100 Replies to “Will Smith on Son Jaden Wearing Batman Suit at Prom”

  1. I like Jimmy show. But listen to Him when he asked did you get to keep the Hat. Americans really don't know anything about the other countries because they feel they own everything. And it's called a Turban jimmy

  2. It’s really nice to see that Aladdin is not a scene to scene exact remake! So excited to see this movie!

  3. Man I'd wish for a bunch of hookers and crack rocks……not for me,but for the hookers. So after their all crazy I make em wrestle with Velveeta chz all over

  4. Your seriously going to ruin will smith for me? Now i cant watch his new alladin movie or even like him anymore. Crazy liberals.

  5. Your son is always trying to step away from your shadow. Unfortunately he has no talent and should focus on getting a regular, ordinary job.

  6. I guess because Jaden went to prom as Batman earlier in time we are strictly prohibited from watching/making entertainment about it?
    Who cares if it was 4 years ago? Memories anyone like

  7. I've always been a fan of Smith, but his son seems like an inconsiderate little spoiled attention-whore prick to ruin a girl's prom night like that. She was upset enough to ask her parents to call his parents and his dad TOLD him not to ruin her special night. Then he's even proud of the fact that he's "trending #1". Little selfish jerk, wear a Batman suit to your OWN prom and embarrass yourself, not some poor girl whose only mistake was asking your dumbass out.

    Also, this Aladdin movie is looking worse and worse by the day. As a fan, I'm gonna give it a shot, but I'm sure happy he's already filming Bad Boys III. Hopefully that will get his career back on track…

  8. Y’all are sleep on the creativity of jaden smith… need to watch his Scarface video and the literal “Batman” video lmao

  9. I mean when you invite Jayden what did you expect? The man is just being himself smh if you wanted someone else, invite someone else

  10. I saw Will Smith at the Hollywood Aladdin Premiere! He really is energetic and charismatic in person. I have behind the scenes footage on my channel!

  11. Damn man please have will smith on every night that dude is more energetic than half the people on these shows ✊🏽

  12. Key word : Invited ….. Ain't nobody say we paying for your ticket 😉
    Still, if Will invites me I'm going hahahahaha 🙂 tabs on me lol

  13. So Im like …. that would suck if someone was like ohhhh man I had plans afterwards and couldnt go lol….. and is it me or does he look at bit high….. takin the mic a bit….

  14. These are weird ppl… so eccentric for no reason. I guess that’s what millions of dollars, and Hollywood does.

  15. So basically Will a extremely rich guy stole the Aladdin hat lmfao 😂😂😂
    He is too funny. Gotta love Will!😄

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