Women Try $100 Workout Dresses

Women Try $100 Workout Dresses

everybody is at a straight line [Music] hey y’all is destiny and today I’m here to try on a workout dress I go to the gym six days a week I split it into two back and bicep stays two leg days and then I’ll do chest shoulders and triceps on the other days my goal is to work out at least in the gym five days a week I’ll do like cardio I’ll do strength training I workout in leggings t-shirts long-sleeve shirts that’s really just what I go in it’s comfortable it gets the job done I don’t feel like anything’s too exposed now I want to be a girl that goes into the gym with like the matching bra the matching pants but I know I don’t have matching bra matching pants money I have straight-up tight leggings in a cotton t-shirt I think working out in a dress will be kind of uncomfortable I’m gonna be like pulling down on the hem pulling up on the neck I just hope I look like Serena Williams in this I feel kind of weird and outside of my normal comfort zone in this dress it’s got good compression to it and the skirt length is pretty long so I’m happy with that mmm dig down here okay now that I’m in the dress I’m not mad at it I feel comfy do I think this will be okay to work out in I don’t know so normally I wear sports bras I need those to keep everything together I don’t necessarily feel like I’m gonna fall out but I do feel like I’ll be really self-conscious when I’m bending down to do anything I was on the cusp of this fitting my hips and I feel cusped it is pretty comfortable I am surprisingly comfortable I can do stuff like that just like oh we don’t have a mirror here but I imagine this you just see you thought you got a surprise it’s gonna be weird time to go pump some iron so I’m walking to the gym I have this dress on I already feel like I don’t like my legs showing I have realized that I’m very self-conscious in the fact that I’m wearing a dress in the gym I found myself in the sauna like having my legs crossed because I need to be a lady I am so used to not having to think five times before bending over to get a dumbbell and I’m not comfortable not wearing a bra and I thought this dress would be kind of okay because it feels like it kind of compresses everything but not not enough I’m here doing this and I keep having to like like this it’s not good I’ve noticed that the shorts really right up so every time I’m about to start an exercise I have to focus on pulling down my shorts before I begin the dresses so very cute we’re in the gym it’s just not for me you like the spandex I feel like I’m constantly adjusting that mean that girl problems of just wearing this dress has been nothing but a mine I hate being here I feel really exposed not happy I’ve seen a couple of double pigs well I guess no fair I’m doing it I’m doing it in the dress now I’m supposed to go see how this all fold up if I can actually transition from gym to regular life so I wore the workout dress to work with some sneakers to make it a little bit more practical a little bit more me for a cardigan on top of it it’s not very sweaty because I did not get a go to workout in it feels a little bit more normal at work because it’s just like a regular dress and people can’t tell that it’s a workout dress so I feel like this is more the environment for it especially I’m like a warm day I pretty much just to make it look casual threw on a bomb unless the exact same shoes that I had on but for the most part nobody could tell that I had worked out in this dress what if I told you I worked out in it this morning and the thing is I was gross and sweaty this morning and in like an hour it dried up what do you think yeah I can’t imagine seeing that at the gym it was weird I definitely feel like I saw some people looking at me like I was weird I’m confused but it’s a look and if you feel good working out of that I would have never guessed this was like a workout they go like you know for $100 that’s a lot of money to spend on a dress that doesn’t like really hold you in it is worth the price for a dress that you could work at it and then like just go on about your day with so what I wear this dress again I wouldn’t wear it to the gym on a regular day yes I would I really like it for like actually wearing it out in public I feel held in the fact that it’s like spandex all the way up to here is really really nice but just for me working out in it I couldn’t do it I just always felt like I had to be like a lady the shorts kept writing out a eunuch kept slipping down and I was just concerned about exposing myself to everyone at the gym there are some exercises that you can do like when I was doing this Casa de Stairmaster I was like this is normal is everyday but doing like the adductor and everything else I was like I’m showing my vagina to the world I wouldn’t wear it to the gym ever again I was not comfortable before I graduate she will be back it will be back [Music]

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  1. or u can go to a nearby sports store and get a top and leggings for like $30 and ur vagina wont be hanging out

  2. Am I the only one who think that workout dresses are stupid? Like what is the use of these things? It is sweaty… Even if it dries…

  3. This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I’m perfectly comfortable in a t-shirt and basketball shorts. Why would you want to feel feminine in a gym?

