Working with Sunbrella Marine & Awning Grade Fabric

Working with Sunbrella Marine & Awning Grade Fabric

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  1. Back in the day, I made lots of camping gear using ripstop nylon and other similar materials. It was common to scissor-cut an edge and then just play a candle flame over the edge to sear it. Can this technique be used with Sunbrella?

  2. I am looking to use your company for my pop up camper canvas replacement. Does the Sunbrella work for the canvas replacement for a pop-up camper? I don't know how it does for random folding to put it back into the camper cover once it is compacted for travel and storage. Also, does your company ever use pins to hold parts together or is it all done with basting tape? Great video! I am learning so much from your company videos. Thank you!

  3. You did an excellent job of explaining working with that fabric. You gave a lot of tips and tricks. You did not over indulge your products and made me want to buy one of your products. That was exceptional and I am in the market for an industrial sewing machine. Thanks for a good job!

  4. Thanks. This was an awesome instructional video. I am glad that you covered the facing, cutting and especially the thread. The thread was a particular concern of mine. I also appreciated the comment about the sacrificial surface. I had never thought of that.

  5. Great video, lots of information but why o why do yo need that irritating lift music backing track? I want to hear what he's saying, he doesn't need this distraction, neither do I.

  6. I am having trouble with my Pfaff 145, trying to install binding on the edges of Sunbrella marine fabric. It is skipping stitches, and sometimes the thread freys and brakes at the needle hole, do you have any suggestions what may be going wrong? I am using UVR thread, size EE, and needle is a 150.

  7. Hi , many tanks for all the great tips! I need to move a seem, there is holes after the needle in the sunbrella. Do you have any great tip to remove those tiny holes? I can see the light trough the sunbrella.

  8. thanks for your thorough info, but what machine will be sturdy enough to stitch this fabric? Probably industrial is best with the proper needles.  Can you suggest who could copy a pattern from my old awning and just re-do in a new fabric?  I have the frame set already.  Thanks a lot

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