Wonder Woman 1984 Set Photos – New Costume, Running, Invisible Jet?!

Wonder Woman 1984 Set Photos – New Costume, Running, Invisible Jet?!

So y’know how Marvel really writes the playbook when it comes to making blockbusters?

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  1. Title says wonder woman, then starts off with Marvel Studios.

    DC just cant seam to catch a break, no matter what they do its always compared to Marvel.

    I love your videos Grace but please do a DC related video without putting in a Marvel reference.

  2. Hello, Grace, thank you for a sneak peek on Wonder Woman set. I do hope they explain the bright costume because they are paying homage to Linda Carter Wonder Woman of late 1970s and her custom color pallet. It would be cool if 1984 Gal Gadot Wonder Woman watches Linda Carter Wonder Woman TV reruns. It could be true, Wonder Woman comic book character could have originated from lost legend and myth of Wonder Woman of War World I. 😀

  3. Grace Girl!! where are you going tonight??? giving me Beverly Hills White girl Glow in the Dark realness 🤩🤩🤩🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿👑👑👑

  4. In regards to the brighter costuming, I think it’s probably a matter of general art direction. The first movie’s visual direction was very intentionally drench d in WW1. This being set in the 80’s, in non-war time, the change makes sense

  5. I think the Cheetah should be all make-up and costume and if that's the case it would have to be really detailed. wonder Woman already has the costume and details right and I think they should spare no expense on getting one of the main characters, Cheetah, to look as genuine as possible. I was hoping to see wonder woman wear the majestic looking battle armor at least once in the film, possibly during one of the main Battle scenes

  6. It is just me or does Grace seem like she had a really good time, prior to filming her review. Is she broadcasting wearing a see through black robe from her hotel room?

  7. You're not from Michigan are you? I could've sworn I saw someone who looked just like you some time last month. Anyway, you're cute, and keep up the good work.

  8. Didn’t WW retire after the war? BM even said she’s been hiding for years so wtf was she active during the 80s?

  9. I agree that she does look a little Barbie-like (her waist doesn't need to be so cinched), but I'm sure her action sequences in the movie will dispel that impression. I think it is important for her to have a brighter, more colourful costume, because as someone below said, it totally works with evoking the look of the '80s, when brighter colours were eclipsing the earth tones of the '70s. Pop culture was just so fun and whimsical during the '80s, and I think it reflects that.

  10. WW had plenty of action Grace, and the movie was well balanced. Hoping WW2 doesn’t overdue the action like they overdid the glam on her costume. Having said that i’m confident it will be better then the rest of the DCEU!

  11. Yeah not sure I love the colors. I wouldn’t mind them being slightly brighter than the first one, but not that much. Hopefully the camera filters will mute them somewhat.

  12. I'm desperately hoping that there will be an action sequence in this film that has the 1970s Wonder Woman theme as the musical track.

    Also, calling it now: 'Steve' is some kind of recurring figure in Diana's life. Every couple of decades, she meets a Steve Trevor or at least someone who seems to have his spirit, to guide her on her next steps on the path to wisdom.

  13. Another great video! And I think that she is in perfect shape. I mean to me she looks like she did in the first movie. I feel that too many muscles or too prominent muscles would not look very good on MS. Gadot.

  14. I think it’s nice to bring the invisible jet to the movie but I’m afraid they’d make look childish but I don’t think so i was excited if they would give her the ability to fly and her look is gorgeous

  15. They r shooting in public, so it seems that people in 1984 hs seen #WonderWoman in action.
    Then how is it possible that her only photograph ws d one frm WW1 (1918)?????????

  16. Well, I think wonder woman looks as stupid as those who dance on the street with headphones on… Stupid.

  17. I hope they do makeup with Cheetah instead of making her completely CGI. I love Diana’s new look, it’s beautiful and her costume is supposed to be bright, it’s always pointed out in the comics, especially when she points out that people fear Bruce because his costume is so dark!

  18. But with Bruce Wayne being the world's greatest detective why hasn't he heard of WW when BvS comes around. #NoMoreContinuityInTheDCEU

  19. This may be sacrilege but I was never a fan of the invisible jet for WW. Never understood the point of it if you could just see her through it anyways. Plus, minus an outline, or even with one, she always looked silly seemingly suspended in the air. Love everything else about the character just wish this would have been re-thought.

  20. The only time I’ve ever disagreed with you, Grace (friendly, for sure!): I totally DIG the brightened colors and a Barbie doll n’er did cross my mind. 🙂 Loved your review!

  21. I hope that you're right that her sitting in that harness is to make run at super-speed and not the invisible jet. And if they do have the jet, then it has to be cloaked. It's too ridiculous to have a woman sitting down flying through the air. The other thing is that the jet does not make sense in the current DCEU. In the comics, the Amazons possess vastly superior technology to contemporary man. In this universe, they're technologically primitive.

  22. In my opinion Wonder Woman = Batman Begins in regards to quality… Hopefully Wonder Woman 1984= The Dark Knight…. Either way im SUPER HYPED for the movie and loving the new brighter colors on her Armor.

  23. Speaking of hair when do we get the shot by shot breakdown of you vs Wonder Woman in this vid? Definitely killing it with the look today.

  24. OMG!!! Are you ever going to learn how to pronounce her name??? It’s Gal, not Gall. You are a lost cause. And her last name is Not Ga-dot, like polka dot.

  25. Lynda Carter was not muscular. Neither was the very first Wonder Woman Cathy Lee Crosby. I think she's a perfect size. But that's just my opinion.

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