Why Is He Wearing Our Matching Hoodie?? | Just One Bite | Season 2 – EP.08 (Click CC for ENG sub)

Why Is He Wearing Our Matching Hoodie?? | Just One Bite | Season 2 – EP.08 (Click CC for ENG sub)

Give me. (Episode 8) What on earth? Who is it so late at night? Who is that? Let me go and see. Who is it? Ta-da! Woo Kyung. Can I stay here tonight? Yes. He’s with Tae Seong and
Woo Kyung right now. Should I ask them to come? Sure, tell them to come here. No. Let’s just hang out
by ourselves. Don’t call them. Oh, did you guys fight? No wonder. You were drinking
that makgeolli so fast. Hee Sook, you’re no different. Bindaetteok is the best
with soju! Cheers! So, why did you fight? Isn’t this your first time
fighting with Woo Kyung? Yes, it is. No matter how close they are,
how could a friend be like that? Why? Who? Woo Kyung’s friend? Yes. Woo Kyung really is
an amazing guy but he’s too nice, and that
drives me crazy sometimes. At first, he just said he was
an old friend of Woo Kyung. Should I order
something to drink? No, it’s okay. Gosh, Woo Kyung. Are you using standard language
in front of your girlfriend? You sound like a real Seoul man.
You traitor. -Shut up.
-He used to grin like a dork all the time
when he was a kid. All the moms in our
neighborhood just adored him. Hey, what do you mean, a dork?
That sounds misleading. There was something about it. You didn’t smile brightly, but you had this goofy grin
on your face. -I think I know what you mean.
-Right? It was fun since he knew about
Woo Kyung’s childhood. But… Right, Woo Kyung. I’m moving to Seoul soon. Really? Did you get the job
you applied for that time? Yes. So I’m looking for
a house right now. What’s your neighborhood like?
Is it okay? Yes, it’s nice. Wow, this is great news.
Congratulations. No need to congratulate me. I’m just an intern. I should’ve noticed it then. About how badly he would
annoy our lives. Congratulations. -Thank you.
-Thank you. What do you want to eat? Hold on. Sure. Hey, Dong Gyu. Yes. I’m about to eat with Eun Seong. Yes. Here? Hang on. Eun Seong, Dong Gyu wants to
eat with us. Is that okay? Sure, that’s fine. -Hello?
-Woo Kyung. What on earth? Hey, Eun Seong. But then I started to see him
more often whenever we ate. I’ll buy coffee. Thanks for the meal, Woo Kyung. Yes, hello? He took it for granted that
Woo Kyung bought his meals. What on earth? He was just
pretending to take that call. I’ll make pasta for you tonight. I learned a useful tip from
Jong Won Baek yesterday. I’ll make fried eggs then. Once, we bumped into him
at the local supermarket. Hey, Dong Gyu. Hey. Eun Seong,
it’s nice to see you again. Oh, hello. Woo Kyung, I left my credit card
at home. Can you pay for mine too?
I don’t have much. You’re dead if you’re lying.
Put them up here. Yes! That lunatic filled up his whole
basket with stuff he needed. Can I collect membership points? Goodness. He’s a total jerk. Woo Kyung didn’t say anything?
He just paid for all that? He said he felt sorry for him being away from home,
let alone say something to him. Darn it! Feel sorry? I want to
go make him feel sorry. Tell me about it.
He keeps crossing the line… I forgot to tell you. What is it? Let me explain
how we got into a fight. We’ve been cooking at home often
lately to save money. -Let’s eat.
-This egg roll looks great… But… No way! Please. Who is it? -What is it, Dong Gyu?
-Hey, Woo Kyung. Do you have some rice at home? My rice will be delivered
tomorrow. Hey, Eun Seong. You’re here too. Gosh, let me see
what you’re eating. He lives nearby,
so he keeps coming over like it’s his home. Shall I have a bite too? Why didn’t you have dinner yet? Why is my house so cold
even with the heater on? Should I sleep here tonight?
What do you think? Hold on. I guess you haven’t had
dinner yet. My house is cold. What does that have to do
with you eating? My heater doesn’t work. Seriously, it has become
