Women Try A One Size Fits All Wedding Dress

Women Try A One Size Fits All Wedding Dress

I’m so excited to go to my daughter’s wedding oh my god babushka Joy’s today we’re gonna try on a one-size-fits-all wedding dress did you just try to put your head [Music] apparently this dress fits all every single human in the world we have a lot of bodies here yeah and they’re all different I will be really surprised if this dress fits every single one of us and if it does fit is it cute though yeah should we try it on yeah it’s already too small it’s already too small this box is way too small none of my clothes I’ve ever come in there it’s heavy yeah I love different ways to wear a wedding dress thank you for your order here you have your wedding dress I hope you like it [Music] maybe it’s like an overlay or something it is this is a straight up skirt I think the bride should do it first [Applause] okay take this little card with you and you’ll know how to wrap it good luck Nina it’s gonna be great [Music] wait it’s beautiful honestly it’s not as bad as I thought it was gonna be Oh what are you talking about it’s just a white dress I know I know is that the standard that we have I think it doesn’t look cheap no it doesn’t look cheap but it’s just a white dress my thing was that when I saw this I thought it was gonna look like barely even like a dress on me and because it’s not the worst thing I’m like oh okay I can get on board with this I feel like if you were on a budget and you wanted like a beach wedding or something easy breezy like styled like this could work for you somebody else do this okay [Music] [Music] 80s prom realness wait a second we tried wrapping it differently that looks really how do you feel I mean I felt good it doesn’t feel like a wedding dress maybe it’s a scrunchie is it comfortable up top it’s actually comfortable up top it feels like I’m not gonna you know release the boobage you look very like Gretchen goddess I like the simplicity honestly it’s very comfortable I mean I’m comfy I could go to sleep in this I wouldn’t wear it just because I want something a little more fancy but it’s good all right who wants to go next I’ll have a go I’m not sure how to show you all I like I like that little veil I think would be so cute it’s really well it’s too long but other than that I also feel like the reason why I look so plain is because we’re just wearing the dress without any accessories like if you really want to like spice it up you could like you can bring in more accessories for sure right now like I really love your earrings with it Heys next I’ll go let’s really test this baby out okay this is not one size fits all oh I couldn’t even put it on over my head oh my shoulders all right so if it’s not gonna fit her it’s not gonna fit me but you have to try it so since this doesn’t fit me Spencer I’m sure you’ll have a great time with it for $400 for it not to fit as some oh yeah it’s pretty I love the twirl this looks like a beach dress yeah I think they all do they all look like beads dresses they all look at the aerial it’s bracing as well I did I definitely have that many options to wrap it really their art the reason it took me so long to put it on as because I literally sit in front of mirror like also tried on the boob tube oh you did it’s useless it’s useless because I tried it and there was literally nowhere too like way to wear it unless you do what you were already gonna do and you get extra coverage on it ma’am all right I have to say this dress is so long I keep like literally walking in fear that I’m going to just like faceplant and I have like three and a half inch heels on right now this is really really long for me what I didn’t realize until wearing this dress is that there’s just so much material and it’s hey the boob support has been decent I’m surprised and like the knit coverage I’ve had so many of this dress in the same exact style so there’s no excuse and it was 10 times cheaper so I think you know companies like first of all make a better dress and second of all size inclusive and this is not even the peak of what all could be like not even close so yeah I’m just gonna get made I don’t know people actually are labeling these one size fits all because they really think it’s going to fit all or if it’s just like a search engine thing I just think if you’re gonna market something that you have as the one size fits all it has to fit all and if it doesn’t you have to delete it from the internet yeah well on top of that like pricing yeah it’s four hundred dollars we could find four dresses that are better than this but also it’s like you know it’s your wedding day you want to feel like special you want to feel like this is the dress but you look amazing and feel amazing in and all of us were just collectively kind of like meh marriage sometimes like a dress doesn’t always fit all and it usually takes all your money [Music]

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  1. I think a lot of the criticism for this dress is unnecessary, the website says the dress fits sizes 2-12, its not exactly one-size fits all, it's a one-size fits most and that's still pretty impressive. These types of dresses are good for people who are on a weight loss journey (so they can fit into the dress throughout the process), people with fluctuating weight (or like, people who suffer from hormone or thyroid problems that can cause unexpected changes in weight). Or even just the average woman who wants to wear a dress without worrying that she won't fit into it if she gets a little bloated or eats a bit too much the day before an event. It would also be a lot easier to lend to a family or friend in need. Like, of course it sucks that it isn't entirely size inclusive, but I don't think it makes sense to write off the entire dress (especially because the designers aren't claiming that the dress can go over size 12).

