Will the petrified bride-to-be find her dream dress? | Curvy Brides’ Boutique | Rise By TLC

Will the petrified bride-to-be find her dream dress? | Curvy Brides’ Boutique | Rise By TLC

absolutely she’s made the right choice
and I think we just have to make her believe it you’re not looking at me ?
no I know, why what is the matter? I am petrified about buying my wedding dress I hate my high hate in my
weight oh my god, you look amazing Oh my God.. Your A** looks great I have spent so long hating yourself let yourself be happy Oh man! its good isn’t it? All Brides need
a little bit of help to come in here and be at your most vulnerable all the
lights are on you’ve got eyes on you it can be
terrifying I was always the single person forever and I never thought I’d
get married and then I met Phil two and a half years ago he’s funny and creative
and sweet and just awesome Oh Hello! Kate okay I’m Joe first time in the project
don’t be worried don’t be paniced she’s already had lunch
no she won’t buy it so just like briefing you’re kind of into a light
place but I think it can look a bit sort of confining sometimes yeah good just want
to look good, look fierce perfect definitely not mermaid or
anything that’s gonna hug this business here that’s me
I would say have a good look flower and we’ll give you five ten minutes don’t fixate on beading and lace and
stuff just put it on and see how you feeling it a lot of the times Brides
will come in and they’re laughing and joking and they’re really really
confident and really bubbly but nine times out of ten that can be a mask it
can hide what they’re actually feeling on the inside and they’re the ones that
need a bit more help so this is the first time we’ve been shopping times
yeah first time I’ve ever tried on a wedding dress I would say hundred
percent I have an issue with the way that I view myself and my body image and
growing up I don’t even think that calling myself an ugly duckling would
cover it I felt like a hideous monster people would say oh you could be pretty
if only you were thin my instinct is always to not be the center of attention
so this is just well out of my comfort zone you’re not looking at yourself
no I know I, why what is the matter? wait let me get you a tissue I’ll be alright think it’s hard when you feel the way that I feel about myself even
that situation it’s hard to hide when you like you’re out there listen we’re
all here for you once Kate had the moment I got to the
real K and found out she wasn’t actually confident and she didn’t like the way
that she looked and actually she needed it a little bit more help than we
initially thought you know what it is as we made sure we’re not used to looking
at ourselves like that and the thing is we’ve got to look at ourselves in a
dress after time we just run out in the house and we don’t even barbecue
Oh I never look in the mirror this is
your day and it’s all about you It’s my day. it is so you have to feel as amazing as
you look and I know you’re nervous thank you you I’ll hold your hands
we’re do it together I think every bride wants that look that approval from their
husband when they’re in the dress okay so nice girls
oh my goodness you look so good you should wear this every day hard to say love because
It is the first dress she has put on I didn’t feel
great I thought the dress is beautiful but I just I can see myself and that’s
not a cool thing in my eyes now we’re gonna go for something else yes
something that you haven’t chosen this is my pick just because it’s a different
shape you having fun with I put it on notes in the mirror in the in the
dressing room wasn’t sure oh man that’s good isn’t it
I really like that is beautiful so I’m gonna do this off
you look amazing who would have known that you had
that lovely shaped face hide in oh my god and I genuinely love it I don’t know
what clicked but suddenly I was just so I feel wicked I feel like a bride it was
just the dress I just need Kate you’re looking all
right Give me five… Give me five! yeah I feel like I’ve turned a real sort of 180 degrees from how
I was gonna walk since that dressing room the first time I had no idea it was
gonna go this way I can’t wait to get married anyway I can’t wait to wear that
dress it’s just yet peaceful you

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  1. She saw herself as a beautiful bride for the first time, and there seem to be onion fumes in my room. So lovely, what these ladies do for their brides, not just the dress, the love they put into their work. Brava!!

  2. These women seem to overlook the fact that they are beautiful and the proof is that the person marring them thinks that they are too.

