Why Motorcycle Clubs And Bikers Wear Skulls

Why Motorcycle Clubs And Bikers Wear Skulls

Why do Motorcycle Clubs and biker culture in general glorify the use of Skulls We get into it on this episode of Demons RowTV! O Yeah! We Ghostin Baby! Welcome to Demons Row TV! The Holy Grail Of MC Culture! Where we cover everything Motorcycle Club involved and the topic were gonna get into today is Game Of chromes Why O why is the Skull so popular in Motorcycle Clubs and in biker culture i came up with the concept for the thumbnails for the art from Game of Thrones i’m a big Game of Thrones fan i wanted John Snow to win but i voted in a pool that Bran would win so i won let me know in the comments if you fuck with Game of Thrones who you was going for and who you thought you know breakdown the little scenarios i’m a big fan of the show so that’s why i did the concept art with the Game Of Thrones look if you don’t know the show then maybe you don’t know where it comes from but i added that Ghost Rider look cuz you know We Ghostin! Its Demons Row TV! that’s how we do it! if you’re new to the channel hit that subscribe button just take that second for me hit that subscribe button and then hit the bell so you get the notification so you know whenever we’re droppin something new but basically i came up with a whole bunch of theories on why skulls are so popular i mean you see them everywhere Harley Davidson has it all over there bikes any clothes you buy anywhere that’s anything biker related has Skulls on it so why is that why are Skulls so popular and glorified in our culture people look at Skulls as death as mortality how bout we look at it in a different light how bout we look at it as immortality cuz when you die and your flesh rots away and your family’s tears dry up what’s left Skull and Bones thats whats left so really its immortality it also could be a visual acknowledgement of our fate we all know someday were gonna go and when were on our bikes we just live it to the limit it’s like a live by the sword die by the sword type thing or how bout a visual way to attract or keep away the people that we don’t want around us we want the people around us that represent that bad ass Skull and the people that shy away from it or fear it we don’t want them type of people in our circles we want the real people that know whats going on it can also represent leveling the playing field a Skull you cant tell a Skull you can’t tell a rich Skull from a poor Skull so no matter what you did in life what heights you took it too or how low you were everybody is the same when your a Skull your a Skull the last one i’m gonna leave you with is what i think the Skull represents and to me it represents doing everything to the death When you ride! You ride till the wheels fall off! For the club! For the brothers! You ride to the death! like when it’s all said and done I want this on at the funeral i don’t want suits and shit i mean if yall insist then throw the suit on me but i want this over you know what i mean that’s what this Skull means to me it means when it’s over its still not over cuz when them bones is there them bones is gonna have this cut over it and alot of people aint built like that or cut like that but to me that’s what it represents My Ghosts! let me know your theory let me know if you wear Skulls if you don’t if you do wear them let me know why you represent the Skull if you don’t wear them let me know why you don’t represent the skull like i always tell you demons Row is a community its all of us i just stand in front of this camera and kick it with y’all but the Row is all of us as a collective unit so please help us grow share it on your social media send it to your friends tell them to throw a like and a comment on it it makes the base grow This is Demons Row TV! The Holy Grail Of MC Culture! O Yeah! We Ghostin baby!

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  1. Why do mototorcycle clubs and every type of biker have a love affair with skulls? Are you following the trend? Or is there a deeper reason?

  2. I have a few skull tattoos on my left arm it shows the old me that’s dead. I have a few angles and a heart on my right arm. Even my leg I have an angle. Only my chest tattoos are different with a angle on my right shoulder and a devil on the left with a cross in the middle but with me it’s a story on my bike i broke away from that look because it Became over played. I’ll go with what you stated in the video because with me other then my tattoos I just liked the look of them

  3. Good to see you again Chopper S.,man the episodes keep getting better and you getting it down a regular spokesman. As the Hawaiian people say "Keep Pressing" this your boy Kekoa Duke representing the Hawaiians who aint got much but we got Aloha and Heart. To my Family on the West Side Honolulu Hi. Mahalo nui loa!!!!

