Winter Baby Tips: How to Dress and Care for Baby in the Cold | CloudMom

Winter Baby Tips: How to Dress and Care for Baby in the Cold | CloudMom

Hi everyone! Melissa here from talking about
winterizing your baby. How do you take care of your baby in the cold? What are the things you can do? So what I’m gonna do is quickly talk about
skincare and then talk about clothing both inside and out. So when it comes to skin care, I have found
with my babies that they did tend to get a little drier in the winter months, which I
think is from the dry heat in our building and what I did do with some of them is graduate
to a thicker, more nourishing type of cream. So I think that’s a good idea and then, of
course, Aquaphor I found was great. My kids also developed a little bit of irritation
from the cold here in the mouth area from drooling, I know lovely, and my doctor recommended
for that, little bit of hydrocortisone. So check with your doctor and see if he thinks
that’s a good idea. So that’s skincare. One final note, a humidifier can be a really,
really great thing if you have a dry environment. It can really keep the air nice and moist. If you do have a lot of heat on in your house
or building, it might be good to even crack open the window slightly, so that you have
an exchange of fresh air. This is something that I’ve always believed
in. Again, check with your doctor. Okay. Talking about clothing. What I did with all my babies when it came
to sleeping at night in the winter, was to make sure they had a nice onesie, long sleeved,
a footed pajama. I’ve got a few here. These are cotton, but they can be used all
year round. Nice colors, footed onesie, you can get these
in an even warmer style if you like to, and then I swaddled them. I did not use sleep socks, but some people
do and they are very popular. So that’s how you can keep your baby cozy
in the crib. You cannot use blankets. Remember that people. When it comes to outside, some of this can
pose a challenge because you’re dealing with the stroller, the baby not wanting to be all
like, restricted, and wanting access to his or hands. So here’s what I did piece by piece. First of all with hats. I have to show off this hat that my mother
made for Marielle with a matching sweater, and it was wonderful because it was nice and
stretchy, and when she was very, very little, and had a teensy, teensy head, she actually
wore this home from the hospital. Maybe I’ll try to put that picture up. I just rolled it up like this and it worked
so great. You can use a hat like this that’s a soft
wool or you can use a cotton hat. Okay. It has to fit the head, otherwise it’s going
to fall off, or you can get another hat like this and these are terrific with ties and
gently tie this under the babies chin and that will hopefully stay on. Mittens, I had very little success with newborns
because all my kids were finger and thumb suckers. Here’s a pair. These would usually get flung off and lost
as soon as my baby was old enough to really move around. They did not like the mittens. Okay. Coats and strollers. Here’s what I recommend. I’m gonna show you my fabulous insert. I’ve had this, I had this for many, many of
my kids, and it’s this big, warm thing that I wanted to get into. It’s like super luxurious, you see how warm,
and then on the outside it has, basically what is like a shell against the wind. So I would package my kids into this. When I had my first child, I had a double
stroller, and they would be all cozy and I was so jealous of them as I was walking out
extremely freezing. So that worked great. Once they were in that, I really didn’t need
a winter coat. They would have a pajama, a onesie, and a
cardigan, very easy to take on and off once you get inside, and that did the trick. This also made it, I’m gonna get my coat,
it also made it easier in terms of getting them in and out of the stroller, securing
those things, and of course the car seat. Okay. If you do want to have a winter coat or you
need one, I would get something like this. This is a hand me down from my friend, Reesa. It was reversible, and it is quite warm, and
it is down, but it’s extremely flexible and puffy. It’s not like that thick kind of coat that
can be a little bit unwieldy. So that’s what I would do. Let me just quickly check my notes to make
sure I went through everything. Okay, da-da-da-da-da-da. Okay. So those are my thoughts on winterizing your
baby. I hope that they were helpful to you. If you have other things you do with your
baby that you think are good, please share them with me on in the comments. Good luck staying warm this winter and thank
you so much for watching.

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  1. This winter will be my daughter's first winter and I'm stocking up on warm sleepers, long sleeved onesies, and a few snowsuits like the ones you showed. great video! 🙂

  2. I live in Wisconsin and our first baby is due Jan 24, 2014. My questions is: Do you really take your baby on stroller walks in the dead of winter? It will be below zero (very possibly 15 below due to windchill) and I didn't plan on even buying a stroller until Spring because I doubt I will go out walking. What are your thoughts from your experiences with your kids? Thank you.

  3. Hi Karina, you are right that is very cold! Honestly, I did not take my winter babies out I would say often for at least the first month-6 weeks b/c it was very cold. I bet you don't venture out until March. The fresh air is great but you have to worry about frostbite. I would 100% wait to buy your stroller — agree with everything you are saying!

  4. Thank you for your reply. I will wait to buy the stroller. This past winter it was not nice until May so walks will have to wait. Thank you.

  5. can you recommend where to find an insert like the one you showed here and is it also for a pumpkim seat? i have a 6 month old and am trying to prepare for winter 🙂

  6. Hi Melissa.if I use onesie and pajama and I pair with a 1.5 or 2.5 sleeping sack, would tht be enough? Not to mention we are using aircond.

    About the skin care would it be necessary for babies in winter ?

  7. My baby will be born towards December& January…. I hate the cold weathet& most definitely wondering what I will need for my little snow bunny this winter

  8. Something I've heard too, make sure if you get a winter coat for your kid don't actually have them wear it in the car in their car seat! If they're wearing a coat then there's more room between them & the seatbelt & they could be injured more in an accident. Take their coat off, put their seatbelt on first, and then you can slip their arms through the coat or put a blanket on top of them:)

  9. Hi! Could you please do a video on how to keep a toddler warm during fall and winter both at home and outside. 🙏

  10. Hi! could you please tell what is that super luxurious warm thing, could you please provide me the link .


  11. So I was thinking about the snowsuit – will the baby keep the snowsuit in the car ? Because normally it gets nice if we put the heater on . I am worried about heatstroke? Please just wondering , first baby getting ready for this year he will be about 6 months when winter hits.

  12. Hi, I was watching your youtube program on how to dress baby in the cold. It was really nice, thanks for the info. Could you pls share the brand of the coat you showed us? Thank you.

  13. How cold is too cold to go out? We're new to actual winter weather and we've been cooped up inside. I am gearing up to get the kids out to play but when is it considered too cold to go play outside safely?

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