  3. I love Al and Jo and the magic they work on these women who are absolutely stunning and have no idea because of how they’d been treated their whole lives. It bothers me that the comments on most of the videos of this show on Youtube are blocked. I want to say when I got emotional, what I love about each dress, and to show my appreciation for these women and those like them that specialize in clothing suited for the fuller figure. 💕

  4. … if your weight bothers you that much, why don't you just.. lose the weight? Yeah it isnt easy and it takes time but so does hating yourself your whole life and trying to convince yourself that your unhealthy life style is the way you wanna go. And no I'm not skinny but I'm at a weight where I feel beautiful and that's what's important to me.and being healthy.

  5. Finally, an unblocked show. I watch each and every one of these. Finally I can say, what's been on my heart. When I got married 17 years back, we had NO options. There wasn't any place for a plus size lady. I had to get a seamstress, to try make something for a huge girl, like me. Ladies, you are all beautiful on the outside, and it is reflecting on the inside. Bless the two ladies, who owns this beautiful plus size boutique. I'm hooked on this show.

  6. I love everything on your videos it's a blessing to watch how these two ladies speak and treat the brides that come to there shop. Lovely job ladies 😍😘🌹🖒

  7. You are lovely and it's time you see yourself that way and let the naysayers go fuck themselves.
    Al and Jo you're amazing at what you do, please be the way you are forever ❤

    All the negative commenters on this video – you're an asshole and do remember you reap what you sow. Hate comes around!

  8. She look amazing in every dress…..
    Well may god bring all those happiness which belongs to her future…
    Every single person who's reading these comment may all they bless wid happiness…..☺

  9. The consultants are so understanding!!
    The bride looked so beautiful it genuinely broke my heart to see her so under confident 🙁

  10. dear allison and jo, i need you to know how important your work has been for me. on dark days i watch your videos and it keeps me going, you are always so kind to all the women in your shop and always on their side, that is giving me hope and two role models full of warmth and heart, thank you for everything you do, sending you love

  11. Thankyou for presenting dresses that are beautiful and elegant for beautiful and elegant ladies. I'm so sick of plus size clothes looking out dated and frumpy.

  12. You look amazing, lady! You looked great in both of those dresses. I 100 % get the feeling of not wanting to be on show, but you have a really pretty face and that dress was awesome. PS love that bold lipstick, hope yo stuck with it for the day.

  13. Plus size girls you are beautiful, gorgeous and awesome! You deserve the best, figures fit in all clothes, don't give up!

  14. I love this.. The brides are lovely and Ali and Jo are amazing ..They make these women feel so beautiful and worthy.. I always cry watching this

  15. I have just found this channel on YouTube. I am glad I did. It is about time shows like this existed. These women are beautiful individuals, and their partners are marrying them because of this. A full episode would be appreciated. Thank you Rise.

  16. I wish we had stores like this one here. I never go to go to a store to try on wedding dresses. I got married almost 4 years ago. I tried on 2 dresses. one from a friend of the family it was very outdated and it wasn't me and another one from a college friend of mine who just charged me how much she paid for dry cleaning which was not much at all and I settled on that one. I loved the dress and I hope one day my daughter will want to wear it but I wish I could have gone to a store like this and have the whole experience.

  17. Whenever ive had a really negative down day i love watching clips from this show just brightens up my day and restores my faith in humanity, girl you rocked that wedding dress your husband will be absolutely blown away! So glad she left feeling happy and confident and not defeated xx

  18. Oh God she's beautiful, it's sad to see she doesn't know that 😞
    I totally understand her though, self-esteem really is a hard thing for some of us…

  19. The wow factor of every show, is the moment they find the perfect dress, look in the mirror and realise that they are beautiful no matter what size they are! It's a priceless moment that we enjoy seeing again and again. Well done ladies!

  20. The bride looked absolutely gorgeous! Really, it's what's on the inside that matters not the outside! If you are beautiful on the inside, then you are beautiful on the outside! Some people are stunningly beautiful on the outside but are really ugly on the inside and that actually shows outwardly!
    Some people think they are being helpful but they're not! I remember, in school, being told by one of my friends that I would be pretty if I lost weight! I think they meant it to be kind because they were not usually a nasty person, but it didn't help! Other kids would say awful things and I grew up with image problems thinking I was ugly etc! Now, I think, if you don't like the way I look, tough really – don't look at me then!

