32 Replies to “Will the Bride Find Bling on a Budget? | Say Yes To The Dress UK”

  1. The bride could add a sparkly belt to the dress. Since she had such a well defined waistline, she could pull it off quite easily.

  2. 1st gown looks trashy on her… Too revealing for her busty bust…
    Time for sometbi g Classic (classy) & PLEASE… PLEASE…
    Something Elegant!!

  3. Bride feeling uncomfortable in revealing dress

    Camera man zooms in 5 times at the places she finds revealing

  4. When I was 15 I remember thinking any bride spending less than 5k was a cheap b, now that i’ve gone through college there’s no way I’m spending more than 250$ on mine 😂

  5. "Where is the price on this one darling?" If David doesn't know where the price tags are at this point, no wonder he always goes over budget!

  6. I didn’t watch this video when it initially popped up because the thumbnail was too much. My first thought was why would a bride be showing all that cleavage. Come to find out the bride felt the same way. So why did the show ignore how she felt. She wouldn’t go out and show her family but you plastered her on international tv. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  7. When David Emanuel comes out it reminds me of a Las Vegas magician’s act or hypnotist show. He talks and gestures like he’s directing assistants.

  8. She is such a beautiful lady, but I really don't like her dress choice. Not even one of the three… 🙁

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