Women Style Halloween Costumes As Outfits

Women Style Halloween Costumes As Outfits

machine gun moly so I love Halloween I’m like obsessed with Halloween but the annoying thing about Halloween is that you get a really cool costume you only really wear it once I can tell you the last time I went shopping for a costume for the simple fact that I will spend $50 on this outfit for one night so we thought can we style Halloween costumes to look like regular clothes can we go around a store and find pieces that could technically be worn outside of Halloween and not look crazy my entire mission is to think rihanna do because you know it’s ugly until rihanna says it’s not I have any thoughts [Music] so we made it we’re here at the Halloween store we have $100 and we are gonna try our hardest to make this work this is this is so I mean guess Halloween but still creepy mission complete this was easier 89 I can’t be my mother raised me better what if I bought something like that has a skirt looks normal and put a different top over it this is actually harder than I thought like immediately harder what’s her name again come on say Adams I mean excuse me that’s Gothic darling you know okay and might have to wear a hat just because that’s the only thing I’ve found so far that’s like reasonably normal they’re all insane looking oh it’s just Legally Blonde yeah there we go be legally black dollars not bad okay I think this is adorable it’s entirely see-through this was the last and there’s no way I’m squeezing all this body into an extra-small I kind of half expected it but really wanted to meet Wednesday obsessed with cats I would wear this in a normal basis I don’t know if it would go with this I think maybe it’s too much cuz that’s like a gold have a cap I have to show you this because we won’t believe it if you don’t see it this costume is susan b anthony mixed with harriet tubman trying to punch her stuff on nothing is working so I’m gonna have to go back to stage reports back to the wall drawing right thank you that was really really really really hard you came into this thinking it was gonna be like no breeze but definitely weightier remember I was like thank Rihanna top and bottom neither of those work I had to abandon ship and just go for it but we did find something we did we both don’t have outfits so hopefully I think you did know I picked this Freddy Krueger sweatshirt it’s actually a man’s I made it my own by cutting off the frayed areas and made it off the shoulder I paired it with a pair of leggings I found at the store I had some booties and then I found some nerd glasses just to like add a little something-something I went to the men’s section and found a Top Gun overall suit that looked great on my booty so I went with that so I didn’t zip it all the way up I tied the sleeves around my waist I paired it off with the red lip and set it off with some shades that I already had this looks good we had it we pulled it off it looks like you’re working on someone’s car and you’re taking a break so you just took up the top part free I love it Studios artistic a little bit of Hogwarts 5 so I’m getting are you dressed like Freddy Krueger yes you look good today regularly would you believe me if I told you I got from a Holloway’s boy I could see that I’d believe you I fully see it as working as a regular outfit I really like horror movies so I’ve liked it’s like instant for me [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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  1. I always put my costumes together from thrift store pieces; the pre-made ones at Halloween stores are usually outrageously priced, cheaply made, and inaccurate.

  2. I never bought a Halloween costume, I always made them myself with my stuff or things from my grandparents. It think this challenge is a good idea but the outfits weren't very interesting.

  3. Would of been better if they were given different halloween costumes a day and had to style them up some how to wear for the day

  4. I wouldn’t have looked at that and thought Freddy Krueger and I would have thought, “Wow! That girl knows how to do fall right.”

  5. I was underwhelmed by this. I think it would have been a bigger challenge for them to use women's costumes instead of a sweater and a jumpsuit from the men's section.

  6. I wear halloween costumes as regular clothing but i dont make it look normal. Im just a wierd person that is never like anyone else

  7. I’m actually doing this exact thing with my Halloween costume this year… the dress I ordered is $35 so I’m gonna get my money’s worth

  8. That special moment when you're watching the video and then @2:58 happens and you're wearing those "nerd glasses" (with lenses) so you can see. sigh

  9. Tbh, the ending we underwhelming. But I already do this in months other than october tbh cause my closet is so small and I have lots of costumes cause I love Halloween and cosplay

  10. I actually do this challenge every Halloween. Except instead of getting my clothes from a Halloween store I get regular clothes from like Forever 21. Piece it together for a Halloween costume, that way when Halloween is over they're all individual clothing pieces that I could wear any time.

  11. I literally do this all the time most of the things I own that I wear year round are from Halloween stores it is extremely easy to do

  12. I work at Spirit Halloween and they have several of costumes that I bought to wear as regular clothes however they aren't the packaged costumes like they were grabbing. These are the same quality as regular clothes and are on hangers instead of in bags. Being able to use costumes as clothes just depends on your personality and not getting the over priced cheap costumes that come in a package. I will never understand why people are willing to spend so much money on pre packed costumes.

  13. I live this challenge through thrift shop costumes and don't find it difficult at all. They could've had more fun and creativity through accessories

  14. Halloween is like my Christmas and I really like the Gothic style so I guess you could say I dress like its Halloween every day

  15. I would have liked this a bit more if they were limited to obvious costumes (like a generic witch, or renaissance woman) or over-the-top sexy costumes and had to make them into actual outfits.

    Concept: "oh no! I overslept at my friends house after the halloween party! I was a sexy cat! Now I only have 20 minutes to get to work, no time to go home and change – what do I do?!"

    This…well…there are plenty of costumes that are already clothes. There's not a lot of work that REALLY needed to be done there.

  16. isn't the point of costumes that they're not supposed to be regular every-day wear. you can just tell by the fabric of the pieces.
    in the end it's cheaper to make costumes out of normal pieces you already own. literally my halloween costumes the last 4 years have consisted of me buying at most 1 piece of clothing or like 2 or 3 accessories that are $10.

  17. This just gave me inspiration to make a fem michael meyers costume, i just need an olive green jumpsuit and some booties, my husband already has a mask, good to go!!

  18. As a cosplayer, all my Halloween costumes are used like everyday. So I don’t have this problem. But great idea!

  19. I love the idea…except that Halloween stores are notoriously sizeist…and the quality is often ridiculously cheap for the price.

  20. Easy peasy. Then again, I tend to dress retro, so it would be easy to find things that look like they belong in my wardrobe. Except for the quality. Halloween costumes are expensive on the wallet and cheap on the body.
    I'm a customer, though, and I've often worn pieces of my costumes as everyday clothing.

  21. I typically don't buy a "costume" at a costume shop, unless it's something super specific. I'll buy the pieces separately, usually at thrift stores, or even at stores like Forever 21, H&M, or Primark, and I just put those pieces together to make my outfit; and it usually turns out A LOT better than if I had bought the cheap plasticy outfit at the costume store. Plus I get to reuse a lot of those pieces for other costumes or just wear as a normal outfit

  22. https://horror.media/top-5-most-offensive-halloween-costumes?initial_ref=https%3A%2F%2Fvocal.media%2Fstats&_ga=2.197588207.1710090903.1543609542-301151286.1537549267

  23. Destinee: could I be legally black
    They should actually make a musical like that because there still aren’t loads of diverse films and it would open up opportunities for people of colour

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