Women Don’t Wear Makeup For A Week • Ladylike

Women Don’t Wear Makeup For A Week • Ladylike

– Okay. Selfies. – Because I felt like I had to. – I had horrible acne as a kid. – I think makeup’s fun;
that’s why I wear it. (uplifting pop music) I think that I started getting
into makeup in high school because I liked to feel grown up. You know, here’s my
makeup bag; I’m an adult. – When I was younger, I
just wanted to not have any reason for attention
to be drawn to me, which, if you’re in high
school, and your skin is, like, patchy and acne-y, that’s something that might cause attention to you. – I wore makeup in college
because a lot of the girls were wearing makeup, so
I was like, oh, okay, I kind of have to keep up. – I almost wear it more as just like, if I wanted to in an empowering way. (intense, dramatic techno music) – To me, makeup’s just
about expressing myself. – My makeup takes 10 minutes to apply, and already that’s, like,
nine minutes too long. – Trends are forever changing so I’m trying to keep up, I guess. – It’s fun seeing the most
ideal, best version of yourself. – I do think we live in a society that really does value your looks, and it really does value all these things you can do to enhance your looks. – People are constantly questioning what it means to be a woman. What does being feminine actually mean? – I think it’s definitely
more about the fun element and also the therapeutic element. Just doing my makeup is sort
of, like, a time of reflection. – It’s a choice that
you, personally, make. If you decide that you
don’t wanna show people what your under eye bags
look like, you don’t have to. – I think, like, when
people don’t wear makeup, it’s often unfairly seen as,
like, a really political choice when it should just be seen as someone deciding not to wear makeup. (upbeat pop music) Going into this week, I would say that I’m mostly just insecure
about going bare skin. – I think day-to-day is gonna be okay. I might be too cocky, but time will tell. – I’m excited I can spend all week doing strange skin care treatments. – I’m excited if I can actually do it, nervous that I’m gonna cheat. – All right, it’s off. – Here we go. – It’s morning one of no makeup. I am actually pretty nervous about this. I didn’t really expect to
feel so self-conscious. The nice thing is, though, because I’m not wearing any
makeup, I’ve shaved, like, 15 minutes off my ready time, so I was able to sleep in a little bit. Now I can go to work, and
I’m not gonna be late. – I am too comfortable at work right now. I don’t have any makeup on my face, so I’m just in a full blanket, basically acting like
the office is my bedroom. – I am headed to go get my eyebrows done and my mustache waxed just
so I can feel, you know, a little put together for this next week. – I went to a museum today,
I went out to dinner, I met someone new, and all without makeup, and I didn’t even think twice about it. So this bodes well for
the rest of my week. – It’s a little bit
awkward ’cause I feel like, just being at the office
and being bare faced makes me feel like I’m
in high school again and I’m really young, but I’m trying to be confident and sassy. – I didn’t wash my hair
today, and that’s okay because there’s no illusion to be kept up. We’re just having a good time, me and my dirty hair and
my bare face, and you know, I got a pimple over here, buy hey. – So I’m going to my
friend’s album release party, and it’s a night event, it’s
at a bar, trying to dress cute. I’m realizing it’s not
as bad during the day, but at night, I really do
wanna throw some makeup on. I just posted a picture on Instagram without makeup from the event last night. It took me a second to really, kind of muster up the courage to post it. I never post pictures without makeup. – I’m out shopping right now, and I actually had to go to
Sephora and get a lot of makeup for a different shoot, and
I was a little intimidated going in there because
everyone in there just has, like, such amazing makeup looks, and I was walking in there
with a completely bare face. – We’re at a restaurant with no makeup on. It’s pretty okay. Today, I was, like, very on the go. – Yeah. – I was, like, upstairs, downstairs, turning in paperwork, scanning
things, organizing my desk, and I was just, like, you know what, I’m on the go, I’m sweating a little bit, and it’s good that I don’t have makeup on. – Mmhm. (uplifting pop music) I’m getting bored. Also, I’m wearing one
of my favorite jerseys, which is bright purple, and so I feel like I do have a little bit
of, like, va-va-voom with my look, but just,
like, a boring ass face. – And I’ve been sweating the entire day, and so I guess I’m kind of glad that I’m not wearing makeup today. I just didn’t even have
to deal with, like, trying to dab, you know. – So today, we’re going on our team outing to a wine safari, and of
course today would be a day where I would throw on some makeup, especially some concealer,
’cause, like, look under my eyes. – I spent my time before our outing using Chantel’s real scissors,
yeah, her real scissors, to trim the top of my brows,
which is a good use of my time, since I don’t need to
be putting makeup on. – We are about to embark
on the Malibu wine safari. No makeup, but I got my
choker and my chapstick. – I gotta tell you, we are in the presence of some handsome little
cutie pies driving a truck, and I think all of us
felt very comfortable. – Yeah.
– We’re chill. – Weren’t really thinking about it. – None of us are wearing makeup, and I think we look pretty cute. (camera shutter) – I didn’t think I’d feel self-conscious, but I do feel a little bit
uncomfortable every day just being like, yeah, this is my face. (uplifting pop music) – I don’t know, guys, I don’t know. This is, I didn’t expect it to be hard. More props to Alicia Keys and just women who go out to these big events and truly don’t care about
what people are gonna say. I thought I would be able
to do that no problem, and it’s proving a lot
harder than I thought. – I am about to venture
into a Ladylike video with no makeup on. All right, let’s do it. (group chatting) My bare face, my bare face on set. Through this experience,
I think I’ve learned to, sort of, cut myself some slack. If I’m having an awesome
experience somewhere or doing something really dope, what I’ve learned is to just
capture myself in that moment and post it on social media. Don’t say, oh, I don’t
have my makeup bag with me, oh, this isn’t the right lip color for the selfie that I
would like to post, because I’m missing out on capturing
something really, really dope. – This week, I expected someone to tell me that I looked tired. Instead, I had two people tell me that my face just looked
so clean and so fresh. – Overall, this week wasn’t actually filled with emotional hurdles. It was more of a homecoming. It was more like, you
would prefer to sleep in because that’s who you are,
but I also love makeup. So I don’t think I’m giving
it up after this week. – Sadly, truthfully, I think people do judge other people on their appearance. I don’t give a shit if you
see my face without makeup. – I think, slowly but surely,
we’re getting towards a point where women aren’t expected
to look or act a certain way. People are being allowed
to live out their truth. – So it’s been a week of no makeup. – No makeup at all. – And we’re about to celebrate by posting on Instagram
using the #FreshFaceFriday. So we’re challenging all
of you guys to do the same. – Post those selfies, baby.
– Do it! – Post this Friday on Instagram
using the #FreshFaceFriday. – Hey, ya’ll, click on
that post over there. See more videos from our channel. – Some of our favorites are in there. – And some we like just okay. – But watch anyway. – Because we love you.
– Yeah. – We love you.
– I’m sleepy. (uplifting music)

