Wolves in Sheep's Clothing | India's Stand Up Comedians Part 1

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing | India's Stand Up Comedians Part 1

24 Replies to “Wolves in Sheep's Clothing | India's Stand Up Comedians Part 1”

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  2. Lucky I never saw any episode posted by AiB when I saw them on TV I thought these guys looked extremely crazy and it turned out to be true

  3. I don't understand why
    Definition of Patriarchy, mysogeny, Chauvinism have all changed in the last 100 years, how is it that the definition of Feminism is same as what it was 200 years back.

  4. the problem is also with hindu women, who want to be "progressive" all the time. Many hindu women have disgusting views about patriarchy and masculinity. AIB is just using these whores for their benefit.

  5. Not Lying.
    Even i was influenced by AIB and shit like that, and i used to hate my gender !!!

    But now i know the Truth.

  6. Great work bro !! Keep good content your channel will become well known in few days !! Just keep going ! All the best !!

  7. India…it's time for cooperation movement…cooperation is only thing that will save marriages and family.

  8. Someone who saw this video just sent it to me. Glad you came across my video about the Vice documentary. Thanks for the mention, keep doing good work 🙂

  9. What the fuck ….. they were absolute bastard… once upon a time I was a fan of them but now, after seeing this never ever..

  10. irony is that these bollywood liberals came up with placards during one horrifying incident but continuously supported these AIB comedians even when they were proven guilty

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