Why Should You Wear a Neck Knife? | Knife Banter Ep. 40

Why Should You Wear a Neck Knife? | Knife Banter Ep. 40

today at Blade HQ we’re looking at a whole
bunch of neck knives I was going backpacking and I said this would be a
good knife kind of a good camp knife yeah and this is a classic like yes yes this is one that you guys suggested as a Great neck knife what is up guys today a Blade HQ we’re
looking at a whole bunch of neck knives now before we started this episode I’d
never regularly carried a neck knife what about you Zac? and I’ve never carried
a neck knife ever we are gonna go pick out a couple neck knives and I’m gonna
wear it for the next couple weeks and see how I like it because you guys seem
to like him I’ve seen your comments and so we’re gonna see if I like them there
we go the Kizer Thumbper short kind of a broad blade I don’t know if I need a
there we go okay kind of like that so I think I’m kind of up against like super
skinny this is kind of sit there between my massive pectorals Zacs opinion let’s
ambush him he doesn’t know this is coming if you and I had talked a little
bit about neck knives we have talked about neck knife there’s
a neck knife there’s a neck okay what I want to know is which one should I carry
backpacking with me this weekend this is my first time pulling it out of the
packaging thank you like this one I like that one yeah so here’s I’m a I’m a
ceremoniously put this on perfect right here I like it without stabbing my face
like I’ve got this paracord for you and this is like knighting you it’s gotta be
careful put it back that’s called then go carry so we’re gonna dive into some
of the knives that we carried some of the knives that we think would make
great neck knives as well as some of the knives that you guys recommended that
would be great neck knives so we’re gonna dive right into it I carried the
Condor Bushnecker before we jump into that though we’ve
got a giveaway ooh at the end of this video at the end of
this video make sure to watch because we got to give away a winner for our best
knives 2017 absolutely so yeah but on to the Condor
forward so the Condor Bushnecker I picked this one it’s pretty lightweight
1.6 ounces it’s so what’s the steel type on this one’s a steel type 1075 yep
1075 steel made in El Salvador I was going backpacking and I said this would
be a good knife kind of a good camp knife so I threw it on with backpacking
in two degree weather froze all night it was fun and I didn’t pull the knife out
once yeah when you said that you were gonna go backpacking that night I was
like no that’s not a that’s not a fun time for anybody it’s actually really
fun it was cold right but it was cold yeah so I can understand you probably
know layers on yep backpack straps in the road and that was the thing is I
realized you know when I need a knife I go straight from my pocket that’s kind
of my training that’s that’s how I use it
but I did like the security of knowing I do have an extra knife with me
I like the sheath I like the ball chain and with back hanging out hardly even
noticed it like when you got 40 pounds on your back another one point six ounce
is no big deal but I got back and I’m like I gotta find something lighter
so I set this one aside for a minute and I went after the Spyderco ARK the ARK
and the thing I like about this 10.8 ounces it’s got h1 steel its polymer
handle ultra lightweight I went for that light weight factor and so I snagged
this guy and tried him out for a couple days in fact one of you recommended
running with neck knives so I’m like all right I’m going running alright guys
we’re going on a run here carrying the Spyderco ARK right there somebody says
running with the knife is alright so we’re just gonna do it so I wouldn’t call him here does this
thing bounces bounces like crazy so it works she’s all noxious there you go three miles with it can’t
say I love it how’d that work out for you
it sucked no here’s the deal so I live in a suburban area chances of meeting
bearded headed thugs along the way slim to none I’ll pounce down yeah slim to
none right so as far as needing a knife on a run no not at all and it sits there
and it kind of jangles the whole time even under my shirt and sister and
jingles now that said if you were running in a sketchy area it might be a
good feel safe sort of tool the other thing I like about the Spyderco is it’s
got this dual attachment sheath basically have to push that button right
there to get the knife out one thing I didn’t like about the Bushnecker I have
a tendency to fold my arms right and then if I were to put my head back the
right possibility that this thing could potentially come out it has really good
engagement but I can see how this feels like it’s got a little bit more security
obviously yeah also h1 steel wear it in the shower and from what I’ve heard rule
number nine right my reviewer frankly nee Whaley rule number nine is always
carry and always carry a knife even if you’re nude yeah so I still think we
should have modeled them but we’ll you know it’s fine next time next time we
decline decline we decline so those are the ones I cared what did you carry
there all right so I went with the Kizer thumbper and I really actually
really liked it so we carried these for two or three weeks if you did I care
about three or four done yeah I threw mine on when when we got him and I says
I’m gonna give this give us go around cuz I’ve always been interested in I
just never done it so it has s35vn steel high ends yeah really high end steel for
like 80 to 83 bucks and like that’s really nice
it’s got the natural g10 handle which I really like natural g10 so this was cool
it was just kind of a cool knife to carry what I found personally was I
didn’t use it that much kind of same thing my training just puts me right to
my pocket and I’ve always got my pocket knife on me so my grandpa used to always
say you got a pocket don’t you and that you have to have a knife but I did the
one thing that I did like about and it’s something that I’ve heard you say is one
is none – it – two is one it was not as one yeah perfect
yes that wasn’t me I liked it was almost
like a concealed-carry not necessarily protection wise just us– wise sure it
was just nice to know I have the knife like if I forget my pocketknife or I
wouldn’t did some gping and some other things and it was just cool to know like