  4. Ok but working out in it and then wearing it all day is a yeast infection waiting to happen. No thank you.

  5. I like the idea of this dress. The material of a sports outfit for a dress is interesting. The under-shorts thing is cool. Working out in it?!? Personal choice I guess. Lol Just worn as a casually would be best.

  6. Why would you ever go to work in the SAME clothes right after the gym to begin with… ever heard of showers and changing rooms? Oh and yea you can bring a change if clothes too!! So omg quit this bs pleaseeeee

  7. Maybe if the bra part were more supportive and the shorts part were mid-calf length, then I may workout in them. And also if they're on clearance because it doesn't seem worth it for $100.

  8. okay not to be all you know, but people need to stop calling the whole downstairs region the vagina…that's the inside part lmao

  9. honestly i love these videos, but i would love to see more trans and non-binary inclusive content. You don't have to be a woman to wear a dress, and it's also important for trans women and nonbinary folks to see themselves represented in this community

  10. This is so dramatic! It's not like a real dress, it has shorts under it, so they're NOT "showing their vagina to the world". Smh

  11. I see a lot of people wearing that kind of dress (and I do too) but since I'm from Brazil, it's so hot here we're not that self conscious about the length, we're used to show a lot of skin kkk my concern is the price and well, I don't think anyone could feel comfortable using the same clothes you worked out… so, we usually wear the dress through the day, work out at night and go straight back home to have a good shower

  12. I liked these dresses but not for the price and wouldn’t wear them to the gym. I do like that it’s spendex. I would try it.
    Also totally not related, Asian girl had the cutest smile…

  13. I wear a “workout” dress when I play tennis but not for gym, dancing or swimming – because it’s not intended for that! Also $100! I got a cute champion one from target last month for $30 and it’s awesome 🤷🏼‍♀️

  14. LA colture is so obsessed with gym colture that they forget there is such a thing that is called ACTUAL SPORTS. This is clearly a dress made for tennis or for golf, not for the gym. Going to the gym isn’t a sport at all.

  15. Not every gym outfit is designed for every activity. There are outfits better for high intensity, some for low intensity, yoga, etc etc. This dress obviously isn't meant for gymming. Better for tennis, even maybe netball, hiking etc etc.

  16. It seems more practical for outdoor exercise than the gym. I'd like to see them test it again for like running, hiking, biking, tennis… that kind of thing!

  17. As a girl in a mostly men dominated sport, I constantly fight to be on eye level with them. I think coming to strength training in a dress, it would just push me into the hi-i-am-a-girly-girl-corner and it would be hard to be taken seriously.

  18. This content is boring buzzfeed!

    I ain’t gunna finish this video.

    Just letting ya know in case someone actually reads the comments.

  19. as a tennis player, I really only have tennis dresses and skirts and I can work out in the gym just fine. But that's probably because I'm used to it

  20. Ok I see all these comments that it's for tennis but then my question is why can't u wear the sport clothing u wear for everything else to play tennis in lol

  21. Does buzzfeed make this channel because this is buzzfeed stupid level. Different workout garments work better for different things

  22. Some people wear work out dresses for personal/religious reasons to go work out in a gym. There’s nothing wrong with it. Also wear a damn sports bra! Also if you don’t like showing your legs wear some leggings underneath. The one girl really got on my nerves talking about “omg I hated it” like alright that’s fine but you don’t like it for all the wrong reasons! Lastly, you don’t have to buy a $100 worth workout dress.

  23. are you kidding me? that one girl was filming INSIDE the locker rooms. thats not ok at all. Thats so inconsiderate and privilaged not to mention illegal and against gym policies.

  24. uhh…did she just let the workout dress dry out then use it next in the morning???? uhmmm….its kind of..sweaty and gross.

  25. I don't have any prob wearing a workout dress to the gym. I'll totally rock it! I'll take it green, please.

  26. Am i the only one who thinks a work-out DRESS is stupid? Even for tennis! Wear bras and shorts, ffs!!! This looks like the opposite of female empowerment.

  27. Omg this looks perfect for the beach and going for walks in the summer, or helping my mom with yard work I just bought one

  28. I would totally wear that like on vacation in Mexico where it's hot and I'm sweaty but want to look cute and want shorts

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