Wicked the Musical – Dianne Pilkington discusses costume changes

Wicked the Musical – Dianne Pilkington discusses costume changes

I have nine costume changes, but only seven actual different costumes. I start off in this costume here which is Glinda at her most powerful, her most public figure, so it’s the hugest costume that I wear, it has quite a large queenly ruff, and very big sleeves, a huge skirt, it’s very corseted, and it’s completely full length, and this is what’s known as the bubble frock, this is the one that I fly in. This is at the end of her story; we go back in time to her school uniform. Which is like a Chanel number, complete with bag, she always has a bag, when she hasn’t got a wand she got a bag, very important with the accessories, it has a full kick skirt, it moves so beautifully, really goes with the character. At the beginning when she’s younger, and when she’s a student, she’s very couture, but it’s softer, the hemlines are quite short, and shoulders are quite narrow. This is every girl’s first party flock, or it should be, again you have the heavily beaded handbag, this is her going out type of outfit, very ruffly, when you move, it kicks out, it moves fantastically, there’s a pair of shoes that go with it, sparkly high heels shoes, these are really high and very narrow. A great piece of advice I had at the beginning of my career, ask for your shoes as soon as you possibly can, because the way that you stand in your heels, or a pair of strongly constructed shoes, is going to be completely different form how you stand in a pair of flipflops, adjusts your character quite a lot. Then I go to the Emerald City where everything is green apart from me, the hemlines are getting longer, more important I guess, she’s going somewhere where she is hoping to be a public figure, she’s hoping to be noticed, so it’s slightly grander and a little less frilly than the stuff she’s worn before, as she gets more important it’s the ancient thing, the skirts got bigger, the more important you were, by the end of it, she’s got huge long skirts, which are quite wide. Then we go into Act Two, by this point, she is a public figure, she’s become very much a spokesperson, this is what I like to call my Eva Peron outfit, it’s in two pieces, the skirt is, as you can see, is getting fuller and slightly longer, it’s got a huge train on the back which is like a rainbow, which I love. Everything in Oz is slightly lop-sided, there’s only one arm to the top, what you can see hanging up there there’s a glove for my other arm, everything is slightly off centre, even the crowns that go with the other dresses, they don’t quite fall centre, they shoot off in different directions, they’re quite cool. Already, the collars are getting bigger, shoulders getting wider, Waists are getting narrower, and she’s getting grander. I then get engaged, I have an engagement party, this is her first full ball dress, it’s along the same lines as the bubble dress, she’s getting there, she’s growing up, she’s becoming more of a public figure, it’s the green of Oz, and it has this lovely thing, I used to love this when I was a little girl, that slashed open thing, looks like you have the underskirt, a slashed open bodice and then finally she’s goes back into the bubble dress, with the huge wand and the huge crown and she’s finally made it into her public figure.

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  1. *clapclapcalp* I love this woman! xD And wow, I never realized quite how beautiful the green ballgown is–it is very stunning! I even love what Di herself was wearing while showing off the costumes–simply lovely.
    And when was this anyway? I note the wavy hair… I miss the wavy hair. xD

  2. I <3 Dianne 🙂 🙂
    Soo glad this is up here now (Y)
    And I loove what she is wearing! I have a skirt a bit like that!
    The costumes are all soo amazing! I love how the yellow Oz dress has hints of pink in it!
    <3 <3 <3

  3. yer you can def see she's wearing her shiz shoes for the opening and I'm certain she wears her shiz dress underneath so all she has to do is get out of bubble dress, change wigs, put shiz top on and hat then shes all set 🙂 Love Dianne!!

  4. is it possible for her to come to broadway just for a bit like kerry!?!? she is sooo amazing i wanna see her …i seen kerry on broadway and I really cant go to london so maybe she can..lol

  5. love dianne! i know she puts on a glinda voice but her voice does sound deeper here than when ive met her at SD and stuff!
    her outfits are so lovely, her bubble dress is my fav, just like elphie's act II dress is so gorgeous 🙂
    i didnt know the engagement dress was oz green! i thought it was a paler blue…very similar to the bubble dress!!

  6. she has two shiz costumes. she just doesnt show you one of them cuz it would be kindof pointless. She wears it during the train scene before one short day, and some glindas wear it at the beggining of dancing through life.

  7. I thought it was a blazer, a vest, and a skirt, and she takes off the blazer for DTL, and has it back on for the train scene.

  8. no she actually talks like this! My pal sitting next to me now who has never mat dianne or seen her thinks she sounds like me normally. … great! lol

  9. Dianne is awesome! She is cutem and she looks good in the Glinda clothes. Personally, I think that the ballgown dress, is like a Jr. Version of the Bubble Dress if you look closer. I love her ad Glinda!

  10. there are two different shiz uniform costumes. if you look up pic on google, she has the one with the little jacket and then the one with the little tie.

  11. When I went I was really interested to know how she changed from the bubble dress to the shiz so fast. I always thought she would be wearing the shoes already because it's just practical but I was in the fourth row and I saw the shoes under her bubble dress when she came down.

  12. yah the bubble dress is 2 peices, and the skirt is elastic and the top snaps in the back. so she runs off and rips the skirt down, snaps the top off, and snaps the jacket on. Somebody is changing her wig during that time, although i am startting to wonder if she just puts the jacket over the bubble top, but i dont think she does…

  13. Kristin Chenoweth hasn't played Glinda for years…since like 04 or 05. It's sad but true. I know I'm rooting for her to be in the film…

  14. oh i wasn't really up to date with the actors/actress cos my skool is taking me and sum of my friends and other people 2 c wicked in london next month and its my first broadway show so im trying 2 learn about who we r gonna watch on the stage b4 we go

  15. If you get Glinda's understudy, Sarah Earnshaw, don't be disappointed. I was a little crushed when I found out we wouldn't be seeing Dianne but Sarah was amazing 🙂

  16. @pjcp97 I am a soprano, and my speaking voice is pretty much in this region. My Mum thought I was going to be an alto, but I can crack out those high notes!

  17. It's my dream to work in costume for theatre and the wicked costumes are such an inspiration to me!! I'm actually making the Engagement gown as I type this!! Great vid 🙂

  18. So weird how her voice is so warm and beautiful naturally but her character voice for Glinda is so nasal and annoying.

  19. Considering she played the part for three years, you'd think she'd know that actually, she has 6 costumes. She wears the bubble dress (as well as her Shiz Uniform) twice.

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