Why I Wear The Badge – Chapter 9: SWAT

Why I Wear The Badge – Chapter 9: SWAT

I’ve always wanted to be part of a group
of selfless individuals that’s got the capability to complete any kind of
mission or goal and I’ve gotten that satisfaction being on the SWAT team. Anytime the SWAT team is activated we know we’re going after someone that’s caused harm.
Being part of this special group, it means a lot, it’s the reason why I continue to
do it because I know that we’re making a difference by taking people
like that off the streets. My name is Officer Jo Escorpiso, my ID is 16510. I’m currently assigned at Capitol Protection Section
and I’m Assistant Team Leader for the Department’s SWAT team. I knew at a really young age, at around
11 or 12 years old, that law enforcement was where I wanted to be and it was a, it
was a occupation, it was a career that I wanted. I lived in a lot of
bad places, I saw a lot of violence growing up. I knew in my early teenage
years that there was something that I could do to kind of help the
community. Law enforcement was the way to go and I felt that I could help make a
difference. For me there was really nothing that kind of compared to
California Highway Patrol it was so diverse, it was, there was so many
specialty units for the types of training and responsibilities that I’ve
had, I knew there was a lot of potential for growth.
I was very goal-oriented, I still am, before I even got on the Department to
become a law enforcement officer I was telling some of my friends in the army
that I was at some point going to be part of a SWAT team. There’s so much that
that’s involved in the SWAT team. We have a sniper element, we have a high
angle ropes rescue element, we have a breaching team, and more recently with a lot
of new technology that we received, we now have a technology team, but with that we’re all
cross trained to be operators which means at anytime you can all make room
entries, we’re all trained the same way. Anytime the SWAT team is activated for
any type of operation or warrant service we’re typically going after people that
are real bad guys, we’re actually going after people, that’s, that’s caused a lot
of harm and havoc. We have the equipment, we have the training to go out there and
do certain jobs that maybe some officers don’t have the training or equipment to do.
Part of our duties is that we’re utilized by the Department to conduct
training for other, for other units within the Department, including the
warrant service team. We try to give them all the information that we can to
safely conduct whatever missions they have and to complete the warrant
services that they’re attached to. We try to give them the tools that they need so
that they can safely conduct their job, but the ultimate goal is for us to all
go home safe. Although we may be wearing different uniforms throughout the week,
our ultimate goal is the same so that we can all complete the mission and go
home. We all have families, we always look after each other outside of work, when
someone’s sick, or someone’s having a baby,
we always look after each other. Outside of work staying in shape, being physically and
mentally ready for our job, it’s all for my kids.
They’re my motivating factor. If I could make a difference and do my part in
helping raise them in a safe environment, then I’m willing to put my life on the line
every time and put that tactical uniform and vest and helmet on to go after
someone that’s caused havoc and harm in the community. Hopefully when my time is
up with the team that I’ve done my part, set a foundation for the new generation
of officers to continue this. We serve the community to keep people safe, not
only my loved ones, but everyone’s loved ones including members of this team
and that’s why I wear the badge.

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    Regular pay:$117,865.85Overtime pay:$7,958.75Other pay:$1,202.64Total pay:$127,027.24Benefits:$83,953.32

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