Will Lauren find the perfect wedding dress? | Curvy Brides Boutique @10pm on TLC

Will Lauren find the perfect wedding dress? | Curvy Brides Boutique @10pm on TLC

I think sleeves are quite important,
I do want sleeves Come over here maam so you can look in the mirror it sounds really awful but I want tears
from him oh my god you look stunning even though
I’m bigger I still wonder what they criticize that what makes us different from the other
run-of-the-mill regular bridal shops is the fact that we’ve been there
I used to be a lot bigger probably at my biggest bear size 34, 36
so we can empathize with our brides I didn’t get this whole special trying
on lots of dresses because I never had it I really want my brides to have it I
don’t ever want them to feel the way I feel when I couldn’t choose a dress and
I couldn’t have that special time I’m a size 28 so kind of body-conscious
trying to find something that looks right fits right as well
without bitskind of hang out everywhere one thing One thing I definitely want the dress to have his
sleeves I don’t really like my arms I probably my worst bit right
welcome to our little bit of plus size paradise oh wow me and Matt got engaged when we went to
Amsterdam not the most romantic thing but we were on a boat that was all you
can drink beer or you can eat pizza and he got the captain of the boat to bring
my engagement ring on top of a tub of Ben and Jerry’s
I think sleeves are quite important oh you do want sleeves?
Yeah I do want the sleeves oh yeah that’s nice and it’s got
pockets how does we only been dress shopping
once it was an a shop that specialized in plus-size Brides so some of the
dresses just didn’t suit me at all literally like a Teletubby in a wedding
dress or a slug that’s what my mom said did you like this well yeah I’m gonna try it
I don’t think it is pretty but I think it’ll it might make you look bigger than
you already are I think as mother of the bride it’s it’s
a hard task for me because you know she is obviously very conscious of her body
and her height and a weight so you have to be quite diplomatic on how I say things
so you picked quite a few you got some fabulous dresses you
love them all okay you love them all?
I love them all … ok step into my office I get some dresses
on okay I think to you so usually kind of going into a changing
with someone I don’t know it would be a bit scary for me something I don’t like
to do but actually Alison made me feel really at ease with myself and she was
just lovely and I just wasn’t a big deal I have to say Lauren your body
language is completely trying yeah but I don’t like it you know what I could tell right away
what you see that you’re not liking about this one I don’t like the mushy
bit I don’t like but this isn’t fat right what about the arms yeah I just
know I’ve actually got the sleeves on it I think it looks worth if you don’t
to go out and show your mom we run we’ll put something else on can I just see ?
mom you can peek your head then I feel like a joint of gammon
oh no no Lauren is absolutely fixated on sleeves which is just not the right
thing for her okay ma’am not what you want
I just didn’t look nice didn’t do anything for me the sleeves weren’t
great it was just tight on the arm and it just looked not good look like
something out of quality string Lauren is fixated on slaves she really really
feels like she wants to cover her arms we’ll try and give her our expert advice
and steer in the right direction so what we kind of need to do is strip that
right back and take the sleeves off and you need to see the difference in shape here we go, there she is! so much better and then the veil which does the job it’s beautiful isn’t it yeah it’s really
beautiful you don’t get sold mum you know I get emotional I do actually love
that length I just wanna ask you how you feel I want you to describe how you feel
I feel beautiful when Jo asked me how I felt in it and I said I felt beautiful I
just I crying because I don’t feel like that very often I guess no I do love it
it looks stunning so is this the one yeah yeah that’s the
one’s the one bag it you

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  1. I honestly don't see why a trip to Amsterdam couldn't be "romantic." If anything, I'm a tad jealous that the bride here had such a fabulous getaway (and proposal!). Maybe it's because the Netherlands is on my travel bucket list.

  2. Forget vanity, this girl (&her sister) need to lose weight for health reasons. They will feel much better if they do. As they age these poor girls will wind up weighing 500 lbs. They are a heart attack and diabetes waiting to happen.

  3. Wow she looks beautiful. Forget the mean comments, there are skinny people out there who cant hold down a man. You go girl.

  4. All women are beautiful in all sizes and shapes hats off to these two fabulous women who make all dose ladys dreams come tru on there special day x😘❤

  5. this girl has the most beautiful face and is SO clever. I totally support people NOT feeling they have to be a size 8 but when you love someone you really occasionally have to help people and not be an enabler when people are really unhealthily big She deserves a life poor girl. Haters hate me but I really think it is unfair smokers and drinkers get help but overeaters are just seen as greedy without people examining overeating for emotional reasons.

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