Women’s Fashion Tips : How to Create an ’80s Costume for Women

Women’s Fashion Tips : How to Create an ’80s Costume for Women

Hi, my name is Rachel, and I’m a freelance
fashion journalist, and the owner of AustinStyleWatch.com street fashion site, and today, we’re going
to talk about how to create an 80’s costume, so the focus is going to be on, you’ve got
a party coming up tonight. What do you have at home, that you can put together, in an
80’s costume with? So let’s start getting our inspiration from the famous movie Flashdance,
and we all know that one, ah me, ah me. Ok, anyhow, it’s a dance film, so what we’re going
to start with, is an iconic look from that movie, which is the kind of dance shirt that’s
cut off the shoulder. It’s a real sexy kind of look. The shirt kind of hangs off the shoulder
a little bit, so what you’re going to do for this, is you can take any t-shirt you have
at home. Take it and cut just outside the natural neckline. Don’t cut too far out to
the shoulders, because then it will just fall right off your body, like a big tube, but
yeah, cut off the natural neckline. Let it hang over the shoulder a little bit, so going
along that whole Flashdance look. Leg warmers. Now, you can get these at most places, like
Target. They’re still kind of popular with this 80’s look coming back. If you don’t have
leg warmers, maybe take some tall sport socks. Cut off the toes. Slouch them a little bit,
so people can’t tell their socks so much, and that paired with the t-shirt, will give
you a very classic 80’s look. Now, so that’s your Flashdance look. Say you want to do kind
of the career woman, 80’s career woman look. You can get yourself an 80’s shirt, but if
you don’t have one, shoulder pads. Shoulder pads are where it’s at, and they’re going
to create that powerful shouldered, 80’s woman look, that you want to achieve, so taking
any kind of business jacket you have, and if you have any kind of little pads, you can
stick in the shoulders. That will create that kind of 80’s silhouette, you want to achieve.
Finally, if you have nothing else, concert t-shirts of the era. New Kids On The Block
is late 80’s, but if you want to just go to a Goodwill, and look for things like Billy
Idol. Look for Madonna, look for Cyndi Lauper, look for Boy George, kind of the big musicians
of the era. Take one of those. Put it over some leggings. Pull it to the side, or even
belt it, with a wide 80’s belt,and you’ll get that 80’s costume, you’re looking for,
so that’s how to pull together an 80’s costume quick.

36 Replies to “Women’s Fashion Tips : How to Create an ’80s Costume for Women”

  1. Costume?! That was what my girlfriends and their friends all wore as normal at one time! Yeah that Flashdance style was hot.

  2. @supercoolrenee1 im happy too and i just love the 80s alott especialy the music that was produced and the fashion ohh maiiin i just love it… once everything thing from the 80s is back to fashion i am going to get all of those clothes haha. yh but i the 80s for sure

  3. um yea you can use sock for leg warmers or you could take a kinda old knit sweater and cut the sleeves or even knit 1 at home

  4. yes! thank you thank you I love 80's stuff and in three days I'm dressing up like I'm from the time too! I'd use my mom's stuff but all she kept was 2 dresses that won't fit me. So thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  5. @nukecat Oh really? 80s was such a lovely decade!Awesome movies,excellent music,adorable fashionstyle!:)) Youngs were going out and flirt each other in disco,cafeterias..Not like today!

  6. I was about to complain that you only did that legwarmer look but then you gave options on costumes. Nice! Good work.

  7. hey can anyone tell me what caused the 80s fashion trends to fade out cause i think they were pretty cool why did people start thinkin the look wasn't right??

  8. Prairie skirts with the peekapoo underskirt and granny boots. Lots of blue jeans, vests, oxford shirts. Ah … I miss those days.

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