27 Replies to “Why My Direct To Garment Business Failed”

  1. Thanks Charlie, I almost invest on DTG . Nothing beats screen printing. BTW you look great with long hair 👌

  2. Can you please tell me what’s the song in the outro? 🎧 Love all your videos 🎥 Thank you for your transparency 🙏🏻

  3. Why cant u use the dtg printers for large orders? Can u use screen printing technique for a complex multiple color design?

  4. Appreciate your videos taking the time to give us all heads up! I do embroidery/ moved to vinyl then sublimation. Have considered the DTG but hear too many negative things about them. Maybe later when I have more time or help. But running everything myself is exhausting!

  5. I definitely know what you’re talking about. It’s hard to be the creative and the labor at the same time. At least you got a chance to realize it wasn’t for you before you were in too deep.

  6. I did some heavy research regarding DTG, the older machines are problematic with white ink and this scared me somewhat, cheap at the beginning with one off Ebay, but as you say, tempemental is that last thing any business needs, but on the other hand, shelling out $20k+ on a new machine is seriously tough also, it is a bit of a quandary, I defo think 3rd party printing gives consistency, quality, effortless even, but less profitable, so again it is a quandary, a decision will have to made soon though as time is a ticking.

  7. I know You'll do something much better than this! Many people don't share their failure!
    I dont know why I feel little motivated after watching this as m also struggling with my tshirt business to quit or not!
    Anyways Good luck! 🇮🇳

  8. Thank you soooo much for sharing this even though it was hard to talk about! Your experience answered a question I have been praying about! Your videos are great!

  9. When I checked out DTG printing some time ago I concluded that decent equipment is far too expensive, there's just too many printing problems, and for me it wasn't worth getting into.

  10. Charlie we all appreciate your candor, its very warming to know you lay it on the line. No hidden hoopla or blowing things out of proportion. I watch your videos because I too am trying to start a clothing brand. You are really my main source of information. My biggest problem is time. Since I work a regular job, then I also work part time. Trying to fit in the time to work on my website and design has become tedious. When it shouldn't be. Honestly I am usually exhausted, tired and can't seem to get my creative juices flowing. But watching your videos gives me the push and inspiration to push forward. I personally just want to say thanks. Keep going with these great tutorials. Awesome stuff for sure.

  11. By “having someone else do the printing for you”, do you mean a print-on-demand company? I’m getting ready to start my own clothing brand and was just curious.

  12. Well i don't know how much you lost. But seriously, dude, that's nothing. It's something you want to do. You will do it at some point. Earn more with your other business and start over. I never did anything with my life ; Anything. Don't live with regrets.

  13. Buying from ebay and third party seller is not really a smart move investment. People usually do this to cut cost but it's better to buy brand new direct from the manufacturer.

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