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  1. how do you get a small neckline with your t-shirts? I really like to wear mens wear but it's always too big around the neck ..

  2. young ma is too much of a hard core dyke. But them their girl side is still present through their clothes

  3. It's discrimination that they have a such thing as ladies night. So yeah you're right you were discriminated against but so were all of the men as well.

  4. "…Get cho kid!" XD you're soo right I get that a lot when I'm trynna be fly and I'm out dressed more stud like…sighh the stares and pointing from the lil' rascals can get annoying and embarrassing sumtxs too. However, I try to make peace with them..meaning I'm nice to them. Even though i'm a stranger to them and if sum random person was smiling at my kid I'd be freaked and over protective but anywayyy..I smile at the kids in public who eye ball me(cuz I knw they are unsure about me-only becuz of what they're not used to.. ':l ) or  I'll even give a quick friendly wave-I jst try to show them in the most subtle ways that I'm a person too..shoot a non harmful nice person at that. Letting them get used to you usually works—-unless they are jst simply one of those bratty kids….:p

  5. This crazzii cause my sons three and he knows that both me and my fiance are both females and he will tell those who says otherwise

  6. These little boys at a camp that I went to were bitching about my short hair and how "a Star Wars shirt isn't for girls". It was hilarious!

  7. …and who wrote the Bible? MEN did, not the Lord.
    trousers/pants weren't considered appropriate women's attire for centuries, and look at us now.

  8. real man as you described before in the first part of your second sentence. and if he just happens to be macho or a "thug" type then so be it. but a real man that is comfortable with himself is what i mean. doesnt have anything to prove to the world or to himself and doesnt have to always be "showing off" or in competition

  9. lol im not gay or what eva but i think studz are taking over shid some be way more sexyer den men only thing thts diffrent bewteen a male and a stud is dat a men has penius and a women has u no and has boobs like if a women is gay den there gay and they still get love

  10. dude how about my girlfriend came over right and she a stud. So whenever people come over my nephew get real happy, trying to make them his bestfriend and all but I wanted to spend time with her. we're in my room, door closed and locked, my nephew got mad and started crying outside my door saying "auntie won't let me play with her brother" so every since then everyone in my family been calling my girlfriend my "brother"

  11. 1:43 WHAT! #ignorance. you know what the funny thing is, i have been dressed like yall and still get play from the men AND the women…..that's y alot of str8 men are intimidated by studs. but a real man that is confident within himself will not care.

  12. 0:38 yes honey those clothes r comfy as hell. i have been a tomboy./stud or whatever since i was in elem. school. Meanwhile, i can't get off yall channel and go to sleep i cant stop watching

  13. HeY everyone…. Are you still considered a "STUD" if you keep your hair up and get pedicures every two weeks, where dresses, skirts, bangles, chockers, etc. on certain occasions. like church school work or just when you feel like it… I say no. I just dont see a "STUD" doing any of this ever. Please comment…


  15. @fitasafiddle123 LOL coming from a uncle fucker that lives in CANADA. CANADA? BITCH ARE YOU SERIOUS?only in canada you can fuck a moose and get away with it. Only in canada they allow child molesters to hang around the schools as long it's cold. DUMB ASS CANADIANS

  16. @FATTY4091 LOLLLLLL You the one mad bitch. Im a Guy. I see why that would be confusing to a bulldaggah bitch like you. So? why dont you wobble your FAT DIKING HATING ASS on a razor blade

  17. @msunpredictable86 that not the point. im saying is there are women clothes and shoes they can wear that are comfortable. thats like a dude wearing a mini skirt and heels saying he feels comfortable

  18. @Wickedthtz Not all Studs were panties or have period panties my girl don't were panties at all she wont even look at a pair of panties unless they are for me so for you to say some stupid shit like that you need yo ass whoooped. besided that all the studs I know use tampons not pads. Stop being a hater haters are looooosers.

  19. @Wickedthtz Not all Studs were panties or have period panties my girl don't were panties at all she wont even look at a pair of panties unless they are for me so for you to say some stupid shit like that you need yo ass whoooped

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