  21. Alli & Jo, I Love Love LOVE Your Show!! I Can't Stop Watching It!! You Two Are Both So Special & I Truly Hope You Know How Much You Both Mean To All Of Your Customers & All Of Your Viewers!! Much ❤ To You & Your Beautiful Customers!!

  22. Kate, sending love from California. I hope you will allow yourself to see what I saw when I watched this video…Girl, you are so beautiful!!! Now go live happily ever after!!!

  23. My first wedding in 1985 was done on a shoestring and my mother made the dress. She was a good seamstress but it wasn't the same as a 'proper' wedding dress. It was short length and pale blue because the shop didn't have enough fabric in cream. When I married a second time in 2003 I had to buy my dress from Evans ,who for a very short period produced a few wedding -ish dresses. It was pretty, but I would have loved the whole 'trying on the princess dress' experience that these girls are having. I'm slim now in my fifties (a very recent Slimming World success) but can so relate to these girls because I still feel their pain.

  24. I wish a place like this when I was dress shopping years ago. I was a size 12 and I had three different stores tell me that they didn't carry dresses for people that were as fat me. The fourth told me that they only had three dresses for fat women. I had to pick one of those.

  25. WOW! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS SERIES! I've never been a plus size, I'm very petite, but I have family and friends who have suffered criticisms, horrible comments, and it breaks my heart. So, to see so many happy plus size brides find the wedding dress of their dreams, and sometimes "themselves" for the first time, it's so uplifting. Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments, ladies!

  26. This is the best of the bridal shows. These 2 ladies are brilliant at finding just the right dress that flatters their figures.

  27. love this show. im size 18 and 5 foot 11 and its so hard for me to find clothes. they dont cater for me at all! im hourglass too and its all pear shaped stuff. these 2 ladies are just amazing !!

  28. She is such a beautiful woman. And I hope this gives her the boost to know that she is a beautiful woman!

  29. You two do such an AMAZING job. You help these brides learn to love themselves. That is so POWERFUL!!! Much love 💞

  30. I’m a plus sized woman. When I got married, I did so in jeans. I wanted a nice wedding, to wear a pretty dress, but we couldn’t afford it. I went to try on dresses, but the selections were slim, no pun intended, at best.

  31. What a wonderful service! A plus-size bridal boutique! And the owners really understand the plus-size bride. But why do they have that small, low loveseat for plus-size women? You could see some of the women struggling to get up from it.

  32. What is WRONG with people??? I can only imagine what kind of human beings the people are who feel the need to insult strangers based on their appearance!!

    The vast majority of obese persons have spent their ENTIRE LIVES trying to "do something about it" but without success.. Yet so many comments saying, "if you don't like it, do something about it" .. Infuriating and heartless!!

    Processed foods, genetically modified "food" as well as microwave radiation destroying real nutrients have all combined with the modern sedentary lifestyle to sabotage. There's a reason that MOST Americans are overweight- we're eating the wrong food. Most people don't understand that. But listen- I've been a lifelong vegetarian. I've had health struggles. It doesn't matter if I slowly sip protein smoothies all day every day- my body desperately wants to gain weight. It's infuriating &devastating. If people could just simply "do something about it" they would!!!! There are multitudes of folks with health conditions that prevent strenuous exercise or vigorous dieting.. And guess what?? It's not every plus sized persons obligation to give you a detailed medical history so that your judgmental attitude can be satisfied!!!!!

    The skinny judgmental world has NO CLUE what kind of DAILY harassment we the plus sized (ESPECIALLYwomen) suffer!!! If everyone with a big nose or stinky feet was verbally abused the way we are EVERY DAY there would probably be a law against it by now!!

  33. Who else feel like well, gosh, how can you have a man who accepts you as you are, and wants to marry you, while you hate on yourself? How are us single gals (who find it hard to trust anyone with our hearts ), are suppose to feel? Be Grateful for Everything!

  34. The owners of this shop do so much more for their brides than just help them find the perfect dress. They are amazing.

  35. These Ladies Are Truly Amazing & What They Do For these Brides Is Priceless…
    Every Women Deserves To Feel Beautiful On Her Wedding Day♡

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