  4. My ghost! The skull can symbolize many things… everyone is different on the outside but inside we're all the same, u don't know the race the gender if the skull was rich or poor a sinner or a saint.. we are all the same, just like every motorcycle rider/clubber, it is the culture, plus it's signifies thru life and death we still ghostin!

  5. Personally not a GOT watcher…but as far as the skull goes, my big brother Kato handed me a skull ring one day. I wear it every time I ride. The reason he stated and I believe fully is no matter what color race creed religion we are still the same, diff patch same love. The points you gave tho are amazing thoughts and will def be thought provoking. Oh and btw lol ain't no suit goin on me either. 1 love my brother. Much Respect, Love, and Honor my friend.

  6. I always looked at it as a loyalty until death type deal. Like you said bro, ride it til the wheels fall off.

  7. It's to show our body count 😂😂🤣🤣 just playing. I got three skulls. They look sick I mean wtf we gonna get a butterfly fam

  8. I got skulls on everything!!! He'll yeah we like um!!!! I got a fucking H.D.skull on my dam wallet! GHOST skulls on the tank on my scooter!!! It's just biker!!! Style!!!! So what?!!!

  9. I always liked skulls, drawing them all the time and wearing them on my clothes just because they look cool…you can make mad different designs and a lot of stuff goes with it too 💀

  10. Big big fan of GOT!!! Was deff looking for jon to take the throne! But thats a true point on why the skull is represented in our culture!

  11. The skull 💀 can represent a rebirth of who you are once you get ya cut or bike . The freedom you feel and the unity amongst ya brothers

  12. I hear you bro That's the way it should be MBBM! My Brother's before Me! Question you rocking with the 81?

  13. I wear em, im not in an mc yet, but me being a mason and in the knights templar, skulls is a reminder of one day we will depart from here. Memento Mori ( remember u have to die) i got a couple tattooed on me as well.

  14. I used to think that skulls were tacky AF, but after hearing your perspective I can appreciate the symbol. Thanks for the content

  15. Also stand for in memory for all the brothers that "may they ride in paradise" passed on too keep the bikers / MC culture moving on ward

  16. I don’t have a bike yet but for me skulls rep my commitment to live according to God’s Kingdom on Earth , I live by faith not by sight, i live by Spirit not by flesh. It means i trust God with everything & live by principles not live out of my feelings.

  17. I've always liked the look of skulls now I wear skulls because it shows we are all equal. It has become who I am

  18. Symbology seems to be big in the biker set. Symbols of all kinds, some understood and some that are not. You covered Nazi and Confederate symbols, which are not socially acceptable to most regular folks in the USA. Or it may not be that deep! Some folks may just like the hard look and not mean anything by it.

  19. I have to start watching Game of thrones I’ve never even seen the first episode….. I truly believe it’s in our inner core to be obsessed with the other side . Historically pirates used skulls and bones as amulets for guidance from either there dead loved ones or hang dead skulls on ships to represent the enemies they’ve killed. In certain tribes it’s the same they have worn skulls to show a true fear tactic or witch doctors who wear skulls as a sign of power whether fashion statement or a deeper meaning skulls definitely carry a presence within itself carried throughout history

  20. I think the symbolism changes with generation or personal prospective. In history the skull was important in many ways like a throphy or in my Taino culture we use to keep the skills of love ones to remember them . The punisher skull has become the new thing in the culture with a simple meaning you fuck up or fuck with us you get punished.. me myself I like the idea of we are all the same under the skin at my old age LoL…in my youth it meant death plain and simple 👍..keep ghosting Sosa be safe out there …don't trust anyone that shit is earned with loyalty as reward 👍

  21. Great topic. I wanted Tyrion or Arya to sit on the Iron Throne, but figured it would be Jon Snow.
    I think that skulls have been used to warn people to stay away or face the consequences. Pirates were flying the Jolly Roger (black flag with skull over crossed bones or crossed swords) hundreds of years ago. On the other end of the spectrum, Skull and Bones is the name of a very old secret club at Yale. Now skulls are everywhere, so I don’t know what it will represent in the future. Good questions.