a total habit. -Here you go.
-Thanks. Hey cuties, I’m here. Yes, just get lost. I’ll get going then. -Get home safely.
-Bye. Take care. Gosh, he’s unbelievable. Quiet. That nutjob! He began to leech off Woo Kyung
more often. Woo Kyung, did you turn on
the heater? It’s so cold. Wait, isn’t that the matching
hoodie you have with Woo Kyung? I got so annoyed
last night and… I couldn’t stand it anymore. Don’t you have a home? A home? I do. Eun Seong. But why do you
keep trying to sleep here? I’m just happy to be
with my old friend. We’re enjoying
having friendly chats. What are you talking about? All you do is ask for food
and a place to sleep. You call yourself a friend? Why did you
steal Woo Kyung’s ham? You’re making me really upset. When did I steal it? -I just borrowed it.
-“Borrowed it”? You never paid him back. You took the toilet paper too. I saw you hiding them
inside your hood last time! I paid him back.
I brought him some yesterday. You just brought that
from the subway bathroom! -It’s the same toilet paper.
-You go and use it then! Gosh, is it because
you’re from Seoul? You’re so stingy, aren’t you? I’m not from Seoul either. What? What? You aren’t? Where are you from then? I’m from… -That’s not important…
-Hey. Stop it, both of you. Eun Seong, let’s talk. Woo Kyung, I’m telling you,
he’s really weird. He’s trying to take everything
from your house. How can you call him a friend? Eun Seong. What? I know what you mean, but you were rude to him. Woo Kyung, I wasn’t being rude. -He keeps…
-He’s my friend. If there’s a problem,
I should be the one to tell him. You shouldn’t snap at him
like that first. You guys know that feeling,
don’t you? When you feel so upset and mad
that you can’t help but cry. I didn’t mean to get mad at you. Why are you crying? Wait. Here, use this. Forget it! I’m not going to use that! Darn it. Eun Seong! I eventually ran out of there crying like a total idiot. You’re not going to use it?
That’s hilarious. I felt so upset. I was furious
because of his friend already, and even Woo Kyung
took his side. I understand. If I were you, I would’ve been
mad and crying from the start. Me too. I would’ve smacked
Chan Hyuk from the beginning. Anyway, like you said, it was our first fight. I don’t know
how I should make up with him and I still feel a bit upset. Hey. First of all, you should
wait until you both calm down. Hey. Isn’t that Chan Hyuk? Oh, no. I told him not to come. Hello. Hey, Soo Ji. Hey, I told you not to come. Why not? Are you… really angry at me? No. I’m just upset. I’m sorry. Dong Gyu isn’t… such a bad guy. Whenever I was alone
when I was a kid, his mom used to cook for me. She let me join them
whenever they went on outings. I guess I wanted to keep doing
something for him too. But from your point of view,
I understand how you feel. I was too harsh on you. Wasn’t I? I shouldn’t have said that. Well, I know that too. That he’s not such a bad guy. Then… will you accept my apology? I’m sorry too. For being rude to your friend. It’s okay.
It’s all Dong Gyu’s fault. Let’s ask him to treat us
big time later. Ask him to buy us food? I know. It sounds almost
impossible to me too. -It’s cold.
-I’m cold. We’re wearing
matching sneakers today. Of course.
You bought these for me. My friends said they were cute
and asked me where I got them. -Really?
-Yes, I’m glad we bought them. They look great on you. They look good on you too. -Really?
-Yes. I’m sorry. It’s all right.
Don’t worry about it. (A preview of Episode 9
will be shown soon.) (A preview of Episode 9
will be shown soon.) (Next Episode) Do Nam, do you like Hee Sook? I like her too. So I’m going to tell her. Did Hee Sook go somewhere? I just saw her
going into her room. No, this is weird. I’m telling you,
you should trust me. But isn’t this a bit too much? What are you guys doing?

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