Why I Don't Wear Underwear || the glory of going commando

Why I Don't Wear Underwear || the glory of going commando

us I just so enjoy the glory of not wearing panties oh this new crazy mother I'm super excited to get back to my why I don't serious today I will give you about why I don't wear underpants this is a question that I've gotten so many times and comments on my videos where i share my minimalist wardrobe is like oh you don't wear underwear but how do you XXX and so that's why i'm making this video today plus i just so enjoy the glory of not wearing panties and i don't want to share that glory with the world your glory may look like you wearing underwear and that i say heck yeah more power to you as always i'm looking to share from this place of excitement inspiration and to encourage you to find your own inspiration in all areas of your life and today in your undergarments before i get into the video if you want to purchase my program simplify it's still discounted here's the discount code the program is dedicated towards helping you find out what makes you tick and start living your dreams it's loaded with exercises and I think that you'll really enjoy it which is why I created it and which is why I want to discount it so you can take advantage of it if you want to if you want to see more what I'm doing in my day to day life check me out on Instagram my tag is simple living 13 if you want to connect in person there's lots of ways to do that I have an event coming up along with Connor McMillan it's going to be a casual meet-up fruit LOC complain the park in Austin Texas that's going to be in mid-july I'll have the details right here below also we Connor and I are going to be presenting at the Woodstock fruit festival will be offering acro and we're going to be presenting on inspiring authentic relationships we also offer an annual festival in Chiang Mai Thailand every January if you want to learn more about that and the retreat that goes along with it you can check out fruit Winterfest calm if you've been following my why I don't series you now know why don't wear a bra why don't shave my body hair why don't wear makeup and today I'm going to tell you why I don't wear underwear it has not always been this way for me I did once upon a time where underwear I've kind of had a changing relationship with my undergarments over time but for the last few years I've been consistently not wearing underwear and loving it let me tell you it is hot right now in Austin Texas you can probably see me sweating that's because I am and I'm just wearing a tank top and really short shorts and thank goodness if I had any undergarments on underneath this that would be adding a lot more discomfort to the situation comfort is so important to me and in general I feel like clothes are a little ridiculous I mean we weren't born with clothes on I really love feeling my natural body in its natural form I feel like clothing can be kind of intrusive and not the most comfortable so when I can I like to eliminate it growing up I had a fun time playing around with underwear they make a lot of cute underwear for little girls and then when I became a teenager I had a really fun time shopping with my mom at Victoria's Secret and we would go through and buy these really cute little thongs it was a special time for us I enjoyed that I enjoyed the camaraderie with my mom I enjoyed getting sexy clothing and feeling special in it I still totally see the draw to sexy lingerie to how it can feel to wear it and embody that how it can feel to appreciate somebody who is wearing it there are lots of things to enjoy about undergarments and underwear in particular there are also a lot of things to enjoy about a bare bottom for a long time I never really considered if it were an option or not not wearing underwear there were times where my mom would say like oh I'm going commando or something like that somebody a family or friend but it was always the exception in general I figured like you have to wear underwear I think it became another thing that I just accepted as what you did until I started you know questioning everything and reassessing what felt right for me in high school I played a lot of sports I specifically played catcher as in softball and you know you're in the squatting position a lot and I remember feeling like I really wanted to be able to wear a thong because I had started wearing thongs and it was really fun and I liked him but I just felt like especially when I was squatting it just kept like it was pulled so far up my ass it was not comfortable at all and I felt like God how can people wear thongs while they play sports and then like a year later I was rocking thongs playing sports and loving it more than ever that's when I got turned on the thongs about mid high school and then I was all about thongs until I stopped being all about underwear I actually think I was inspired by some of my minimalist guy friends who didn't wear underwear and I felt like heck yeah that sounds awesome I started wearing a lot of leggings during this time too and notice that underwear could feel kind of uncomfortable under leggings especially depending on what I was doing if I was doing acrobatics there's this like friction that happens with the foot over the hip on the side of the leggings and it would sometimes like pull my underwear in a certain way and I asked other Flyers like what do you do and many of them were like well I just don't wear underwear if I'm wearing leggings originally when I tried going commando especially when I was wearing like regular pants jeans or jean shorts something like that I felt like my labia would like brush against each other in this slick walking fashion as I walked and it felt pretty uncomfortable at the time though I was shaving my body hair and shaving my pubic hair and I really think that that contributed to a lot of that interesting sensation that I just couldn't I couldn't shake and get comfortable with now I've got a big Bush and so maybe that contributes to it but I don't have any problem with an interesting like labia friction sensation going commando it actually just feels amazing and liberating and yes there was an adjustment period but I was just so curious and really wanted to play around with it and I just pretty much switched over a night I I realized why am i why am i wearing these anymore why am i doing it and I had no good reason I was super excited to try something different and I just went for it and I've never looked back getting dressed is super easy I've just got the essentials what you see is what you get there's nothing really underneath and minimalism lies I mean sure it's cool not to have as many items but I have to say like carrying around like four pairs of thongs basically took up no place no space in my bag but it is a cool addition I like just not having the extra stuff on my mind I do have this one little little pair of underwear slash boy shorts that it will wear on occasion the two occasions happen to be if I'm wearing this cute little dress that I have and it's very short and I feel more comfortable having like these short shorts on underneath it or if I am sleeping in like a public place and want to have some sort of a bottom on but in general that's the exception I sleep without anything on right now it's super hot but always sleep without underwear on and I always did growing up I remember thinking that it was weird that other people slept with underwear on I feel like man isn't this a time to sort of air everything out and let it be free and do its thing in general I think we tend to like enclose things our feet in socks our breasts and bras our vaginas in underwear or our our junk are like whatever's going on down there it's like we're packaging it all away I think it wants to be liberated natural hygiene is super important to me and I feel like everybody has their own preferences in this area and of course I totally encourage you to to do what feels right for you so if you feel like cleaner or it just feels better in this realm or any realm to wear underwear freaking go for it underwear can be awesome for me I feel like this is the healthiest I've ever been in my body including this realm with my in all realms of my body so I feel like what I'm doing is really working for me some people will ask me like what I do about discharge and how I take care of being clean if I'm not wearing underwear likely similarly to the way many people do I clean my body and my clothes regularly and to me that's the same thing as if I were wearing underwear or not if I got discharged in a pair of panties I would wash them if I got it in a pair of leggings I would wash them it doesn't feel less comfortable for me to have some sort of discharge or liquid in the pants I'm wearing or the shorts I'm wearing as opposed to having it in my underwear it actually feels more comfortable because I don't have like these extra layers of stuff underneath my pants I'm trying to think of other questions that I've gotten about how I go about not wearing underwear I think this is basically what I've got for you it's really simple for me it feels more comfortable that's why I don't wear underwear heels freaking great if you haven't tried it I totally recommend you try it if you don't like it I totally recommend you keep rockin your underwear and enjoying the heck out of it whatever you're doing I mean I just totally recommend enjoying the heck out of life as much as possible all the time in whatever way feels best for you thank you guys for watching this video about why I don't wear underwear hope you're having an awesome day catch you later bye you