the knife there right I don’t like that man this one for sure so the thing about
this one I like the size on it I like that it’s a higher end steel it’s a
little bit slippery and that was something that I thought about I just
never got around to but I considered putting some jimping in here yeah that
is the thing with this knife is it’s a it’s a little small in my hand and a
little slippery so it’s not a you know really secure great purchase I actually
I actually went out in the bush to for a couple days different time it was much
warmer Hey we were still snow but it was much warmer built a little lean-to was
out there for a couple days and I use it a little bit here and there just for
kindling and stuff like that trying to get some use out up to understand it and
I mean it performed well I never cut myself but it was something I was
definitely conscious totally yeah and that’s the thing with this one like so
next one on the list CRKT Minimalist yeah this is a classic like yes yes this
is one that you guys suggest that as a great neck knife micarta handle scales
you’ve got a couple different varieties in this one and I I usually like a
neutral handle kind of like this where it doesn’t force your hand into a spot
but these minimalist especially with a small knife I actually really like the
finger choil yeah the choils and the jimping on – yeah
it’s in the doing the minimalist is such a secure knife I had a buddy he didn’t
he didn’t care it is a neck knife but I had a buddy who would carry it scout
carry it okay I know is the only knife he carried and he loved the toil for
that very reason just cuz it was a smaller knife yep and this one yeah
even the the lanyard on that one just a little bit more purchase in hand and
this one just feels a lot more secure to me than that guy yeah personally yeah
but I will say I actually did I did like the Kaiser thumper did you I think it’s
it’s a nice looking knife which aesthetics is something I look for in my
knife I know it’s guys silly but you know it’s
important it’s important I think and and I and I using it was great liked it and
it was good I enjoyed it guys we’re gonna look at a few more knives here in
just a second right after the commercial break
hey guys we’ve got some exciting news benchmade just came out with another
round of some discontinued knives it was kind of a surprise to us and so
now they’re on the website so things like this triage or even like this five
movie where you normal part of the discontinued bench mainsail one thing
that I will say though is that there are not a lot of them and they are going
fast so go to blade HQ calm look for the benchmade discontinued sale and hurry
because like I said they’re flying off the shelf and we’re back from commercial
break now the next one on the list is more of your self-defense knife I feel
like all the ones we’ve kind of looked at could potentially be self-defense
knives but I don’t know that they’re inherently maybe the arc a little bit
the next one totally defend yourself defense yeah it’s the Cold Steel Urban
Pal blade length on this thing is one and a half inch 1/2 inches total links
about three inches ish you got a polymer handle partially serrated blade and
basically this is a last-ditch save your bacon sort of tool I mean you could use
it as a regular cutting tool yeah up on it yeah I don’t think it’s it’s a self
defense it’s a self defense player yeah and it’s tiny weight on this thing is
0.7 m/s so it’s right in that range that I liked so if you’re looking for light
weight between the two here I’d look at either of these just depending on use if
I were looking for more of a utility yeah I’d go to that ARK yep the Spyderco
arc versus the cold steel urban pal but if you’re looking for just purely save
your bacon in an emergency that urban pal is a good good choice yeah it is and
it’s got the the secure ex sheath on it and so it actually locks in really well
like I was I was a little skeptical because the other way that people use
this knife is you’ll you see the keyring here
she has they’ll put it to their keys or on the back of a backpack or something I
don’t know about that but I was kind of shaking it around and already it will
not come out so yeah yeah first of all the knife and it is the nice thing about
neck knives and you guys mentioned this in the comments is they’re fairly
affordable the the most expensive one we’ve got on the table is 80 bucks 25 I
don’t know what the arc is yeah I don’t member what the heck was going for cold
steel is 20 bucks so overall you’re paying for less material 68 ish 68 so
you’re gonna pay a little bit more for that h1 steel but it’s not gonna rest on
you yes that’s nice I do like that urban pal yeah kind of cool it’s a great knife
and the urban pals like 20 bucks there’s good with that yeah
yeah really nice so next up we’ve got the ESEE Izula yep so recommended by you
guys but ya know this is another one I think there’s some kind of falls in line
with the with the minimalist yeah kind of a classic yeah a lot of folks are
commended yeah this one yeah so blade lengths right around three inches
it’s about six inches total length and obviously there’s no no handle material
the cool thing with this and with its little brother that we’ll talk about
here in a minute is that you can get a micarta scale kit for it and you can get
a g10 scale kit for it and with this one specifically you could robably it with
both but with this one specifically you can also do a paracord wrap nice which
is pretty cool so I think 90 degrees yeah so it is on the table as far as
those on the table it is on the heavy side
I like the Izula I’d never neck knife carried it I think it would be a little
heavy for my personal taste but it’s little brother I think is a mighty fine
addition to the family the Candiru get a size comparison almost you check
that out yeah purple as well a candiru is a little bit smaller in
the blade length a little bit lighter just designed to be more of a true neck
knife where I think a lot of people carry the Izula because they own it
already right and it’s like oh let’s neck knife carry this I think this is
more designed as a true more specific neck knife and again with this you’ve
got good purchase here you got a little bit jumping on top so again really nice
secure grip on that skeletonized handle if you want to throw a paracord wrap on
