Why You Should (Always) Dress For Success

Why You Should (Always) Dress For Success

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  1. Hi sir, I am interested in data analytics. Where I learn the skills required to get the data analyst job? Please suggest

  2. Hi Neil, does HelloBar scrubs the emails ids of subcribers who are not opening your emails on a regular basis and creates a separate list of the same? Heard you talk about it on one of the Podcasts on The Marketing School.

  3. I have experienced this working with a company. Whenever I visited with a Karizma a 225cc Vehicle the security guard used to guide me till the parking space whereas when I was in jeans and sports shoes on a Victor they not even open the parking lot unless horned .
    This is a different scenario but still it's because of my getup.

  4. You look professional when you wear formal. Certainly, no one is gonna trust a guy who comes wearing informal and says he can provide some business. He might have knowledge, but he doesn't look professional.
    Professionalism comes when you start giving importance to the clothes you wear.

    See my DP. That's when I learned that there are times to wear formal and times to wear informal.

  5. is aura of positive people….. lately ill learn how to dress nice. not expensive cloth but still just dress nice…. i feel a lot of diffrent

  6. I remember in the 80s, if you dressed for success for a year your life will improve. So for a whole year I dressed for success, wore the best/expensive clothes. After that year I reevaluate my life. My life had not improved one bit. I was still single, my career did not change whatsoever. I went back to being a slob. But I agree you are judged by what you wear

  7. Hello Neil Sir, I just woke up in the morning and in the sleep (dream), I spotted you in India looking for "Paan" in some small shops. Then I taken advice from you in Hindi and Bengali as well about improvements I can do in my website to acquire more customers.

    By the way, do you know Hindi language?

  8. Your mom is right! 😊
    I personally don't like those who are telling their stories on Instagram but dressed in a very casual way or with a wet hair just to be in front of people's eyeballs 24/7. Unfortunately, the Big Bro thing has lowered the human critical sense. There's an audience that's actually buying this, no matter how you are presenting yourself.

  9. Hi Neil, Did you notice that Ubersuggest 2.0 is not mobile friendly and a lot of people mock about it on social platforms. Would request you to fix this for better user experience.

  10. Neil, great advice. Reminds me of to great quote – STYLE: because your personality isn't the first thing people see!

  11. I've always dressed like James Bond.. Image is everything in London and a big part of personal branding/ marketing which is so easy to over look.

    Neil, I have a website for a service business I provide. What would you say is more important to focus on next, in terms of traffic and conversion… Blog, Click Funnel, Facebook Ads or Google Ads.
    Would love to hear your take on which to prioritise as I am new to digital marketing 🙂 Thank u

  12. Muchas gracias por tus consejos.. y más que seo ;hablas detécnicas que se puede aplicar también en negocios..
    ¡Muchas bendiciones para ti amigo Neil ! 😊

  13. I would say first impression counts the most. I heard of one story where a certain company hires a new president, not because of his capabilities. But just because he LOOKS like one!

  14. i cannot talk so I can just send people out that dress nice haha. there's also low budget suits and second hand rolexes etc.

  15. I second your interesting research. People do judge you on your clothes, specially shoes.

  16. Neil, thanks for sharing this. What other things have you noticed which are not very obvious and people judge you or things that people don't give much importance to but should give? Thanks again for your wisdom, it's priceless.

  17. Great advice Neil! 😊 You're not the first person I've heard say this exact fact. It's unfortunate, but true. People will judge you based on your appearance. Hence top in-person sales people having incredibly clean appearances, because they know that how the look (and their grooming) will impact their ability to make sales (or none).

    Brian Tracy talks about this in one of his books.



  18. Yeah, True.
    People do say that you can't judge a book by its cover, still we can't help it. Most of us judge people only by appearance coz its human nature.

  19. Something about a person who dresses for the occasion also conveys a level of “seriousness” (for lack of a better word) than someone who say, does not. It’s easy to dress down and wear “comfortable” clothes, but dressing business prof has a way of getting your mind in gear and setting a tone for your work… I’ve seen a lot of new startup CEOs and “co-founders” speak at conferences and come onto Bloomberg dressing in t shirts and cut off jeans… to me, you’re sending a signal to people that you don’t take your role very seriously and even if you do, a vast majority of colleagues in your field won’t and that’s the only impression that have of you moving forward… presentation is everything, especially today in a world where everything is captured on soc media

  20. I don't agree. I am a building contractor. I noticed If I wear formal clothes my potential customers are scared and think they will pay a lot. I got more projects while wearing a hoodie or very casual shirt and trainers.

  21. I just watched your video Neil, the interview you’ve had with advantage consulting services ACS 12 years ago. You had as much clarity and same determination helping your followers. Amazing and thank you for all that you do

  22. You also make more money as a woman if you are borderline anorexic and attractive (there is a significant amount of research on this). I think this is a huge problem. Clothes, weight, beauty – none of that means anything. Sometimes there is something more sinister behind the statistics.

  23. Thanks soo much. I been thinking to do something different as I am in event design business. But feeling stuck. Will def. take this advice since I don’t pay much attention to my appearance. any advice for someone with great niche in this industry but haven’t been noticed by desired clients?

  24. One barrier to employment is being able to afford "career quality" clothing. As a nonprofit whose mission is to help people find work, local Goodwills often work with agencies to provide vouchers that allow them to dress for success. If you are looking for work and can't afford a suitable wardrobe, contact your local Goodwill.

  25. in my opinion dress is low risk investment rather than flashy car, watches, smartphone in other to impress clients. so choose proper dress.

  26. My mom also wants me to dress well even at home. From now on I will consider this point and try to improve the myself. Since you and I work in same industry, it will help me a lot. Once again shukria for the advice.

  27. Very good video. Im gradually getting out of wearing yoga pants and tight tops. Its something that I have gotten use to for so long. Im actually enjoying dresser much more classier and professional now. It makes me feel empowered. Always remember that its okay to switch up your looks every now and then. It comes across as being a bit more mature vs just always wearing relaxed clothing. Its going to feel uncomfortable at first but overtime you will get use to it.

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