Why I Wear Beanies.. My Secret

Why I Wear Beanies.. My Secret

what's up Godwin gang its thorn and I'm back with a brand new YouTube video so this week I had no idea what I wanted to thump for YouTube and then I was looking at some of the comments on my videos on Tech Talk and some people were like why is the back ear head bald are you balding it wasn't too many comments it was just every few comments or it got a lot of likes on someone's comment and I thought it would be a really good video to talk about because I'm not balding I just kind of wanna I don't know even know how to explain it I just want to explain my story so you guys aren't confused and the reason why I wear so many beans because as you guys know and like every video ever I'm always wearing a beanie I mean sometimes I don't wear a beanie this is my hair without a beanie it's just easy for me because it's like not a mess you know what do you mean and my hair is super thin I don't like to put a lot of heat on it because of this story which I'm going to explain but yeah I just want to talk about why I wear a beanie and like the truth behind it and everything like that so basically I wear the main part is why I wear a beanie is because my hair is like dead and I don't want to put any heat to it so I feel like a beanie is a cute way to like keep it undercover and I always have so many different beanies that go with my outfit so I've actually like grown a super like love for beanies but when like okay so I used to have really really thick long beautiful blonde hair and my hair is naturally like dirty blonde so it's almost like it was just like a brown like light brown color my phone's ringing gosh darn it so my hair was like a dark brown not dark brown it was a light brown color like almost blond and I would bleach my hair but I've been getting my hair done forever so it wasn't affecting it when I would get my hair done I would only get my roots done like my hair was extremely healthy like there was nothing I could do to ruin it I loved it but it was kind of like a darker golden blonde kind of thing and though it was that darker blonde color and then I moved to LA oh it was that darker blonde color and then in the summer of like last year or something like that is when I decided I want to start dyeing my hair colors like blue and pink and everything like that I wanted to try it out I want to experiment because I had blond hair this whole time I thought it'd be really cool to have a little unicorn hair so I put blue into my hair and I absolutely loved it I had it for a long time and I would just keep redoing it it was the l'oreal color ista stuff that works really good so if you ever want like semi permanent hair dye I would choose that and but my roots would grow grow in so it would be like blue hair and I have these ugly brown roots I'm not a fan of like having roots there so one time I asked Sebastian which this is obviously not sessions fault because he's like I might mess it up and I was like do it cuz I thought my hair was like undestructible and indestructible like I thought nothing bad could happen to my hair so I had him bleach it like just do the roots so I could redo the blue and we were using like the L'Oreal color east of bleach so like we're doing it ourselves which is never safe so if you're unsure about your hair I would just say go to the salon go get it done so we did my hair and my hair like I think we left it on for too long or not too long too little of time so when I went to go wash out my hair my hair like was breaking off like I could see it running like down like my body when I was in the shower I'm just like the most like saddening thing ever like I mean it wasn't even that much hair I know there's like other experiences where people have had like their whole freaking head come off in the shower but it was just hairs that were coming out and I wasn't realizing I was sad but I was like okay maybe it's like I'm not losing that much hair because you know like when you do bleach your hair like some of the hair it's like easy to come out cuz it's just like your scalp is really sensitive so I just thought it was like one of those things but it was kind of sad because it was more than normal so when I got out of the shower I like did my hair and I just looked like a mess like my hair was so bad it was like falling out like I don't know like my hair suddenly just went thin I don't explain it so what I did I mean the first thing I had to do was obviously get so many treatments to it and luckily my hair lady in LA that I go to hair by holiday she is the best of the best and she helped me out like get it back to what it needed to be so she dyed it blue and everything like that and uhm yeah so I've had blue hair and I went back to blonde hair and then I'm now back to blue hair and it's just like I mean this is an actual dye it's like a shampoo I was using but I've just gone through so many like back and forth and I know it's not too good to keep doing my hair or anything like that but this is just a wash so don't worry don't be like so I don't even know if I explained the story right I feel like there's more to it but it's just been so crazy back and forth doing my hair and everything like that and it's just super damaged it feels so dry on the ends I put all the Plex on it which olaplex is like a really good conditioning like protein treatment for keeping like bonding like like keeping your hair strong you know what I mean so it doesn't break as much and I've been doing that every time I've been using so many deep conditioners leave-in conditioners like I probably spent so much money just on trying to like repair my hair and it's still really dry and that's why a lot of people are saying like I was balding just because in the back I did like up here on my crown area I was losing a little more hair you know what I mean so yeah super sad that all my hair has just really had a journey of its own and for any of you that want to color your hair I would probably say look up like near people that specialize in color if you want to get like a crazy color or something like that and really just be good to your hair because you don't want this to happen and honestly like I've had the fears of like what if my hair falls out even more like what if it gets thinner what if it gets drier like I don't want to be bald I mean bald is cool but I just I would look like a thumb I feel like so yeah it's really sad really sad because I wish I had my long blonde hair it's like making me emotional why is it really emotional it's like I have mascara on so it wouldn't ruin it but she's like gosh darn down here Beautyblender ASAP something not even to get emotional over at all because it's just hair it's just hair will grow back and there's much worse situations like then people like people have it worse than me you know people that don't have any hair at all and they wish they could have hair but it's just I don't know it's just when a hair's like one of your favorite things it's just hard you know but I do love my beanies so that's not an issue I'm gonna keep weather my hair was long and beautiful or it's short I'm gonna consider wearing beanies cuz beanies have become part of me they become part of my brand love you guys and I just wanted to put that out there that's the reason I know I keep saying that comment down below if anyone has like been through this as well and if you're a hair stylist if you're a hair color person leave tips down below I mean I there's nothing more I can do than putting like treatments on and take care of it no heat and everything like that just listening to my hair person but yeah yeah I love you guys so much thank you guys so much for watching this quick super video I don't even think this videos gonna hit like 10 minutes or anything but I love you guys so much thank you guys so much for watching this video and I will see you guys next week

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  1. Wearing beanies will make you go bold I should know my uncle wears a beanie every single day and he’s gold a bold patch legit beanies will do that that’s why I stopped wearing my beanies

  2. I had reaaaaaaaally long and beautiful hair. Idfk why but i coloured the ends pink and it completely ruined them. I had to cut my hair short and since then I've been taking care of my hair, using hair masks and expensive shampoos and oils and shet and im so freaking insecure about my hair now sooo….. never colour your hair at home. Go to a hair salon and let the professionals do it for you. Its expensive but at least you wont literally kill your hair.

  3. Ok so I’ve seen ppl going to hair salons and getting hair glued on their heads. So why don’t u do that ?

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