Winter outfit ideas 2019

Winter outfit ideas 2019

hey guys so today I just have a very exciting video for you guys I haven't filmed one of these in a while and it's just a winter like lookbook I guess so it's kind of just an outfit of the week style video and yeah I just included some pieces I got from JustFab which I will link it down below and you guys should definitely check them out because they actually give me a link that I'm going to put in the description that will give you 50% off your order which is amazing because it's already so affordable and yeah I'm just really obsessed with these outfits and the looks because the others perfect for winter time if you're going out to dinner or if you have smart fancier to go if you're gonna go out with your girls and just have a night you know there's just an outfit for everything I'm personally a really big fan of JustFab because I'm very indecisive when I'm choosing my clothes you cannot scratch under anyone I've just I have a lot of trouble with shopping and online shopping I could spend hours you know so it's just fab they had this online quiz that you take before you start shopping and it's super quick and it just kind of gets a sense of your style and what you're looking for and then it has pieces that they select for you that you most likely like so that's what I did and was very convenient and I found like all of the products that I love I'm gonna show you a couple extra things because some things were just kind of accessories that I got and I want to show you anyways um and I think they'd just be good to just have with you so well first I'll just start with these because socks are so important to me like companies talk especially during the winter so I got four pairs of socks but two of them are in the wash right now so these are like a dusty purple color and they're so soft and then I also got these light gray ones and then I also have black ones and white ones that are in the wash and then I also picked up this really fresh eyelash curler which i think is just like kind of essential to have in my bag because I feel like I want to start carrying around like some products with me like maybe concealer and eyelash curlers mascara if I'm ever not wearing makeup and want to just toss on a bit if I'm about to go out or something because I have some night classes this semester so a lot of those outfits are outfits that I could wear to class and then wear straight out after yeah because Gretchen having class together on Thursdays so I feel like that's what we'll be doing very often so I also have this bag it's like a makeup bag that I think is so pretty it's all glittery and black it just says hello gorgeous on it and this cute little font and I feel like it's just like a perfect little makeup bag and I've learned you should get black makeup packs because or else they just get really gross looking on the inside super quick just from like bronzer brushes and stuff like brushing against the inside um so yeah I'm just gonna have this with me and some makeup and it'll be perfect so this first outfit is a bit more dressy I was thinking it'd be nice for a lovely little dinner date or something it has it's a nice little chiffon silky top from JustFab it's so nice and comfy and I feel like it's very flattering I love how it has the slits and the arms it's a very nice detail and it's just very nice blouse and I really like pairing it with these jeans dress it down a tiny bit and then I yeah just these boots are like my favorite boots from JustFab or so this next outfit is a little bit more casual but they shirt is a very comfy it's a Ribit turtleneck that is obviously grey from JustFab it's so comfy and I feel like it's perfect color it'll be very birth style and I just really am a fan of it it's so soft and I just paired it with a random pair of plaid pants and these at nice little booties also from JustFab they're so comfy and then this next outfit is just another more casual outfit that I dressed up with the booties from JustFab and I just paired it with a random cardigan and again printed pants cuz I feel like they're just really comfy for the winter but I really liked it with these booties so this next outfit is kind of more for like a homecoming thing in high school or maybe a formal if you're in college but it just depends on what the attire is but I just really love this dress I think it's super like classy but also obviously very cute and it's kind of short on me but um yeah very cute and flattering I'd say so yeah I just really enjoyed this outfit and I love those little heels I feel like they're a classic everyone has them I think they're just a staple so I hope you guys enjoyed today's lookbook video it was very fun to film let me know if you want more videos like this with up and ideas for school or going out or anything so make sure to check out JustFab by clicking the link in my description to get 50% off your entire JustFab order when you sign up for a VIP and if you're new a brand would and don't know where to start check out my favorite collection where I buy her shoe which is the Maxime bootie with two M's which I confused but yeah I really love these ones they're like not too pointy but they're just like they they're like a statement you know I really like that when I like this skinny little heel and yeah and they're actually so easy to walk in which is another reason I love them because I have such trouble walking with heels on as maybe some of you guys do because I feel like your whole life pretty much in like high school and stuff you just of our sneakers or boots or whatever and then you get to college and all of a sudden you're supposed to know how to wear heels and you're like yeah but these are really comfortable and very easy to walk around in so yeah don't forget to check out these little booties I've already gotten some wear and tear out of them so yeah I definitely would recommend checking out JustFab for some stylish pieces that are super affordable and yeah check out the link in the description down below and yeah thanks for watching today's video I'll see you guys my next fun bye

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  1. I seen one of your vids

    Stupid women look for stupid men, and vice versa.

    A real diamond is a woman with a brain. I still have not yet seen one.

  2. Lucy, I have been thinking of you ever since I heard the news about your dad. If you ever need someone to talk to, I am here for you. I lost my dad unexpectedly in high school and can understand some of the grief you are feeling right now. Please do not hesitate to reach out. Remember, take it one day at a time, allow yourself time to be sad, angry, confused, and be patient with yourself. We are all here for you <3

  3. wow very beautiful staffs, your so beautiful with your gorgeous boots and clothes, your now my Idol, liked and love it so much my friend. I wish to see you on your lovely next videos. thanks for sharing, have a wonderful day my friend.

  4. Hiiii! Always love your vlogs! Do you already know what you're going to do next year? And what are you majoring in?

  5. Girl, you are ROCKING both of those boots! I've never ordered from JustFab but this made me want to check it out πŸ™‚

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