does someone help you?

  15. I love how you dont let your amputation slow you down and its also awsom that you are explaining how it all works perhaps people watching this will come to see amputees as normal people and not stare so much

  16. yeah that prosthetic seems complicated af & doesn’t look close to realistic at all, you’re rocking the one hand girl!

  17. God bless you honey! I don't know if I could deal with that as well as you do. You quite amazing! And to think that you work out at the gym everyday, that's fantastic! Good luck to you and many blessings!

  18. The guy out of Scary Movie 2 hand looks better than what they have made, if you don’t feel comfortable with it then it defeats the purpose.

  19. They are pretty neat though, the ones they make now. Actually there is an affordable arm out there. The Open Bionics cost around 6,000.They are lightweight and aren't clunky like the one you have.

  20. Honestly I'd rather have a fake leg unless I get the robotic arm like on the Terminator then that would be bonkers…

  21. I'm sorry if this sounds weird, but I would really like to see an amputee arm with a transformable hand like the one on Gipsy Danger from Pacific rim that turns into a plasma cannon or something like Klaus' vibranium arm

  22. wow high energy.. no sulking.. just goes on …jym..etc .. wouldn't want to be in her way when she decides to go do something !

  23. She’s so beautiful 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😶😶😶😶😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😮😮😮😮😮😮😮🥴

  24. And they said it would match your other hand… the pigmentation isn't even correct, you should try to go for one of the new bionic or at least a myoelectric hand and some computer scanning of your right hand to create a mirrored 3d model could be used to make a proper mold and then a latex or silicone skin cover could be made, it would be alot less clunky than the hand they gave you, and it would actually match your right hand. I think your prosthetic guy needs to go to engineering school and take courses in special effects and 3d design and 3d printing.

  25. I seen a video of a man that lost both arms and he made his own prosthetic arms and hands out of scrap metal and they were more functional than her prosthetic. Her prosthetic guy is definitely not Tony Stark.

  26. Kristie I see the labels on your videos. A lot are labeled amputee. I'm not sure I like that. That's not what I see. I see a beautiful wait extremely beautiful girl who is a survivor not an amputee. I can see by your determination that you have no limits on what you can accomplish. Personally I would never call you an amputee, I would call you what you are…..GORGEOUS.

  27. That prosthetic has worse articulation to it then medieval armor design, you could probably build something more efficient out of a set of Legos.

  28. Watch this. Inspiration porn and the objectification of disability: Stella Young at TEDxSydney 2014 https://youtu.be/SxrS7-I_sMQ

  29. Hi there! If you want some kind of good prosthetic cosmetic hand but not "that functional" I am pretty sure that you can get a better quality/realistic results from a VFX MakeUp artist, no joke. Just trying to give an idea here.

  30. So we have legit robotic prosthetic legs that can track the type of ground you’re walking on and adjust accordingly but they couldn’t make you an arm prosthetic that is the same color as your other hand and the same length? Jesus. You deserve better than that.

  31. Some new technology promises fully functional bionic devices. What an attitude to overcome your injury !
    We all have things in life, some bad, what we do in the face of it, that’s what’s important. You’re beautiful and young. A great gift!

  32. If people give you a hard time over you not wearing your prosthetic hand, screw em. They just don't get it, and you don't owe anyone any kind of explanation.

  33. ye its super long and it also looks like they intentionally made it so you can toss someone of with it , that's what they ment when they said ul need it

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