Why None Of Your Relationships Last Longer Than 3 Months

Why None Of Your Relationships Last Longer Than 3 Months

Have you ever started a new relationship and at first was first three months, there is so much chemistry things are going so well and it’s almost like you two were created to be together and then only three short months go by and it turns into a scene from The Conuring. It’s almost like a demonic plague comes into your relationship and it turns it from this beautiful thing into one of the scariest shows you could ever imagine now if your relationships tend to go from rom-com to a horror movie when it hits that three. Face. Keep watching. Hey there, Adam LoDolce from sexy confidence.com where I hope you create your love story and this video is all about the curse of the three-month relationship. Now. I personally went through this myself for many years in my 20s. And in many ways. I was kind of cool with it because I was really just enjoying getting out there dating meeting lots of people and I kind of realize that you know, most relationships weren’t going to work out and it’s. Like it was always at that three month Mark. Wish it just seemed to blow up now. If you’re at a point in life where you really want something longer-term something you can really rely on and feel like this is going to last the rest of your life. Then you really want to make sure you avoid these three critical mistakes. The first biggest mistake is only chasing Sexual Energy. If you find that your relationship start out really strong and you just get completely swept off your feet and you’re finding that the sex is amazing and you just want to spend every. Two seconds with that person and you’re not thinking about anything else when it comes to compatibility if there’s a friendship if you actually like that person then chances are you’re making this mistake if you’re looking for a long-term potential you really need to keep yourself in check in those first three months of the relationship. Sure. Great sex is amazing for sure. You want to be chasing that but you also need to keep your head on straight and be thinking would this person be a good father to my children. Would he be a good husband is he reliable do we actually want the same things in life? And I found that a lot of people who get in relationships that only lasts the three month period are only thinking about the Sexual Energy at first rather than hey. Is this actually a real thing like I always. You want to find that best friend that you are also attracted to you want to be attractive that person have that incredible Sexual Energy, but there also needs to be a friendship involved in the relationship because you’ll see if you’ve never been in a relationship that lasts longer than three months. You’ll notice that the Sexual Energy starts to dwindle and the only thing you’re left with is either a friend or someone that you don’t even like that much mistake. Number two is that you’re moving too fast at the beginning and coming on just way too strong. I’ve heard it all before from so many of you sexy single ladies and I understand where you’re coming from. You want a great relationship and this is what you’re looking for. But in those early phases you don’t want to have too many expectations expectations that they should be committed to you and only you in the first two weeks of relationship or expectations that he’s going to be texting you every single day. Even if you’ve been dating for a couple months these expectations are killing you. I have a really good friend. She is looking for a long-term relationship and she seems to always find these amazing relationships in this first one or maybe two months. Everything’s going really well and it’s a lot of fun and she’s a lot of fun the relationship but. Once it hits that month two months three phase those expectations are killing the relationship. She starts getting annoyed and mad at every little thing he does and he’s wondering what’s going on here. I thought we were just getting to know each other and mistake number three is that you’re actually subconsciously or consciously afraid of love and you’re sabotaging the relationship any chance you can get weirdly this happens more often than not when we have been burned in the past and we’ve had really ****ty relationships that just kind of broke us in some ways. Sometimes when we find a good thing in a good situation for us. We find ways to poke holes in it. So the relationship does if you’ve ever done this, I love to hear from you in the comments below and tell me how is it that you sabotage relationships in the past now all of you are here right now because you want to find an amazing relationship you want to be loved and you want to give love in order to have that type of relationship. You need to love yourself first and without really. Appreciating who you are and what you bring to the table and what value you bring to a relationship it’s never going to happen. So starting from this point forward. I need you to start working on yourself. Remember you are number one in a relationship. You are the common denominator that exists in all the relationships that you’ve been in so it’s time to really start working on yourself before you get into these situations where you’re just sabotaging the relationship because you’re too scared and it’s just too good and if you do constantly sabotage relationships, it’s time to. Terms with it. It’s time to take a look at your past and just face it head-on take a look out what has happened in your past and realize that your past doesn’t equal your future and just because you’ve been hurt in the past you’ve had ****ty things happen. You’ve dated ****ty guys doesn’t mean this next time around is going to be that way. I’m here for you and I’d love to help you throughout this entire process. So for being here right now, I’d love for you to join my free webinar. You can click on the link right down there. You can click it anywhere on this video and. Going to really walk you through the three ways that you can get out there and attract a great relationship and a great man for you so that you don’t get stuck in this three months phase and you can find an amazing relationship that you truly deserve click on that link or head on over sector confidence.com. Thank you so much for being here, and I cannot wait to speak to you next week you sexy single lady. Speak to you soon. Bye. Bye.

18 Replies to “Why None Of Your Relationships Last Longer Than 3 Months”

  1. I think learning the differences between lust/infatuation and actual love can help end that 3 month ticking time bomb too. We tend to get wrapped up in all the good we see in those early stages, and dont give enough time to really see each others true personalities and intentions while in that "honeymoon" phase.

  2. Great video! I think another main reason that should be listed is that it doesn’t last longer than 3 months because either you or the guy weren’t being themselves. I realized awhile back that in the beginning of a relationship I was really just trying to be that person I thought they wanted. I mean, it’s good to be on your best behavior sometimes but be honest, be true and look for the same in people. People are flawed, we’re not perfect and that’s okay! You don’t have to be the same person the guy is. If you’re kinda dorky, be dorky! If you like certain types of music, don’t just say you like what he likes. Take the time to get to the person and let them know the real you. Always be yourself, ladies!! ♥️ Also, I love this channel! I’m still single but have been using your advice and my dates keep getting better and better!

  3. I'm going through ,#2 & 3 right now, this guy is coming on way too fast. And because I have been burned before, I'm super suspicious. This guy is sweet and a good man, but I have a strong feeling he is a player. But what if I am wrong? Ugh! I just don't know.🙄🙄🙄

  4. The reason mine don't last longer than that is because I drop a mf when they start acting shady. Also I sabotage tf out of things lol.

  5. My current partner also sabotaged our relationship by accusing me of talking to other men. He has experienced insecurities of infidelity in the past. Just 2 weeks ago he left me because he thought I was talking to other men (not true). We’re in a period of no-contact. Hoping he reaches out so we can discuss this issue and we can move forward.

  6. I love this channel because Adam teaches us to self reflect rather than overanalyze the other person and their choices, thus making us improve ourselves and become better people

  7. Women have worked on themselves their whole life. You learn more from being in a relationship and then you can move to another relationship that is better. Staying stuck in a bad relationship is not good. People need to be healthy or relationships will not work and they will accept a bad relationship as ok. Isolation to learn about things is not the answer, but being around people and stop copying them, but be yourself.

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