Why Plague Doctors Wore Strange Masks

Why Plague Doctors Wore Strange Masks

in the Middle Ages, there was no cure
for the plague. But that didn’t
stop people trying pretty much anything
to avoid succumbing to this terrifying illness. The Wellcome
Collection in London holds records of
many of the supposed and rather bizarre
cures for the plague. So one of the
things I have here is a manuscript from the
end of the 15th century. CLIVE ANDERSON:
Dr. Elma Brenner is an expert in the strange
world of the medieval doctor. The plague charm that
we have here on this page, they’re using the kind of the
format of the circular diagram, which is a kind of
universal medieval format to give protection
against pestilence. These charms quite
often have some kind of instruction to write them on
the body, sometimes in blood. But you could do other
things with this. You could write– you could
copy it onto a scrap of paper and carry it on your
body, for instance. CLIVE ANDERSON:
Of course, doctors did exist in medieval times. Unfortunately, they were as
clueless as their patients as to the real
cause of the plague. But that didn’t stop
them profiting from it. Physicians quite often
got bad reputations for being very wealthy and
shamelessly charging a lot of money for their advice. CLIVE ANDERSON: Now, another
thing I want to ask you about– because, see, the
image I have in my mind is of a plague doctor
with a special costume. So I’ve actually acquired
for myself the sort of thing that people would wear. ELMA BRENNER: Yeah, and although
it’s something that looks strange to us, it actually had
come from continental Europe, particularly France and Italy. CLIVE ANDERSON: The Europeans
settled on this look in the 17th century,
proving they could even deal with the plague
more stylishly than we could. So this is the outfit. I’ve got on all but the top bit. ELMA BRENNER: Yeah. So the gloves are
more like motorcycle gauntlets, which
obviously would protect against the germs getting in. And I’ve got a big stick. Now, what’s this? This is just a standard stick? Or did it have some function,
do you think, as plague doctor? Yeah, I mean, I think
it adds to the distance from the patient.
– Yes. He wouldn’t have to
go up close to them. So he could say, look,
you’ve got bubos there. Exactly. This is virtually the
barge pole that you don’t want to touch things with. Now, I suppose this is the
most fascinating thing. The beak was there so that
there would be something in front of the respiratory
area that was filled with heavily aromatic
plants that were understood to purify the air. Is this what the plague
doctor might look like? Yeah, I mean,
what we can say is that this would be a physician
that you would encounter, and you would not be able
to see his face at all. So in that sense, it’s
more of a negative than a positive encounter,
I think it’s likely to say.

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