  2. People in the comments saying “this would be a great bridesmaid dress” SWEETIE who’s paying 400 single dollar bills for a brides maid dress? WHOM. Nice try though . anyways they should have said ONE size fits SOME.

  3. I actually have a dress like this but in blue for when I have a fancy party. Then I don't have to buy a new dress every time since I can wear it in so many different ways so it looks different 😀

  4. I’m sorry, but the first woman’s breasts being out so much is not cute.. she is beautiful though but I wish she had a bra of some sort on or even just a higher cut

  5. I feel like jaz was being a little negative in this video but I was bummed out on how it didn’t fit her and Joyce 💔😤 all of these ladies are beautiful tho

  6. I’m not size inclusive… I’m genetically predisposed to not finding unhealthy(unsuitable) people attractive for reproducing with so no

  7. Hi! To everyone who sees this comment, I want to tell you that you look amazing today and that you are worth it.💕❤️

  8. I think 1 size fits all are actually good personally you know it's just if they had 2 types of 1 size fits all you know like the first one is like from a size 0 to like a size 24 and then the second one for like plus size women I think then the ''one size fits all'' idea would actually work

  9. I can't believe how expensive that is just because it's white and branded a wedding dress! It's just a very slight variation on an infinity dress, it was one of the first things I ever made for myself years ago because it's so super easy to make. It's really only the cost of the fabric because there's no actual design to it!!!

  10. Why are trying them on without a bra you all have has saggy boobs please but on a bra stop trying on clothes without a bra

  11. i’m kinda shook that they think 400 is a lot for a wedding dress
    maybe it’s jus cause i watch say yess to the dress but yeah that’s quite cheap

  12. It’s one size fits all within reason, if it’s gonna fit people who are xxxL it’s gonna be way to big for average sized people, there appealing to the majority.

  13. Actually there’s a company called BridesMade that sells AND RENTS these for bridesmaids in lots of colours and ships all across Canada and the US!! It’s much less than $388, and they have amazing customer service!! Website is bridesmade.ca or bridesmadeonline.com 👗👗

  14. Why are the only obese women chosen black?? I feel like it's done on purpose. There are fit black women that buzzfeed can recruit out there 🙄

  15. Just as joyce already stated – it wasbt a new dress, it was a different Colour and a different price but the dress idea has been dealt with in a several other videos. I get the approach of havibg one size fits all dresses but looking at it realistically, these will never be the most glamorous or shape enhancing choices. Why? Its just a piece od cloth wrapped around you. And moreover why should there be a dress in which everyone can fit? I think we need to explore and enjoy our different shapes with different designs. Another awesome attempt which seems so obvious to me are fashion collections with a wider size variety

  16. I really appreciate these videos but as a size 12/14 I feel really left out. Can we get some mid-sized people?

  17. I think this dress shouldn’t be labeled as “one size fits all”
    Maybe change it to “one size fits straight sizes”?
    I totally agree that we need more plus size options (I’m a size 22 and used to be a 28)
    But even if that dress did fit me I wouldn’t buy it!
    The only thing I could see it being useful for is for a really casual wedding and you know you’re going to be changing size a lot between when you buy it and where you wear it.
    Like you’re planning to lose weight, gain weight, have surgery get pregnant or something

  18. Nina Mohan’s sagged boobs are bloody annoying! She needs breast augmentation ASAP!!

    When they say one size fits all, it doesn’t mean they’ll fit a morbidly obese female like Jazz

  19. I hate to be that person, but black women, we gotta do better. Why are the majority of us overweight and obese? It’s always us that can’t fit something on things like this. I’m not body shaming at all, but we gotta make healthy changes. I’m tired of seeing stuff like this.

  20. Why are they acting like something is going to be One size fits all when one of the girls is a slim athletic figure and one is more voluptuous (such as jazmine) I think their “one size fits all” was ranging from skinny athletic- to maybe a size 12 (so not plus size) …. it’s absurd to think that a dress that fits a size 4 will fit the same person who’s plus size

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