30 Replies to “Women Try Styling Aloha Shirts 4 Different Ways”

  1. Why do they call it dad shirt lol I’m Hawaii I know a few girls who wear Hawaiian shorts and these shirts are a bit more touristy because here we have awesome brands like Manaola and Zig Zane

  2. Id style a green and red pallete hawaiian shirt with royal purple suede mens shorts with burgundy black fade loafers and fishnet crew socks and a black hat similar to the lady who utilized the red shirt. Gold ' l ' shaped earrings and matching necklace and bracelets 👌🤴

  3. Love this channel a huge fan , but I really have to put it out there .. Amal do you know that Hijab is suppose to cover your hair and nick? seriously asking because you might not .. just an advise 🙂

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