43 Replies to “Why The Hell Did I Move From New Jersey To Florida?”

  1. Good input…..workin there is tough as far as pay compared to mid atlantic….summers get old too…but i still have a second home there, gotta luv floorida

  2. Thanks for the video bro. I was living in NY and now I am living in NJ working in NY but I am so sick and tired of NY and NJ and I really want to move to Florida where I have relatives and the life is easier. The only thing preventing me from leaving is my job. Any advise?

  3. im from jersey too, jobs suck down here, food sucks down here, people actually suck down here, all the shit people funnel themselves down here from everywhere, Pizza is horrible down here also, but I still love it here, I dunno why…โ€ฆโ€ฆ.

  4. 2 year later update. 4 more big companies just moved out of Jersey because of high taxes and cost of doing business here. Jersey is not very friendly to businesses here either. I've been looking for an out, being a conservative in a liberal state. Unfortunately, family obligations are what's keeping me here.

  5. you move to Florida to make all the people that were born and raised here miserable that's what all you northerners do you've ruined the whole entire state go home

  6. Thank u so much… I am planning for moving but I am afraid from flooding and hurricane… Plz advise me whatโ€™s the best place for a middle age parents with teen kids..

  7. I moved to Florida from NC to start the Keto diet and what happened next is incredible. Whatever your motivation, make your dream happen

  8. Florida is a toxic wasteland with stinky water canals andย when a tsunami hits it's only one way out

  9. Nj has great roads who does not love looking though the road and seeing the train tracks under the bridge

  10. I asked the same thing! Why in the hell did you? Damn Yankees and Damn Foreigners have all but completely overrun Southeast Florida! Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach used to be good ol coastal Deep South Dixie Dandy cities back in the day, complete with "Y'all come back now, ya hear!", that is, until the Scalawag Southerners allowed y'all ruinous Carpetbagger Yankees to start moving in in such droves, that, instead of y'all assimilating into us, it caused a demographic change that caused us to assimilate to y'all! Well, I didn't, but, I'm from small town Central Florida!

  11. Live in Broward County for over 11 years and planning on moving to Central Florida beginning next year. I have family living both Orlando and Tampa. Iโ€™m not a party person Any advice about quiet city in Central Florida?

  12. Most women are good with money especially their husbands money oh yes they are good very good blessed day I love and hearts canโ€™t live with them canโ€™t live without them bless you bless you bless you and bless her too

  13. Warm sunshine crystal clean sandy beaches and ocean delicious tropical fruits all year round the Florida sunshine treats fresh tasting orange juice is naturally

  14. I love NY , I am currently living in Queens NY where 10-15 minutes drive can take you into a different ethnicities Neighborhood with culture . Not too many place in this world offer this . But I am getting older and now looking for a simple quiet lifestyle and Florida is a good fit because of the different community.

  15. here is the problem you guys come down from a liberal state, and come here and keep voting for a democrat party with is why you have the problems up there.

  16. The cost of living in New York and New Jersey is crazy. Forces a lot of people live in unsafe areas just to be able to afford it. Not worth it. Get out if you can.

  17. You working indoors at home? I'm jealous. That's sweet when it comes to Florida humid weather. What you do that you work online?

  18. You're killing me Freddie! The Northeast really does suck the life out of you. Tax on tax on tax lol. Snow, sleet, hail. Gas prices or home heating oil(basically Diesel for anyone outside of the Northeast. First we used coal and then oil from Mr Rockefellers Standard oil. NG and Propane came later.) I still use oil, 2.53 a Gal. If I wasn't rooted here I'd definitely buy in Flo Rida. She's been stealing my friends for years now.

  19. Hi what is the area that you are living at.I really want to move out of New York ASAP.I also do not want to live by the coast…I want to move by a quiet area.

  20. Do you find that fl is cheaper even with having car payments ? Iโ€™ll be paying rent cuz Iโ€™m a single millennial so Iโ€™ll have rent and car insurance etc but I still really wanna move there may I also ask what do you do for work ?

  21. I am moving to Florida in the next 2 years what part of Florida do u recommend job wise etc taxes just cost of living really

  22. https://youtu.be/KcnKKhedbXY
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    to buy my kids a house ๐Ÿก like this
    Nothing too fancy ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ’ฏโœ…โœ…โœˆ๏ธโœˆ๏ธ

  23. Zero crime. Tranquil. I like the sound of that. What part of Florida is that? I'm from Brooklyn NY and will be moving to Fl.in the next to years with my wife and kids. Thank you for a great video.


  25. what the heck were you thinking.
    just kidding, home looks very nice and you look relaxed,it is what it is, make the best of it

  26. NJ guy checking in. That house, especially on that sized property, would easily go for well over a million. More like 1.5 – 2… *easily*. I absolutely love Jersey, but it is insanely expensive.

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