100 Replies to “Women Don’t Wear Makeup For A Week • Ladylike”

  1. I think jen doesn't need eyeliner cause her lids are kinda small and the way she does her eyeliner is so thick and makes her look like she has monolid

  2. Hmmm..this is silly. I dont wear make..like ever. I didn't realize society has gotten to this point. Sad. I just dont get why a bear face is so weird.

  3. There isn’t a drastic change with or without makeup for these women. Simply because they are not the kind that wears makeup that will take hrs to apply. They still look very attractive with bare skin.

  4. I don’t wear makeup unless it’s a special event and even then it’s just foundation and neutral colors.

  5. Here’s a fact I’ve learned growing up. Don’t be so focused on your appearance,because no one will really care because people are constantly worried about their own looks. But if you want to do it for YOURSELF go for it! 💕

  6. Saf is the only one out of all who actually uses noticable make up so visually, there's barely any difference.

  7. I actually go makeup free all the time. I never cared about what people thought and if I'm going to be completely honest, I'm f***king lazy and would rather sleep than do my makeup in the morning

  8. All of them have clear skin. They dont have bad acne or redness so I dont understand why they are acting like it's a big deal

  9. I’d love to see a video with a girl that has really really light eyebrows and eyelashes and how to overcome the major difference of having makeup on vs no make up

  10. I love makeup. I like wearing makeup because it's like me time and it is therapeutic. Makeup is fun and I like looking my best

  11. I only wear make up if i go to something verry verry special and important. Like prom or a birthday party for someone special ferther i never wear make up in the rest of my simple life.

