16 Replies to “Work Outfit LOOKBOOK”

  1. I think the outfits are really cute. Some of it I can wear to my medical office. Its very classy. Im also really glad that you admit the profession that you have. Some you tubers I see with the ideas of work outfits are for going to the Strip bar for work. I don't know what they are thinking.

  2. When you turned into a boss lady with that checkered jacket outfit. That's when you know you're feeling your own outfit, love it☺️

  3. One thing I enjoy in your outfits, is that you are not to formal or informal. I love to see you with that wide leg trousers, you look really classy. I wish the girls when they go to work they could wear more variety of shoes. Sometimes they wish to be so confy that they kill all the look with the " everyday" flats!! And I love the fact that you use more variety of shoes thatn most of  the girls use. And you add colour to your look to, people sometimes want to be so professional that they think the only way to look that way, is wearing dark colours and that is not true,  you show it how to rock colours. Good job XD

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