Why Is The Flag On A Soldier’s Uniform In Reverse

Why Is The Flag On A Soldier’s Uniform In Reverse

thaks verse presents why is the flag on a soldier’s uniform in Reverse any person living in America knows what an important symbol the American flag is if you live in America you also know that the military has plenty of symbols and traditions there is a certain way that the American flag needs to be folded when a soldier dies during battle their next of kin is given an American flag at their funeral before the flag is handed over the flag is folded in a special way there is also a certain way that military decorations are worn and there are reasons for this before getting into that you should understand the history of the flag the Betsy Ross flag is an early design of the United States flag that we know today the first documented use of the flag was in 1792 back then there were 13 white stars in a circle to represent the 13 original colonies today this version of the flag is called the Betsy Ross flag because she is the one who designed it she designed the flag in June 1776 when George Washington Robert Morris and a few other members of a small committee discussed the need for a flag with her she accepted the job and she made the flag however she altered the committee’s design event she decided to change the six pointed stars with easier to make five-pointed stars the flag that we know today is the 27th version it was modified 26 times since 1777 for 27 years there were only 48 stars on July 4th 1959 the 49 star version became official on August 21st 1959 Hawaii was admitted as the 50th state in America on July 4th 1960 the flag with the 50 stars became the official flag of the US the government still wanted to acknowledge the 13 original colonies though so today’s flag has 13 stripes the American flag is a symbol of patriotism there are American flags hanging in all school classrooms students say the pledge of allegiance to the flag each day there are also flags outside of schools state buildings and government buildings many people also fly flags outside of their homes if a person of importance passes away or if there is a mass killing flags are flown at half-staff in honor of these people the American flag is a symbol for everyone who lives in this country have you ever seen a United States military uniform if you have you’ll know that the American flag patch on the uniform is in Reverse if you’re looking at it from the right side this was not an error that has been made and it hasn’t been done for no reason according to the army regulation 670 – 1 the American flag patch is to be worn right or left shoulder so that the starfield faces forward or to the flags own right when the flag is worn this way it’s facing the right of the observer when the person wearing the uniform moves forward it will look as though the flag is flying in the breeze so what is the purpose of this you ever wondered why the military is so serious about this well it’s because when a soldier is viewed from their right side the flag is meant to look as though it is a real flag that’s being carried on to the battlefield since soldiers are too busy carrying their weapons onto the battlefield this is the second best option soldiers want to show solidarity when in battle and the American flag is the best way to do this the military does not do this with just their uniform though if you go to an airport look at a us-flagged aircraft you’ll notice that there is a reverse flag on the right side the same as on a soldier’s uniform you ever thought about the flag on a camouflage uniform don’t you think that having the red white and blue flag on camouflage defeats the purpose well have you ever thought that you’re right the United States military realized this as well which is why they made some updates today the army battle dress uniform has a flag patch but the flag is not red white and blue instead it is a camouflage muted color that’ll keep the enemy from seeing this soldiers if they’re in hiding waiting to attack each member of the military is given a dress uniform these are worn during ceremonies funerals and soldiers past and present where their dress uniform when they get married all members of the military also wear their dress uniform when they take their official military photo the American flag is a symbol of unity patriotism and great pride in the United States of America we are taught at a very early age to honor and respect the flag children learn songs about the American flag when they’re in elementary school on July 4th which is our country’s birthdate millions of Americans fly their flags proudly to celebrate the birth of a wonderful country the next time you see a military uniform with a backward flag you’ll know now why it is backward the next time you see an American flag flying outside of a building hopefully you’ll remember that you’re looking at the 27th version of the flag there’s a good chance that this will be the last version since it’s been the same now for over 50 years subscribe for more [Music] you

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  1. Black ppl stay out of the military. That Dumb flag is not for us. Funny how he never mentions the Francis Scott Key racist verse in the flag. Yeah… leave that part out. I'm black. And i say to hell with AMERICA and it's racist flag.

    When Yahushua comes back best believe the black Hebrew Israelites across the world and in America will have an ensign set up for them by the Father/Elohim/God/Yahuah.

    When the NFL players kneel during the anthem it is the best thing ever witnessed in the world.

    Look at how they've treated our ancestors according to this flag and this country. They go to war for this nation only to come back disrespected by the ppl they help defended.

    A matter of fact this U.S.A. military is crooked anyway. Operation Northwoods proves that. And many many maaaaany other wars were fought to steal other's gold, resources and all other products belonging to that country. And subduing them and placing sanctions (Tax) on them.

    The same thing that goes on in the bibke is the same thing that goes on now. Nothing has changed yo.

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    So… i could care less about your flag.

  2. It's not in reverse, cupcakes. Whether on the left or the right sleeve, the star field faces forward … the first into battle.

  3. It is amazing how many people can be brainwashed over a flag. The brainwashing starts at a young age. I have heard so many people people say that it is the greatest flag and country in the world. Why ?

  4. It's a really cool reason when you FINALLY find out, the video is way too long for what it is and it should be cut down and most of the unnecessary information at the beginning be eliminated…..

  5. The Flag that I have defended for 26 years never retreats. The field of stars always faces forward towards the enemy. It does not run away.

  6. It's funny cos I'm German and if we would be so proud of our state or hanging up our flag in our house or in our schools we would be nazis and called nazis from everyone 😔🤔

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  8. Lots of schools especially elementary schools have taken the American flag down. Socialist teachers tell children the American flag is racist .

  9. The most stupid detail ever. So, the flag is always facing forward… What about in retreats? Also camouflaged flags?! I'm I the only one to find this amuzing?

  10. To bad allot of Americans dont respect the flag or say the Pledge of Allegiance in schools anymore and some schools even take down the flag

  11. I always thought it was just so when the soldier fell in battle if they fell on the patch it would be facing the correct way showing that the US can bend and come close to breaking but hop back up ready to fight again.

  12. And young people keep burning it for petty reasons. Parents don’t let their kids say the Pledge. NFL players Kneel while its being honored so they have the right to make Millions of dollars for playing with a ball.! So basically nobody gives a rats ass about it even though it Never represented a pre

  13. It is backwards the stars are supposed to be forward as in moving forward do your research before you post videos

  14. It's so that people looking at a soldier from the rearview mirror can identify without a doubt that he's American.

  15. While USA citizens give a shit about their imperial flag and all the bullshit concerning it , citizens of every other country don't give a rats ass.

  16. Some of these facts are fake a lot of libtars school and colleges don’t have the flag and say the pledge so sad all the soldiers who fought and died for the flag god bless America

  17. I see all of the retreating theories and answers….I always thought that it was because if the warrior looked at that arm in the mirror, it would look correct to him?

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  19. Marines don't wear flags on their uniforms. When you are saying American military, you actually mean U.S. Army. There are more branches of service in the U.S. military than the U.S. Army.

  20. It's not reverse! fags are 2 dimensional!!! Get a flag then look at both sides. (FUN FACT) Also it's illegal to wear an American flag on clothing or as clothing, Armed forces you get a pass but Old Navy, Target and Walmart your on notice fkers!


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