Women Try The Backup Dress • Ladylike

Women Try The Backup Dress • Ladylike

– Could be an eyeglass case. Could be an umbrella. No, it’s the no stress backup dress. (upbeat music) – A tragic spill.
– An impromptu rendezvous. – Or an unexpected
invitation to a fancy event. – Need a cute dress for
when you’re in a crunch? – It’s ladylike, and we’re trying on the no-stress backup dress. (upbeat music) – I’ve been in quite a few situations where I’ve needed like
a dress for emergencies. – If I’m ever underdressed for things, I don’t have a solution really, I’m just sort of like well,
you get what you pay for. And I’m free.
– What could it possibly be made out of that it doesn’t wrinkle? – It seems like something,
like when you’re on a ride, and you need a poncho,
so you throw on a poncho. But this is just cut like a dress. – It’s like waterproof.
– This is kind of a diarrhea color. – This is pretty much
just like a long tanktop. – There’s a lot of mesh.
– I feel like this is something I’d play tennis in. Alright, should I try it on? – I don’t feel good. I don’t feel good in this. I don’t wanna see myself.
– The bandeau part is not tight enough to
really like secure you and give you proper support. – It’s nipple town. – So here’s something that I forgot, because I didn’t realize
that I’d be trying something on. So, it’s laundry week. No underwear. I’ve got my bra on because this bandeau is not really a bandeau, it’s just a flap. – I feel like a model in 1999. – Regardless of the body type, it just shows like every
crevice of your body. – I feel very exposed.
– Thing is, it’s just a simple black dress. If you have like a cute
cardigan, you throw it over this, you’re fine.
– I really like where it hits on me, it hits
like right at the knee, I’m super into like the medi length and like the longer dresses
that are a little bit more form fitting.
– You have to be okay with your boobs and your back and your stomach, and your butt, and all of it. – Who is just organized
enough to not remember that they need to dress fancy but organized enough to
also have a backup dress in their purse, like who? Who falls into that very
specific like set of people? – Now you see myself. (laughing) This right here, you know its, it’s eesh. – I see everything that’s happening. I see nip, I see boob, side boob, under boob, belly button.
– Could you imagine if someone asked you
out on an impromptu date and you were like let
me slip into something more comfortable? – It’s kind of cute, like,
it isn’t like unflattering. – If you’re at the club, and you throw up all over yourself, or somebody throws up on you, this is a great thing to have with you. – I think this dress is
an awesome idea in theory, but I think that it needs a
little bit more workshopping when it comes to finding
a cut that kind of works for all people.
– I don’t know if I feel less stressed, but, it’s a backup dress. (upbeat music)

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  1. why wouldn't you just keep an extra, pretty dress with you? it takes up literally the same space as this one, and actually looks good

  2. Honestly, the company should take lessons from LulaRoe. Basically, all of their dress are also wrinkle resistant and actually in cuts that flatter.

  3. Jen is so right, you must be fancy enough to have a backup dress, but if your fancy, you won’t forget your dress😂

  4. Who else would never remember the dress code out of disorganization yet somehow be organized enough to have something like this on hand. My whole life is pretty much running on backup plans! 😂😂

  5. what is the ladys name.. the thicker lady.. I think that dress actually looked cute on her.. her backd idnt look bad.. her boobs looked great! her tummy wasnt bad, and her behind was popping.. And i guess throw a cardigan over it.. but thats just for her comfort.. I think all the women could pull this off if it had to be done.

  6. But I can actually see how this could work if you're at a party and you spill a drink on your dress or something. Then you could just go to the bathroom and change into the backup dress. It may not be super-beautiful, but paired with a cardigan and nice hair, I would say it would be a lot better than just going home…

  7. I'm not sure how to say this but that dress is the ugliest and most unflattering thing I have ever seen, the concept on the other hand is a great idea.

  8. I really love how they aren’t that insecure about their bust or extra fat when I can’t even where a dress because I hate my body type.

  9. This makes no sense!! If you want a backup dress then go buy one and keep it rolled up in your bag – one that you like… WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  10. This dress is a total disaster for us girls who have Kristin's body type. I would honestly cry if I have to wear it anywhere!

  11. my mom has a very vintage one of these from the 1950s and its absolutely adorable we have never opened it but my mom will still keeps it in her purse!

  12. If your living a life where you are frequently withiut a dress to wear…. Why wouldnt you just find a dress you actually like that doesn't look like a fotted poncho and then keep it in your car??

  13. A simple body flattering black or nice neutral colored dress with minimal and wrinkle resistant fabric could we rolled and used like this. I keep some of my favorites rolled like this in my purse just in case.

  14. I could feel how uncomfortable Candace was in that dress and I honestly felt so bad for her 🙏🏽

    She’s absolutely gorgeous honestly

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