Why Some Muslims Don’t Wear a Hijab | Have a Little Faith with Zach Anner

Why Some Muslims Don’t Wear a Hijab | Have a Little Faith with Zach Anner

-Can you tell the people
who you are and what you do? -I am Suhad Obeidi,
and I go by “Sue.” And I’m the director
of operations and the head
of the Hollywood Bureau for the Muslim
Public Affairs Council. It is a public-policy
advocacy group. -I’ve noticed that a lot
of Muslim women wear scarves, the hijab. -Right. -And I was wondering
why you have chosen not to and if that was
a personal choice or… -Yeah. I’ve never
worn the scarf. And I don’t know
if I ever will, but it is, at the end
of the day, a personal choice. You know, most women who cover
do it by choice. It’s about modesty. It’s about being, you know,
identified as a Muslim. With regards to being identified
as a Muslim — and that’s why
a lot of other women wear the hijab, ’cause they want to be
identified as a Muslim — I really can connect with that. As Muslim women,
sometimes we do get a bad rap, right, in the media
and what have you. And sometimes it would be nice
for others to know that I’m of that community. But at the end of the day, I choose also not to wear
my faith on my sleeve. And so I hope that
I’m a good role model for my community
without the hijab. -Have you been to Mecca?
Have you — -Not yet. So… -Are you going?
You got to go! -I do have to.
That is my intention. And I will go one day
and hopefully soon. So, that’s the fifth pillar
of Islam — every Muslim has to go to Mecca and do the pilgrimage
once in their life. -So, when are you making plans? -Maybe two,
three years from now, you know? Yeah.
-Do you — Now — -You want to come with?
-I would love it. -Okay.
-Am I allowed to come on somebody else’s pilgrimage? -I don’t know,
but we can work it out, you know.
-Oh, yeah, we’ll work it out. -Is there an accessible route?
-I think so. I think they’ve also
worked it out where they’ve made it
easier for everybody. -Great. Fantastic.
-Yeah. All right. All right. -Going to Mecca with Sue! -Oh, my gosh,
that would be great.

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  1. Lol if it says it plain and clear in the Quran it's not negotiable, it only says cover the bosom (aka chest area) in the Quran, the hijab part comes from historical settings and the hadiths(which are like the gospels of the Bible)

  2. Every time I feel humanity is doomed, a little hope peeks when I see humanity blooming in little acts like this. Soulpancake rocks, and more media should show more of the diversity that composes the real population.

  3. haha this is really nice πŸ™‚
    I'm a muslim girl, and its nice to see people take interest in my religion in a positive way.

  4. It's the same thing. Allah is the Arabic word for God (literally 'the God', as the initial "Al-" is the definite article)

  5. Makes you wonder if they are asking the right people in these videos. She didn't even know that non-muslims are prohibited from entering the city.

  6. yeah there were jews (cuz prophet Abraham is the one who built kaabah) and Christians as well.. and when Islam came strong they still lived together till most of them became muslims.. others(mostly jews) went to Medina or Yemen.

  7. That would make it even worse. Sharing false information about a religion to be "nice" would be completely useless to anyone. Not to mention that she offered for him to come with, so that would lead me to believe that she doesn't know (since she says she doesn't know if someone can come on a pilgrimage or not) or she plans to have him converted to muslim before he goes.

  8. Just once I would like to see a woman interviewed without it being all about the hijab. I'm willing to bet there is a lot more to the faith besides the scarf thing. Zach, please see what else you can do to educate us here. Thank you!

  9. This series is amazing! Zach Anner you make me smile every single time, you're such a natural at this. May you always be blessed with greatness in everything you do.

  10. she give wrong information about hijab. i am not try to tell that she is a liar. she just not give complete information. the main reason why women in muslim need to wear hijab is because women need to protect herself from the way man looking (since my main language is not English, it's kinda hard to say it in English)

    in my opinion if you wanna ask something about some religion, please ask for people who really understand about that like pope, father, monk or imam. and not only asking from 1 person, coz every person have their own perspective about their religion. and sometime even pope,etc have different point of view. i am afraid that they give you the wrong answer.
    sorry if i write too much.

  11. The Dome of the Rock, or the Qubbat al-Sakhra (I hope I spelled that correctly, my art history professor might kill me if I messed it up) is something I would love to see, but really can't, I guess. I've had to study a lot of Islamic art, and all in all it's beautiful and fascinating. Learning about different cultures, or belief systems is absolutely fascinating and I love this channel because of it. πŸ™‚

  12. Women who try NOT wearing your faith on your sleeve in many Muslim countries… you'll be beaten, stoned or beheaded!

  13. Zach, no, you can't go to Mecca, infidels are not allowed in there, because we are "impure". You would have to go under false pretenses to Mecca as a muslim or convert.

  14. The most question that I hate it so much, why you're not wearing a hijab ? Aren't you a Muslim ? It's just like you're asking me why you're white aren't you from Africa ? Just let people wear whatever they want in the end Allah will judge them not people ..

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