  12. I got mad cause I had to wear makeup to prom I’ll do brows and mascara but that’s it and that’s RARE

  13. I don't wear makeup and skin not that great on my face which on still working to get it there from inside out these lady look nice without makeup skin is nice I got a nice complexion though yaay I rather work on my skin than cover it no thanks plus I look like a clown with make just a little color of lip oil and I'm fine that resonate with my lips and out the door if not just oil on the lips

  14. When you're a bit older and have more responsibilities…guess what?! Being bare-faced is TOTALLY NORMAL. You can sleep in and spend more time with loved ones or working. It's ok to not wear makeup! Own it!

  15. In India, except some very exceptional cases
    Nobody even cares for makeup. Like no thought of it at all.

  16. I will be honest. They are beautiful in both way, but without makeup they are the most beautiful. For me, who never wear makeup and hate it was strange To hear those women saying they are feeling uncomfortable themselves and not as beautiful. I have worn makeup in my whole life only 4 times(3 times were Dancing competion) the other one time was recently. I wore just a little. And You know what? NOBODY noticed it. When i told them they didn't want To believe me. So I think if i liked To wear makeup reguarly it would be just a little as the other time, but it turned out This is absolutely unnecessary, because i look like exactly the same. And I noticed the same situation in This video too.

  17. Makeup is frickin great for a guy… Because many times, a guy is not beautiful

    Who knows where this is from? 😂

  18. I think this would be more palpable if the women who were doing the experiment truly transformed without makeup. There wasn't much of a contrast, most if these women have acceptable faces/features.

  19. This insecurity of women helps those cosmetic companies to earn $400 billion in a year. Wake up women, if u r comfortable the way u look & respect urself why not everyone else wouldn't feel same about you?!?!

  20. hey practically 100% of my photos are posted without makeup and I'm usually just like putting on a filter on Snapchat because I think it looks fun and I usually don't use makeup I mean I get it for like my phone but I don't that much so you do you Boo and have a great time going makeup-free

  21. It’s so fun and weird that you wouldn’t really not care if you saw a girl with no makeup but you think that everybody would stare at you if you did the same. Stupid society telling girls that they’re not good enough with bare skin

  22. Saf and I are the same. I LOVE my bare face and I LOVE to wear makeup because it's so much fun to put on. I even once removed my makeup mid-date with my boyfriend b/c it was too hot for me to feel confortabke wearing it. I wear it when I want to and I wear whatever look I want to wear b/c it's how I express myself and I enjoy it so much

  23. I never wear make up unless I do photo shoots or when I wanna dress up but that’s rare or a shoot time I wear it

  24. if everyone will be happy and contented about how they look,imagine how many companies will close or be bankrupt😂

  25. Tbh I don’t wear makeup in high school as much cause I just don’t really care plus when it’s raining a lot it’s ridiculous cause I just spent all this time on it and it runs all over my face. Yeah no thanks.

    Also my skin is prone to ache.

  26. Anybody else kind of annoyed that channel gave in? Like it’s not that hard to not wear makeup. She looked fine without it. Idk. This sounds really rude but it honestly kind of bothered me.

  27. Try this with women who have very wonky sparse eyebrows naturally and very light eyelashes and just average or slightly wonky features LOL. I look terrible without makeup imo, (; – ; ) but I also really deteset how it feels on my face…it feels itchy. I've done this several times in my life as a social experiment and tried dressing up vs. casual or keeping up a friendly smile vs just being relaxed. A smile makes a slight difference..sometimes. If I don't wear it at work or generally anywhere else I notice people are way more dismissive/condescending/rude for no reason whatsoever no matter how nice I am LOL! or they just don't look me in the eyes hahaha (so awkward! why? it's natural! I just wanna be clean and fresh). Occasionally, I'll get that rare gem (usually always women) who will not even react or be looking at me strangely for the super bare face and just enjoying the conversation.

    I honestly wonder how many other people try this and what their experiences are?

  28. Why isn't there no natural blonde woman? That would be so interesting.. for me the brows and lashes are my insecurities when it comes to makeup because they are so light

  29. Freddie has a septum piercing
    Jen has a nose piercing
    Devin has a nose piercing
    Chantel has a nose piercing

    I am just now seeing the nose rings now

  30. I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t think makeup should be something normal to wear. It’s fine if people wear it for confidence or for fun, but I hate that it’s weird if people don’t wear makeup.

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