it yeah and the fish the Candiru itself go look it up because it’s a fun story
yeah interesting yeah and I actually see the Izula’s actually also neat it’s named
after the bullet ants which I don’t know if you’re familiar with that or not but
apparently it’s like the most painful like toxin poison I don’t know the
difference but it’s the most painful bite sting you can get on the early so
yeah crazy next knife on the list is the banana Ram Mike Bananarama Bananarama
Ka-Bar TDI know this is a great little knife if you’re looking for a last-ditch
tool again yeah definitely a last-ditch tool I mean I think the difference
between this and the Cold Steel is you could get some use out of this I mean
there’s a little bit of purchase – it’s got the jimping on top you could open
some boxes and stuff but I think it’s designed very specifically for
self-defense I agree the sheath on this thing I like this – it’s just a tiny
sheath so one thing I noticed is some of these sheets are a little bit
bigger the ark once you get all the pieces on there feels a little bigger
well it’s just you know it’s a little bit fatter yep you know yeah not a big
footprint on this thing yeah and this is actually another thing that a lot of you
guys said with caring neck knife was concealability sure so this is a great
great concealed absolutely for sure Ka-Bar TDI and that one runs about 14
bucks so currently and now let’s must be honest with each other these prices are
subject to change if you’re watching us in the year 2020 perhaps yeah the price
might be different so sure go check it on the website at ye olde bladehq.com
now we’ve got one more we’re gonna hold it for just a second to hit the mailbag
first on the mailbag worst insult we’ve ever had oh I’ll give you the Patrick
Henry he says short inserted clips and over-the-top delivery of the dude on the
Left make this upload cringe-worthy decent content though just turn it down
not sure who you’re trying to appeal to smart man Patrick we don’t know who
we’re appealing to either but we love you guys next one on the list we had a
young man in here named Josh the other day in the storefront and he actually
left us a note on a video he was carrying a little squid and so I shot a
text over to Lukas Burnley Josh left the store before Lukas Burnley responded so
here’s your response from Lukas Burnley Josh thanks for stopping by the
storefront open from noon to 6:00 Tuesday through Saturday so if you’re
ever in Lehi Utah and also can we just talk just for five seconds how cool Ben
is he just shoots a text to Lucas Burnley so that’s when I told Josh he’ll
just shoot him a text yeah this is like you have Lucas’s number appropriate
response Josh yeah but he does when you kick around this industry long enough that’s
like it’s good there’s the mailbag okay last knife on the list this is an
interesting one guys I actually would never neck knife carry
this thing now I wouldn’t eat too heavy it’s for me it’s more about the length
yeah yeah definitely two point seven ounces this is the Kershaw skyline it’s
the S30v steel with the carbon fiber handle blade length on this thing is
three and a quarter inches it’s a big one but the thing is guys neck knife
carry this thing in fact our graphic designer Josh and neck knives carry neck
knife carries it I snagged some footage of him walking around the office like a
boss else so I try the neck knife not my favorite not quite my tempo I just love
it it’s perfect light weight can’t even tell you want to be low-key about it
just – I love it I love it I feel secure he loves he loves it he loves it all
right and I love it as well he actually walked into a convenience store to pick
up some brewskis the other day and I think he he might have looked like an
undercover cop yes like yes yes sir so he’s this is the story is he’s in a
rough part of town I guess and he dropped in to get some drinks and he
goes in and he said people kind of looking at him weird he realized he’s
wearing a kind of all-black and a bit on black baseball cap and he had he didn’t
realize he still had the skyline around his neck on the outside of his clothes
was around the office he does but I think when he leaves he tucks it in yeah
and so yeah everybody was kind of kind of staying out of his way and I guess as
he walks out there’s kind of a rough looking dude with some like face tats or
something and he just holds the door for me he’s like have a good day and Josh is
like what and then he realized oh it’s this it’s probably snack knife and the
way I’m dressed so this is a great knife in my mind this is too big too bulky to
neck knife scary yeah green I’ve been hurt to the Bushnecker yeah right there
just your your overall length is a little long that’s it I mean Josh does
it yeah if Josh does is gotta be right yeah yeah guys do it and I think that’s
great but yeah for me personally just it’s too long for neck knife yep that’s
that’s another reason I really like that thumb for was it just was good back tiny
tiny I like it okay guys a few weeks ago we had a giveaway in knife banter in the
seven best knives and we’re giving away an injection now we said all right it’s
a ten dollar knife let’s give away three will be generous for fun so the winners
of the injection Kershaw injection giveaway are Mike Spearman yeah
emerald raccoon and Vincent Vincent Lopez el ganador del mundo Vincent a
Lopez el ganador del mundo there it is over the top delivery anybody yeah I liked it
yeah good there is guys in a few weeks we’re gonna be doing a video on OTF so
let us know down in the comments what your favorite OTFs are and why we’d love
to use some of your comments in the next knife banter we do and we’ll have
another video coming out for you next week and what what is that one gonna be
Zac oh is that that’s the thing the thing
yeah yeah Zach’s shop micarta handles the spyderco
shaman you’re gonna love it it’s like an entire video yeah with this bearded man
well I don’t know about all that goodness but it is pretty the scales are
not pretty cool I think so that part of it there another super cool so we’ll
have that for you next week thanks for watching guys well what to do an actual brick yeah
well yeah if you outsource tit I can lay brick and mortar no probably I knew you
could yeah bricks expensive no it depends on what
you go with