  22. My clubs patch is a skull and it means eternity like members even if we die. I love ur videos keep them coming .

  23. I wear skulls cause they r badass mainly. Lol but nah really man… I feel the same .."ride to death" I've got 3 very different skull tattoos. All w separate stories of their own. Great topic bro. Keep doing what ur doing 🤘🇺🇸🇺🇸

  24. Good stuff once more Bro…Respect,,,Hoorah…TFFT,,, U can check out My bros and I (Dlion) at Tridents MC on Facebook.

  25. The Skull 💀 is worn to honor our ancestors- Those who have gone before us – paved the road for us. By wearing the Skull & Bones we are celebrating life , because we never die , we only change worlds. We skulln babee 😎
    Honor to our Brothas & familia ! Whass up Chopper Loko 💀☠️

  26. Interesting video. It was also used in pirate culture to intimidate 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️



  27. I love skulls things have in common with brothers love rock metal and hip hop so much more and bikes bmx love skateboarding and bmx such awesome video my brother respect you so much late to video always go back wach videos 🙂 🙂

  28. Great show idea!! Gotta say, never gave it more than a passing thought from a bikers point of view. Great points denoted too. I love history. (Sorry for the long post) Humans have been involved with skulls since the dawn of time. Ancient Greek society both collected skulls as war souvenirs and for medical science. Deer Island a.k.a. as Skull Island in the St. Lawrence River off our coast has memorials of and about Skulls. We all know Egyptians mummified their Pharaohs yet curiously early Roman Catholics stole their skulls  for Necromancy because the enlightened knowledge inscribed on them which the various Caesar's used to stay ahead of the populace they governed. Various Societies like the Knights Templar et. al all utilize skulls in similar rituals where Elders impart knowledge to brethren being raised up all stemming from Babylonian practices thru 322 A.D. to modern applications when future generations are tapped. From the Chapel of Bones church  in Portugal to use in Heavy Metal to biker culture it's "Skulls that connect us all on an even playing field" like you said Chopper Sosa and "separates the real from the fake". M.C's . are a reflection of societal trends, thinking, culture, and  us a a sub–culture we are no different. From beer mugs, art work it is almost inseparable for bikers. Another homerun.      L/R.

  29. Awesome video! For me I see spiritually. The skull explaination you have reminds me of Ezekiel 37:1-14 (the valley of the dry bones that come back to life). I love this!!! God bless you abundantly 🙏

  30. Great Topic….. I was curious of the same.. Matter of fact.. before I started riding I never wore skulls or glorified death…..Now since I ve been riding , and learning the culture.. it feels like the very Presence of death. Is riding with you. // or we kind of accept it the moment we bring the kick stand up…
    So, Now skull tattoos or clothing doesn't seem to bother me….
    It just makes sense….
    And it's funny it just clicked one night riding on a dark,scary ass. Two lane highway in the Middle of Nowhere..?
    I was like …. okay … I get it…….now
    Just glad I was given a guardian bell….
    LoL….. ( next topic.?. )

  31. My Skulls Represent My Demons Who Travel Through Life With Me From My Past Present & Future..I Embrace Them For They Have & Will Continue To Be My Struggle In This Life & Make Me Who I Am! Good Video Bro!

  32. In the end… death. The equalizer of all men. Other than that, it's probably the biggest overdone cliche these days in motorcycle culture, but that's just my opinion anyway.

  33. I was pulling for Jon. Didn't have a problem with Bran getting it. I didn't have a problem with the final season like most I enjoyed the entire series.

  34. I wear four mini skulls for the 4 men I killed in the Army now granted I was not the only to shoot…the entire squad shot and they died…I remember them like yesterday….and will for the rest of my life…but different clubs have different meanings for a skull and crossbones… just depends on the club…some give out patches for so called taking care of business which means taking out someone in the civilian world…thanks for the video bro take care…

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