Women Wear Cargo Shorts For A Week

Women Wear Cargo Shorts For A Week

– I have to wear it this weekend? Oh no, I didn’t know that was part of it! Oh god, what do I have to do this weekend? I don’t wanna go out wearing these. – So it turns out, a lot of
people hate cargo shorts. Or at least have very
strong feelings about them. I don’t think they’re very fashionable, but I was surprised by the intensity of some people’s feelings about this. So I’m gonna talk to some
guys around the office who are gonna explain to me
“the thing” about cargo shorts. – Cargo shorts, oh boy. – If you wear cargo shorts, you’re just throwin’ in the towel on being attractive. – I like cargo shorts, I was shamed into not wearing cargo shorts anymore. – I’m guilty of owning a couple. – I can see how it looks
bad on other people, but when you’re wearing them you don’t have to look at them. – I mean, obviously, I
don’t like the way they look but if I could like fix my
brain and everyone else’s brains to make it seem like
cargo shorts were a thing, I would do it! – If say I was the last man on earth and there was a nice pair of cargo shorts I’d wear ’em! They’re nice, they’re handy. – Okay, so to really
get the full experience, four ladies, myself included, are going to wear cargo shorts for a week. Let’s do this. – I think they’re horrible. – Makes you wanna drive a minivan with a bumper sticker that says “My kid is an honor student” – The upside is that I don’t think I’ll get catcalled in cargo shorts. – Oh no, god! – I don’t know, they look pretty silly. – The issue with wearing these for a week is that this particular
week I have a lot going on. I’m going to a wedding, I’m meeting my girlfriend’s parents
for the first time … Cargo shorts could be the worst
possible thing I could wear. – Do I have to start wearing it today? – One, two, three, four,
ooh that’s a long pocket. – My boyfriend and I
are gonna be twinsies, ’cause he does wear cargo shorts. – I mean, I can’t do a cute pose in this, you’re asking an impossible task. – I feel even gayer
than I thought I could. – I’m on the street today,
wearing my cargo shorts. My interns think I look
like Jane Goodall, but, I do kind of look like Jane
Goodall I’ll give them that. – So I feel sort of bad, because I’m going to meet friends at a bar, and I’m not gonna wear my cargo shorts. – I have yet to experiment with the wonderful capability to store extra junk. – [Voiceover] Okay, Brittany had a bunch of sh*t in her hands – Not actual sh*t. – But her cargo shorts came in handy, and now she has vegan baked goods. – What, a mini loaf? Another mini loaf? – And, turn around, your wallet. Dun dundun dun! – Thanks cargo shorts. – My little girl loves me in cargo shorts. But really it’s not a fashion thing, it’s because I realized
that I can keep her treats in this handy dandy extra compartment. – I don’t know who I am anymore, but I like cargo shorts. I like having pockets, and
putting my hands in my pockets and putting stuff in my pockets. – This week I’ve been
wearing the camo ones and I really love them,
they’re comfortable. More and more I just feel like this is okay, this is no big deal. – So, it’s been a week. – I think I had a panic attack when I first saw them last week, and I realized that I actually
had to wear them every day. – For the most part, I
wore them the whole time and I feel very free, I
feel like a wandering woman. – I just felt like a
12 year old skater boy but I have all respect for all
dudes who wear cargo shorts. – I didn’t understand the
deep connection you can form with having eight pockets on your body. – It’s so comfortable to
use pockets and convenient, like I didn’t really need to
carry a purse, which was great. Like, I get it now, I get why
guys would own cargo shorts. It’s not the worst. – I used to think that they were gross, and now, now I see a more
vulnerable side of cargo shorts. – I guess it just goes to show you, don’t judge someone until you
walk a mile in their shorts. Like these ones I’m wearing right now. Still wearing ’em guys, still wearing ’em.

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  1. Hey. Not all of us are gay and actually enjoy wearing traditional shorts. And all the people that hate cargo shorts are gay sjw libtards that need to grow tf up

  2. I'm not a huge fan of cargo shorts because I don't like shorts that go to the knee, but I love cargo pants! I wish they were still around.

  3. I love cargo shorts they are awesome how do people hate them I can sneak candy into the movies while I'm wearing them

  4. I am so far out of the loop. I don’t know what men are supposed to wear other than jeans and cargo shorts? Meh, don’t care. I like muh pockets!

  5. Why do they not like cargo shorts, and how can they not understand the usefulness until they wore them? Does the name not imply what the are for? But seriously. I havent wore them for more than 10 years because I dont have a need for 6 pockets, but women should wear them. It would get rid of the abyss known as the purse and solve the need for pockets on girls pants. Get someone to cut the to fit female bodies better and im sure loads of women would wear them regularly.

  6. I recently gave away a pair from Abercrombie that I bought about 10 years ago and regret it like all get out. I hike and cargo shorts are a must and the quality of their clothes then vs now is noticeable (at least with regard to the cargo shorts)…so yeah, cargo shorts are awesome!!!

  7. Cargo shorts ara a blessing to this world! How could u speak so terrible of them, i've lost all my respect for u(not that I ever had any respect for u to begin with but yea… u get the point)

  8. Pffft those cargo shorts are weak sauce, I have cargo pants, with 9 pockets, and they have a zipper at the knee line which can turn em into cargo shorts. Don't @ me

  9. I volunteer at a zoo. Our dresscode for teen volunteers are tan Cargo pants. So yes. I wear cargo shorts a lot and I don’t see the importance of making a big statement about woman wearing them.

  10. ok but is it weird that im uncomfortable wearing short women shorts and i think i look better in guys shorts (like the relaxed longer ones)?

  11. Its half pants also I hate tucking my shirt in, and i don't get why she said 4 pockets was a lot she wears pants doesn't she? Idk also imma like my comment cuz no one else will

  12. So in 1 video they go from saying "I feel so gay" to a woman wearing a T-shirt that says "Protect Trans Kids" I am soo confused.

  13. I love cargo shorts and pants. When I'm on vacation I make sure to have a couple. All those extra pockets come in handy. Cash, passport, identification even some kind of snack bar in a pocket.

  14. Well now as Woman I will definitively wear those cargo shorts.

    1- pockets
    2- don't glue in your skin
    3 – f*&$# what other ppl will think, those shorts look d#$%¨ comfortable

  15. I'm woman, I wear cargo shorts nearly everyday and they are so nice and comfy!. I can hold my phone, pocket knife, wallet, etc

  16. I have black cargo pants! I love styling them with a tight shirt or a bodysuit. I’m not very fond of cargo shorts, but that’s just my opinion.

  17. I think cargo shorts are cute and comfortable looking, plus they have pockets. I'd definitely wear them, especially the camo ones (I'm a bit tomboyish so it's a plus for me)

  18. I wear cargo shorts for fishing and work for extra storage and lost of reason to get some church sometimes, i get like wrangler cargo shorts or some at Bass Pros shops and Dickies shorts i use cargo shorts for everything camping too and cargo pants beside that its a really good shorts to buy. And I'm am 16 and they are good shorts to wear not for fashion but just for the reason why i like them so much.

  19. Asking the men in your office to get a male consensus is pointless if they are all gay. Just sayin'.

  20. Women have the luxury of carrying purses for the households worth of things they carry in them, but what does a guy get to carry his cell phone, keys and wallet?? Sure, you have regular pant pockets but you can crush your phone if it's a bigger phone, your wallet is bad for you to sit on studies show so cargo shorts / pants are more practical. As for my everyday keys, I keep them in my car trunk and will put my car key fob in one my socks.

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