24 Replies to “Why I Don't Wear Underwear || the glory of going commando”

  1. Wish I could do this I absolutely hate that I have to wear underwear I have never ever owned any comfortable underwear. But I'm as thin as you with double D boobs which have fed 4 babies and I just cant go no bra I fall out of any top that I bend over in or even the slightest bit of activity is rather difficult with no bra so I literally live in a sports bra and only own 2 real bras for wrestling in. When I'm done having kids I'm totally getting rid of them!! Also I have a lot of discharge and it soaks through pants if I'm not wearing undies. So frustrating because I think its ridiculous as women, or anyone, to wear things that are not comfortable for someone else's benefit but that's exactly what I do with undies.

  2. I am very comfortable sleeping in the nude. I like being in the nude and I am comfortable in who I am as a person. I am comfortable going commando. It feels great when I am going commando and the freedom too. Your body needs to breath after a long day wearing close. Allowing your body to breath with-out any clothing is very healthy for your body.

  3. I stopped wearing undies to the gym. I only wear the leggings once anyway because I'm working out in them. No point in dirtying something else. I'd like to phase them out, especially since a lot of my thongs are worn out. Instead of replacing them, I'll just be phasing them out as they wear out

  4. Good deal! That is the most sensible description I've heard yet. To me at least because I haven't worn underwear for decades and realized all this but it wasn't something you openly talked about. Recently it's becoming more acceptable to denounce the ridiculousness of undergarments, shaving, deodorants, excessive paranoid bathing, etc. Rock on…

  5. Haven't worn underwear since I was 18. The bra is different since I have different size boobs and find people stare at my nipples constantly. Hopefully I can gain confidence to not give a shit.

  6. I had the sweetest "earthy crunchy" doctor in my early 20s who told me to ditch the underwear and to this day, it was the best medical advice I've ever received! In a matter of days I experienced a huge improvement in my overall feminine health. I know it's not for everyone, but if you could try ditching the underwear at bedtime at least, you'll probably experience a positive difference yourself!
    A friend of mine from Ghana also told me that the women in Africa typically don't wear underwear on a day-to-day. They wear long skirts and kaftans so that air can circulate to keep cool and stay healthy. To quote her word for word, "All of God's creations need to breathe!" Lol

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