Why Women Shouldn’t Wear Yoga Pants, Jennifer Lawrence Backlash, and Trump’s Armed Teachers Proposal

Why Women Shouldn’t Wear Yoga Pants, Jennifer Lawrence Backlash, and Trump’s Armed Teachers Proposal

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  1. If ya wanna skip around, here ya go!

    Why Women Shouldn’t Wear Yoga Pants: (0:06)
    Megan Fox Comments: (1:41)
    Jennifer Lawrence Picture Controversy: (2:44)
    Belcher Wins Kentucky Seat: (5:09)
    CNN Town Hall, Parkland Shooting, and Trump: (8:03)

    See ya tomorrow… Maybe. We'll see. Maybe not. You'll have to tune in and find out. 😉

  2. What about the school shootings where the kid takes the gun from their parents? How are you supposed to stop that by just making sure ‘deranged, bad guys’ can’t get those weapons? It’s not just bad guys getting guns. What about the little kids that find their parents guns and accidentally shoot themselves or their sibling? You can say that parents should keep their guns in a gun safe but the reality is they don’t and in most places, there isn’t even a law enforcing that.

  3. I'm born and raised in Ireland where we have some of the strictest gun laws in the world. We have never had a school shooting. I can't imagine what it's like to go to school everyday with the threat of being possibly killed because the government won't introduce gun laws. It's beyond me. It's obvious that guns are the problem. In Ireland you can only get a license for a standard shot gun not even our police are armed. In order to get a gun license in Ireland you must be part of a registered gun club, you must have proof that you will be using the gun for hunting purposes only, you must have a safe place to store the gun and you must pass a background check performed by the Garda Síochana (our police force). It can takes months until you are actually granted a gun license. These strict laws are necessary to keep everyone safe. Americans you are trigger happy and need to change your laws because until you dissolve the 2nd amendment tragic incidents like this will continue to happen. Good guys with guns don't stop bad guys with guns.

  4. now see, mehyn fox gets it, in acting you're a human marketing ad, not a human being, you're not allowed to wear things that you're not partnered with, you're not allowed to have opinions, you're not allowed to make mistakes, cheers to her for telling the realities of acting

  5. Women should get to wear yoga pants. Men should get to wear yoga pants. Non binary people should get to wear yoga pants. Have you tried them? Them sumbitches are comfy and you feel like spiderman.

  6. Guns only kill people when used by people to kill people. Should we ban cars because cars kill people, or should we ban people who can't drive safely from driving. How about we do something to keep people from guns who are a danger to others. It is possible to kill with any weapon if that is your intent. The gun only makes it easier. I think anyone who would kill anyone in cold blood would do so in any way possible and it sickens me that this happens. It seems that the psychopaths of the world care not how they do these things and I feel for anyone who is a victim of any inhumane acts of violence. My point is that a person used a tool to do the horrible thing and it is the person who is the demon not the tool.

  7. I thought that Yoga pants referred to the spandex workout pants. Nothing wrong with a sexy woman in form fitting workout attire.

  8. Well I live in Finland where basically the whole country is gun free area (really only police and hunters have guns and police does not even use the guns and they have killed like one person in ten years) and we have school shootings VERY rarely (in my lifetime there have been three and I'm 22 yo, in all of them combined there have been under ten dead and most of them adults, all at least teens, if I remember correctly). When some day I will have children, I would never let my baby go to school where someone has a gun. But well, there may be cultural difference, I have never even seen real gun myself (just old ones in museum and my family cottage's air rifle lol).

  9. Yah rather than giving teachers guns maybe stop people from have guns in the first place (FULL STOP) This isn't a problem most of the rest of the world is facing because the rest of us focus on preserving life rather than sentences written 200 years ago.

  10. “Women are seen as objects.”

    Megan fox is basically fanservice in transphormers and her appearance is the reason for her success. You cant blame us for seeing you this way when you have nothing else going for you!!

    I agree with jennifer!! The whole dress thing is some really dumb shit!

  11. Say what you will about Rubio, he was able to keep his cool and respond very thoughtfully and respectfully in a room full of people angry at him

  12. This is late, but as a current student I've seen more than my fair share of racist, sexist, or biased teachers. Placing that trust in a teacher is dangerous. You can't expect every teacher to be a good person. Frankly the idea is terrifying. I mean, have you seen those videos of teachers fighting students? Who would give that person a gun?

  13. Dont most employers treat you as a commodity? Except most employers dont pay you millions per contract negotiation.

  14. I'm late to this party, but here's what I have to say about the shooting story. I'm pretty proud of if Marco Rubio. I'm not a huge fan, but I see how he was professionally listening and how respectful he was to those asking questions. I was a teacher for 2 years. I'm also bipolar. I am not ashamed to say that I should be on that list for not being able to own a gun, much less have one in my classroom, and I'm ok with that. I had to resign this past summer because I was losing passion and it wasn't fair to myself or the kids, but I was legitimately scared of a 5th grader that had been under suicide protocol 3 times, and that I have literally heard say, "I'm going to kill that kid." I taught at a school off a military base and the school found out that not only were there gun in the house (not surprising because of his parent's military background) but had access to these guns. I was ready to have my classroom shot up. As a teacher, I'm supposed to take a bullet for these kids. I would do that. I wouldn't like it, but I would do it. This past year I was also reprimanded for students in my class telling each other they want to kill them, because it's my fault I didnt prevent it (this was the actual reason given). Now this 5th grade boy has gone on to middle school but I also had to deal with his brother in 4th grade and he was almost worse. I had extra crosswalk duty and would see them walking to school and push each other into the road. There was no way in hell I was going to teach him and those he had great influence on as 5th graders. This is part of the story why I will be finding a new way to use my degree and letting my teaching certificate expire. It's just too much anxiety to have to try and teach around all of that drama. This is my opinion on some of what is happening, but I reserve the right to be wrong.

  15. Omg, I am honored. I helped with phone banking for Linda Belcher. This is really cool to see Philip DeFranco cover this.

  16. Or we can have a police officer in each and every classroom…teachers focus on education…police focus on security

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