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  2. Body type and clothing matter more than size of knife. I have a big Cold Steel Safe Keeper from the early 90's with a Kydex sheath I made. Great retention, I can hold onto it for punches/stabs in ANY material and this is the largest CS had at the time, 4" broad blade. A little heavy but it works. The little neck knives seem like toys with not enough to hold onto IMHO.

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  6. If you're going to do a neck knife trial.. you got to leave the pocket knife in the drawer… just go with the neck knife 100%

  7. I bought the Smith and Wesson HRT boot knife, which came with a free neck knife. I actually carry the neck knife more often. I use it all the time- mainly because it has a bottle opener on it.

  8. Being as I ran…for years, with dog tags on; I would suggest that while running, put the "decorative" neckwear BEHIND you. I believe you'll find it much more "friendly". IF there is any discomfort…it's all behind you!

  9. If the ark was in CPM s30v or VG 10 Id snatch it up in a heart beat. I live In FL but I still dont see a need for H1 steel. I own some High carbon steel Knives and I still see no rust on them, even after taking them on many fishing trips. (Kbar USMC knife, Cold steel Shanghai, GK&co Kukri and a couple others.)

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    if these did not exist , I would use a White River Backpacker (pro) ..I have one as a backup in my B O B

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  15. You guys are awesome, and funny! I bought a knife from you, that I think should be a neck knife, and if you get a chance should try it as a neck knife.
    The Boker Plus Rambler Fixed Blade Knife Black/Blue G-10 is a fantastic blade, and feels so good in the hand. The only issue is, it comes with a belt worn sheath, so you need to figure out a way to get in on a neck cord that won't flop around too much. I'm on the hunt for a sheath with cord holes for this awesome kick-as$ knife!
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    Would prefer Silent Soldier 2 design (for guard) if I didn’t need two. Brous Blades! I don’t carry ‘tactical’, however, on a smaller hand, grip holes might make it look like a knuckle weapon— it won’t go near ring position on my hams; (stay legal). I often carry HD Fiskar shears that separate.

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